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Qatar University

QU team pioneers environmentally friendly desalination technology

From left to right: Dr Farid Benyahia, Amira Al-Khatib, Reem Younes and Samer Adham. (Photo: Qatar University)

A research project conducted by faculty and students at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG), in collaboration with a team from ConocoPhillips... Mar 29, 2016

Education | Science & Technology | Middle East | Qatar

Education key to knowledge economy

Qatar is investing heavily in education in an effort to transform from a hydrocarbon-based...

AGC Asahi Glass

Profits on the rise as innovative products offer added value and protection to society

AGC Asahi Glass has become the first company in the world to offer automobile interior spaces enclosed in all directions (front, side and rear) by automotive glass bearing the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

A multifaceted Japanese supplier of innovative glass, chemical, ceramic and electronic products puts people and the planet first and gains an international... Jan 22, 2016

Industry & Trade | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Innovation in Egypt

RiseUp Summit sees entrepreneurial revolution take off

The Rise Up entrepreneurial event will take place in October in Egypt.

A wave of entrepreneurial spirit has washed over Egypt just recently. Inspired by the optimism and opportunity of the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s... Aug 20, 2015

Science & Technology | Africa | Middle East | Egypt

Investing in minds and ideas to promote an inclusive knowledge-based vision

Dr. Hilal Ali Zaher Al Hinai, Secretary General of TRC

Oman targets innovation and R&D to enhance national capability and competitiveness in a transformative vision centered on its human resources

Nov 21, 2014

Science & Technology | Middle East | Oman

Investment laws and infrastructure to attract FDI

Income tax in Oman is very low, at 12%. The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index ranks the country ninth for paying taxes

Low income tax, free zones, 100% foreign ownership of businesses and of course an excellent geographic location make Oman a top investment destination

Nov 21, 2014

Science & Technology | Middle East | Oman

The startup oasis

The Jordanian capital of Amman is teeming with hi-tech startups, but funding can sometimes be as scarce as water. The king, Oasis 500 and U.S. organizations... Nov 14, 2014

Telecoms & ICT | Science & Technology | Middle East | Jordan

Thaicom helps to bridge Asia’s digital divide

“Thaicom plays an important role in the national and regional ICT sector. We are present in all countries in Asia, including Australia and New Zealand. We have extended our coverage to Africa, as well” SUPHAJEE SUTHUMPUN, CEO of Thaicom

Through its pioneering technology, Thaicom has brought broadband Internet and satellite television to millions of homes and businesses around Asia,... Nov 11, 2014

Telecoms & ICT | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Thailand

Can manufacturing go digital in Africa?

Africa could potentially skip the second industrial revolution – traditional manufacturing – and leapfrog straight into digital manufacturing... Oct 22, 2014

Science & Technology | Africa

Space agency raises international competitiveness of commercial partners

Dr Naoki Okumura
President of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The commercialization of JAXA’s in-house developed technologies from its R&D holds... Dec 16, 2016

New initiatives boost agri-aquaculture

Dr Lino Barañao
Minister of Science, Technology & Productive Innovation

Having been at the helm since the ministry’s creation in 2003, Dr Lino Barañao... Dec 08, 2016

MCST inspires R&I in Malta

Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando
Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for Science & Technology

An international ambassador for Maltese research and innovation, Malta’s Council for... Nov 23, 2016

Diversification calls for energy reducing innovator

Nobu Koshiba
Representative Director and President of JSR Corporation

A leader in the life science and semiconductor markets, Japan’s JSR Corporation has... Oct 10, 2016

Breakthroughs & innovations distinguish global research leader

Hiroshi Matsumoto
President of RIKEN

Japan’s top research institute RIKEN has a long-term approach to research and development... Oct 06, 2016

Korea to become leader in Asian precision medicine

Dr Jeong-Sun Seo
Chairman of KoreaBio

Biotechnology has been identified as a potential new growth engine for the Korean economy,... Sep 09, 2016

All-purpose robotics trials record ‘awesome’ results and success

Dr Tohru Natsume
CSO of Robotic Biology Institute Inc.

Japan’s Robotic Biology Institute Inc. (RBI) has developed a robotic system that allows... Aug 25, 2016

“The US market could well be at least 10x bigger, and Europe 5x”

Eiji Takagi
President of Robotic Biology Institute Inc.

Corporations are continually searching for ways to cut labor costs and the result is a greater... Aug 25, 2016

The beauty of unique ostrich antibody technology is more than skin deep

Osamu Maeda
President of Zeal Cosmetics Inc.

Pioneering a new approach to treating problem skin conditions and researching wider healthcare... Jun 30, 2016

Niche chemicals add value worldwide

Tamotsu Sato
President of Osaka Soda Co., Ltd.

Osaka Soda manufactures specialty chemicals for an extensive range of purposes around the... Jun 02, 2016

Biotech leader sharpens Japan’s edge with R&D and new facilities

Koichi Nakao
President of Takara Bio, Inc.

Successfully developing revolutionary biotechnologies such as gene and cell therapy products... May 31, 2016

2020 Olympics to showcase Japanese innovation

Hiroshi Hase
Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Former teacher and professional wrestler Hiroshi Hase, Japan’s Minister of Education,... Mar 29, 2016

FuXion Biotech: Ancient Andean and Amazonian heritage combined with the latest scientific advances in cell biology and human nutrition

Álvaro Zúñiga Benavides
Founding President and CEO of FuXion Biotech SAC

In 2006, after having worked for more than 15 years in the food processing and manufacturing... Feb 28, 2016

Diversity in people and industry held as vital to international success

Takuya Shimamura
President and Group CEO of AGC Asahi Glass

Takuya Shimamura, President and Group CEO of AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), discusses his company’s... Jan 27, 2016

Long-term R&D vision produces high-tech materials with applications now heading to Asia and America

Akihiro Nikkaku
CEO and President of Toray Industries

The multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that develops innovative materials... Nov 20, 2015

The only company in the world that operates in both analytical and medical instruments fields is capitalizing on the microscopic world

Teruhisa Ueda
President and CEO of Shimadzu Corporation

Teruhisa Ueda, President and CEO of Shimadzu Corporation, outlines why he believes the future... Nov 13, 2015

“Robotics goes as far as the limit of humans’ imagination”

Junji Tsuda
Representative Director, Chairman of the Board and President of Yaskawa Electric Corporation

As the world becomes more automated every day, Japanese manufacturer Yaskawa Electric Corporation... Nov 08, 2015

Medellin sparks creativity into action

Juan Camilo Quintero Medina
Executive Director of Ruta N

Recognized as one of the most innovative cities in the world, Medellin has created a dynamic... Aug 12, 2015

Health 2.0 tech sharpens focus on prevention and attitudes

Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki
Chief Business Development Officer at Kuwait Life Sciences Company (KLSC)

Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki, Chief Business Development Officer at Kuwait Life Sciences Company... Jul 16, 2015

AlgaEnergy: A CO2 abating biotechnology company backed by the European Commission

Mr. Augusto Rodríguez-Villa Matons
CEO of AlgaEnergy

Due to the pronounced economic crisis that has beaten the stability of several economies... Mar 16, 2015

Self-reliant defense

Purnomo Yusgiantoro
Minister of Defense

The government’s strategy to create a strong and self-sufficient defense industry... Nov 12, 2014


Kuwait Finance House

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Ultimate Developers Limited

Vision/Mission UDL’s mission is to deliver...

Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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