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TGAIS 2015: Corporate Africa

Africa’s corporations look to build infrastructure for the future

Countries across the continent are emphasizing international partnerships, global capital markets and projects that target strategic areas for development, particularly SMEs

Governments partner with private sector on long-term strategic projects.


Nov 17, 2015

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TGAIS 2015

The Global African Investment Summit 2015 showcases Africa’s global competitiveness

Top-level representatives from Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Liberia, Mauritius and Benin are coming together for The... Nov 13, 2015

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Uganda's principal economic indicators

Personal accounts give us a story, numbers tell the facts. These are the principal economic indicators for Uganda.

Jan 05, 2015

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President Yoweri Museveni

Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni first came to power after a successful five-year guerrilla struggle during the 1980s. He has stood for, and won, four... Dec 17, 2014

Industry & Trade | Africa | Uganda


James Byandaala, Minister of Works and Transport

The Ugandan economy has been enjoying steady growth over the past decade, but to sustain such expansion means considerable investment in the country’s... Nov 13, 2014

Infrastructure | Africa | Uganda

Finance & Investment

Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Extended economic growth over the past decade has enabled Uganda’s prosperity to be enjoyed by larger swathes of its growing population.

Nov 13, 2014

Finance | Africa | Uganda

Power & Natural Resources

Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development

Uganda’s booming economy has enabled it to expand both its social and economic priorities, but the creation of a steady and dependable source... Nov 13, 2014

Energy | Africa | Uganda


Agriculture has been at the heart of the Ugandan economy for decades, but increasing access to global markets is highlighting the sector’s potential.

Nov 13, 2014

Agriculture | Africa | Uganda


Amelia Anne Kyambadde, Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives

Uganda’s population is growing at 3.4 per cent each year and this means the East African country must look abroad to ensure it can keep improving... Nov 13, 2014

Industry & Trade | Africa | Uganda

Investors urged to make the most of stronger relations

British Prime Minister David Cameron with Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during the Somalia Conference at Lancaster House, London, in February 2012, which focused on tackling piracy, terrorism and famine

Because of its colonial roots in the country, the UK has long shared a close relationship with Uganda. Now the East African country is providing a host... Nov 13, 2014

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Vision 2040 builds on advantages

Dr Wilberforce Kisamba- Mugerwa, Chairman of the National Planning Authority

Uganda has established itself as one of East Africa’s most attractive destinations for foreign investors due to its natural assets and security

Nov 13, 2014

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Infrastructure and logistics take shape

Landlocked Uganda relies heavily on its road network to spread its economic potential nationwide

Across the country highways are being built and rural roads asphalted, as well as city streets being improved, with private companies such as BCR General,... Nov 13, 2014

Infrastructure | Africa | Uganda

“One of the best places anybody can both visit and invest in”

Jean Byamugisha
Executive Director of the Uganda Hotel Owners Association

Spectacular wildlife, welcoming people, political stability and untouched potential in need... Oct 30, 2015

Exceptional opportunities in Uganda’s tourism sector

Roni Madhvani
Director of the Madhvani Group – Marasa Africa

Roni Madhvani, Director of the Madhvani Group, Uganda’s largest conglomerate with... Oct 29, 2015

Discoveries put Uganda on the path to becoming an oil exporter

Hon. Irene Muloni
Minister of Energy and Minerals Development of Uganda

Hon. Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy and Minerals Development of Uganda, talks about her... Dec 19, 2014

Transport linking Uganda with development

Mr. Patrick Katayi
Zonal Managing Director of Bolloré Africa Logistics

The PM Communications team interviewed Mr. Patrick Katayi, Zonal Managing Director of Bolloré... Nov 27, 2014


Hon. Tress Bucyanayandi
Minister of agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries of the republic of Uganda

Hon. Tress Bucyanayandi, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries of the Republic... Nov 26, 2014

Uganda offers a range of opportunities, from agriculture to telecoms and energy

Amelia Anne Kyambadde
Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives

“Uganda is a secure, democratic country with a liberalized and stable economy. It... Nov 26, 2014


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