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Energy Reform

Historic energy reform to fuel growth and investment

Platforms in the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oil field, in the Sonda de Campeche zone, is Mexico’s most active, making up 40% of total production (Source: Pemex)

In an international conjuncture where prices of raw materials are near record lows, Mexico faces the future with more optimism and better prospects... May 03, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Energy Mexico Oil Gas Power 2016 Expo & Congress

Energy Mexico brings energy to the next level

A new business era has begun in Mexico. Two years after the so-called energy reform ended the state monopoly that ruled for 70 years, private sector... Jan 13, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Mexico for business and tourism

Sustainable tourism, key for growth

The success of industrial and real estate developments throughout the country shows all that Mexico has to offer to businesses and tourists

Jun 08, 2015

Tourism & Culture | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Manufacturing compensation cost

Infographic: Mexico ideal for manufacturing

Compensation cost in manufacturing per employee is particularly low in Latin America, with Mexico on top. Here is a comparison with other locations.

May 07, 2015

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Latin American stock exchanges

MILA: Latin America's integrated market

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (Mexican stock exchange), Mexico City

The stock exchanges in four of Latin America’s most dynamic and open economies – Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile – have joined forces... Apr 13, 2015

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Infographic: Mexico shines in number of free trade agreements

The number of free trade agreements Mexico has signed indicates its willingness to facilitate commerce, a key to its continued development.

Mar 06, 2015

Industry & Trade | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

MEXICO: Reforms impact the nation

The newly unified government agenda has removed barriers to Mexico’s socioeconomic progress and created increased freedom of investment in a variety... Jan 08, 2015

Government | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

UNCTAD predicts a ‘powerful boost’ of FDI in Mexico

“We’re now entering a new era in Mexico that will foster innovation and creativity, and that will bring competition from abroad” Ulises Muñoz, Vice-President of Grupo Empresarial PAE

Exceptional openness has transformed Mexico into one the world’s best places to do business and it now ranks among the 10 most attractive foreign... Jan 07, 2015

Industry & Trade | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Allies streamline cross-border trade

Mexico’s largest road cargo transport company partners with U.S. and Canadian firms to offer comprehensive shipment options tracked by the latest... Jan 06, 2015

Transport | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Energy industry faces its greatest challenges ever

The liberalization of Mexico’s energy industry is reducing the dominance of the state-owned giant Pemex, heralding a seismic shift in the sector... Jan 05, 2015

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

States advance national progress

The Liverpool Interlomas Department Store in Mexico State is a futuristic hive of stores and cultural and relaxation areas

Efforts made in Mexico’s individual states to highlight their own competitive advantages have the combined effect of driving forward the country’s... Jan 03, 2015

Government | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

States react to unprecedented reforms to reshape the nation

Over the first 20 months of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, 11 structural reforms were passed by Congress, six of which... Dec 30, 2014

Government | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

“By 2020, our natural gas production capacity will have increased fivefold”

Juan Rogelio Rodríguez Velázquez
CEO of CMM Group

In operation for only a quarter of a century, CMM has become an important player in the... Jul 14, 2016

Legal insight into Mexico’s new energy sector

Benjamín Torres-Barrón
Partner at Baker & McKenzie Abogados S.C.

One of Mexico’s leading legal advisors and a Partner at Baker & McKenzie, Benjamín... May 10, 2016

Mexico’s first private oil company eyes long-term synergies

Carlos Morales Gil
Director General of Petrobal

Carlos Morales Gil, Director General of Petrobal, the oil and gas exploration and production... Apr 14, 2016

Legal expert looks at the impact of Mexico’s reforms

Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly
Partner at Nader Hayaux & Goebel

A partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Mexico, Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly takes... Mar 09, 2016

“Doing the impossible is fun. We are up for the challenge”

Fernando Calvillo Alvarez
President of Fermaca

Faced with multinationals now moving into Mexico as the energy sector reforms become a reality,... Dec 09, 2014

“We are the third State with the most tools to create businesses”

Mariano González Zarur
Governor of the State of Tlaxcala

Mariano González Zarur, Governor of the State of Tlaxcala, speaks about progress... Jul 17, 2014


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