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Robotic Endoscopy

Team at QU develops test for early detection of stomach cancer

L–R: Associate Professor at QU-CENG Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Dept Dr John-John Cabibihan, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington Dr W Jong Yoon, and QU Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Xianming Ye. (Photo: QU)

A cutting-edge research project by a team of Qatar University (QU) researchers and external collaborators using robotic endoscopy for early detection... Apr 14, 2016

Health | Middle East | Qatar

Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical sector enjoys double-digit growth since 2009

Today Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical companies export to more than 52 countries worldwide, including Europe and Australia

With the rising cost of healthcare in the West creating an incentive to source cheaper quality drugs, Bangladesh is poised to become a major player... Feb 19, 2016

Health | Asia-Pacific | Bangladesh

Saudi Healthcare

Record budget boosts healthcare spending

Over the past five years the Ministry of Health has opened 77 hospitals and medical centers with a capacity of more than 11,000 beds

The 2015 budget increased the allocation for healthcare by 48 per cent, adding to the sector’s momentum

Jul 02, 2015

Health | Middle East | Saudi Arabia

Social infrastructure in the Congo

Asperbras assists President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s social welfare agenda

Asperbras is achieving the president’s will to improve social infrastructure provision and is helping to ensure the Republic of the Congo will... May 27, 2015

Infrastructure | Health | Africa | Republic of Congo

Healthcare embraces private sector

Muscat Pharmacy is one of Oman’s oldest pharmacies, and today boasts 66 retail outlets throughout the country

Life expectancy is way up and infant and child mortality rates are down. Now the Ministry of Health looks to private players to further improve quality... Nov 21, 2014

Health | Middle East | Oman

Local expertise advances fight against diabetes

Since 2009, the DDI has grown from having seven to 37 specialties in diabetes research

Leading health insitutions are determined to satisfy the government’s prime objective: the welfare of its citizens.

Nov 21, 2014

Health | Middle East | Kuwait

New hospital developments

An N800-million ($4.9m) investment by the Sokoto State Government has finally brought construction of the state’s Murtala Mohammad Specialist... Nov 17, 2014

Health | Africa | Nigeria

Medical city at the forefront of Saudi healthcare revolution

Dr Mahmoud Al Yamany
CEO of King Fahad Medical City

Commissioned in 2004, King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) has evolved into one of the most advanced... Dec 07, 2016

Generics: local production for local consumption

Itsuro Yoshida
President of Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Some 65 years after its establishment, Towa Pharmaceutical has grown into a key player in... Nov 11, 2016

Pharmaceutical leader showcases Uruguay’s potential from zero

Gianclaudio Broggi
CEO of Mega Pharma

Innovative and affordable pharmaceuticals, many of which are now market leaders in some... Oct 06, 2016

Pharma sector prescribes partnerships

Dr Masayuki Mitsuka
CEO, President & RD of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

Japan’s rapidly ageing population has significant implications for its pharmaceutical... Sep 22, 2016

Korea to become leader in Asian precision medicine

Dr Jeong-Sun Seo
Chairman of KoreaBio

Biotechnology has been identified as a potential new growth engine for the Korean economy,... Sep 09, 2016

Macrogen spearheads a revolution in healthcare based on preventative medicine

Dr Jeong-Sun Seo
Chairman of Macrogen Inc.

In a country where the failure rate of start-ups has been traditionally high, Macrogen stands... Jul 15, 2016

Wellness advocate brings design, tech, health and style to la dolce vita

Nerio Alessandri
Founder and President of Technogym

Wellness company and high-end gym machine manufacturer Technogym brings sleek Italian design... Jul 12, 2016

The beauty of unique ostrich antibody technology is more than skin deep

Osamu Maeda
President of Zeal Cosmetics Inc.

Pioneering a new approach to treating problem skin conditions and researching wider healthcare... Jun 30, 2016

Highly trained care support anticipating social changes ventures overseas

Akihiko Terada
Chairman, President & CEO of Nichii Gakkan Co., Ltd.

The professional services provided by Nichii Gakkan Co., Ltd. have the health industry covered,... Jun 07, 2016

Biotech leader sharpens Japan’s edge with R&D and new facilities

Koichi Nakao
President of Takara Bio, Inc.

Successfully developing revolutionary biotechnologies such as gene and cell therapy products... May 31, 2016

Nipro injects innovation into pre-filled syringes and targets US expansion

Yoshihiko Sano
President of Nipro Corporation

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals and glass pharmaceutical packaging products are the forte... May 20, 2016

International acclaim for advanced R&D

Dr Qais S. Al Duwairi
Director-General of the Dasman Diabetes Institute

Recognized as a Center of Excellence and Reference for diabetes mellitus in the GCC region,... Apr 26, 2016

A healthy move for confectionary pioneer

Toru Arai
President & CEO of Morinaga

Staying ahead of the curve in satisfying sweet tooths and picky palates, Japan’s Morinaga... Apr 15, 2016

Pluralistic healthcare system encourages enterprise

Salam Rayes
CEO of Saint George Hospital University Medical Center

The characteristics of Lebanon’s healthcare system is explained by Salam Rayes, CEO... Apr 07, 2016

Pharma distributor stays ‘three steps ahead of the others’

Norio Hamada
President and Representative Director of Toho Holdings Co., Ltd

Norio Hamada, President & Representative Director of Toho Holdings, a retail and wholesale... Feb 03, 2016

Premium value-added medi-foods to expand in overseas markets

Masahiko Matsuo
President and Representative Director of Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd

Japan’s iconic food manufacturing company Meiji celebrates its 100th anniversary this... Jan 25, 2016

Groundbreaking diabetes institute advances prevention through education

Dr Kazem Behbehani (OBE)
Director-General of the Dasman Diabetes Institute

The Dasman Diabetes Institute seeks to improve Kuwait’s quality of life through health... Nov 24, 2015

KRCS tackles rising health challenges with humanitarian practicality

Dr Hilal Al Sayer
Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society

Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) and former Minister of Health Dr Hilal... Nov 15, 2015

Astellas Pharma’s new internationalization strategy is paying off

Masafumi Nogimori
Chairman of Astellas Pharma, Inc

Merged from two well-established Japanese pharmaceutical companies in 2005, Astellas Pharma... Nov 04, 2015

Bloom Holding embraces international partnerships to develop integrated communities with best-in-class health and education

Sameh Muhtadi
CEO of Bloom Holding

Sameh Muhtadi, CEO of Bloom Holding, analyzes the different real estate market trends in... Oct 23, 2015

Building a better Peruvian Healthcare System

Rogerio Marcondes Barros
General Manager of Salog S.A.

Rogerio Marcondes Barros, General Manager of Salog S.A. sits down with United World to talk... Sep 25, 2015


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