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Dangote Group

A trend-setter for Africa’s leadership

Mr. Dangote’s ventures usually come hand-in-hand with investments in basic infrastructure such as roads and electricity supply, which benefit the local community

After three and a half decades in operation, the Dangote Group has grown from a small trading business in Nigeria to become sub-Saharan Africa’s... Apr 28, 2016

Conglomerate | Africa | Nigeria


A global community looking to the future

Countries up and down the continent are growing socially, politically and economically at unprecedented rates, and it is obvious that the continent has so much more to offer than many viewpoints suggest

Despite international prejudices, the African continent is emerging as world leader in terms of social inclusion, energy innovation and climate awareness

Apr 15, 2016

Conglomerate | Africa | Zambia | Namibia | Egypt

Egypt’s future

Diversification essential for long-term growth prospects

Magdi Kassabgui, Chairman of the Board, Reliance

Recently approved projects in infrastructure, oil and gas, industry, real estate and logistics will play a key role in Egypt’s future

Mar 08, 2016

Conglomerate | Others | Africa | Egypt

Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO)

Group’s success shows measure of private sector potential

Faisal Al-Ayyar, Vice-Chairman (Executive) of KIPCO (left), KIPCO Tower in Kuwait City. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Information (right)

Kuwait’s most successful privately-owned group invests in real estate on the back of post-crisis expansion, while also heavily supporting education... Mar 07, 2016

Industry & Trade | Conglomerate | Middle East | Kuwait

Youth empowerment in Kuwait

Private sector advocates youth empowerment

Bader Al-Kharafi, Director of the Executive Committee, M A Al-Kharafi & Sons Company

Bader Al-Kharafi, recently recognized as the 2nd most powerful Arab leader under 40, discusses the need for youth empowerment through education, private-sector... Mar 01, 2016

Industry & Trade | Conglomerate | Middle East | Kuwait

Yunus Brothers Group

“The world has to understand that Pakistan needs trade to expand its growth”

Muhammad Ali Tabba, Group Director of YBG

Yunus Brothers Group (YBG) is leading the way in Pakistan in terms of boosting the country’s trade and diversifying its economy.  With a... Feb 27, 2016

Conglomerate | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

The growth of the Beximco Group

Diversified conglomerate aims to take Bangladesh to the world

Shayan F. Rahman, Director of the Beximco Group

Like Bangladesh itself, the growth of the Beximco Group has been rapid and unprecedented. With a presence in more than 45 countries, the company is... Feb 24, 2016

Conglomerate | Asia-Pacific | Bangladesh

Business in Sudan

An investment success story

Sur International Investment Co Ltd, founded by Turkish investor Oktay Ercan, is a great example of private sector investment in Sudan. Companies owned... Jun 02, 2015

Conglomerate | Africa | Sudan

Investment in Egypt

Qalaa Holdings has invested $12bn in the region to date

Ahmed Heikal, Founder and Chairman of Qalaa Holdings

Companies such as Qalaa Holdings haven’t slowed their investment in Egypt over the years. Now, with so many large and mega projects in the pipeline,... May 13, 2015

Conglomerate | Africa | Egypt

Homespun companies identify with local needs

Although Teejan’s flagship business line is construction, it is also active in engineering, food and beverage, cleaning and equipments, furnishing and information technology, among others

Companies like AVOD and Teejan are attentive to the needs of the markets, and successfully grow their activity base and product lines accordingly

Nov 21, 2014

Industry & Trade | Conglomerate | Middle East | Oman

A true pioneer of the food industry

When the group introduced the hamburger to Kuwait for the first time in the 1960s, it was an overnight hit

Pioneering Americana Group was responsible for bringing the first ever international food chain to Kuwait during the 1960s. Now celebrating its 50th... Nov 20, 2014

Conglomerate | Middle East | Kuwait

ThaiBev wants to “Be With You”

As ThaiBev enters its next phase of growth, the company is determined to continue upholding its strong track record of availability and reliability of products designed to delight and unite consumers

Thailand’s largest beverage company, ThaiBev owns and distributes several brands of leading alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in an effort... Nov 11, 2014

Conglomerate | Asia-Pacific | Thailand

Innovative solutions for scarce resources

Khalid Abunayyan
CEO of Abunayyan Holding

As a 65-year-old diversified family company that has grown in tandem with the Saudi Arabia,... Dec 05, 2016

A partner in the transformation of Saudi Arabia

Hisham Al Bahkali
President & CEO of General Electric, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Having been present in Saudi Arabia for more than 80 years, General Electric announced investments... Nov 28, 2016

Renewables vital to the global shift to a smart energy mix

Masato Taguchi
President of Sinanen Co. Ltd.

Originally a charcoal manufacturer then later an oil & gas wholesaler, electricity reseller... Nov 15, 2016

A diversified media-mix strategy to bring niche into the mainstream

Shinichiro Inoue
Representative Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer of Kadokawa Corporation

One of Japan’s largest publishers and particuarly well known for its manga and light... Sep 30, 2016

The real estate-railway connection reshaping Japanese cities

Hirofumi Nomoto
President & Representative Director of Tokyu Corporation

In nearly 95 years, Tokyu Corporation has become a key player in reshaping and rebuilding... Sep 27, 2016

The brand behind the brands

Takeshi Hirouchi
Representative Director and Chairman of Onward Holdings Co., Ltd.

You might not have heard about Onward Holdings, but you will surely recognize names such... Sep 12, 2016

Competition brings innovation

James Gatera
CEO of Crystal Ventures Ltd

According to James Gatera, CEO of one of Rwanda's leading private sector companies,... Sep 07, 2016

300 years history of "Abiding spirit and innovating power"

Akira Kokubu
Representative Director, Executive Vice-President & COO of Kokubu Group Corp.

More than three centuries of experience, proven resilience in the toughest of times, and... Aug 17, 2016

Ngali Holdings identifies strong development leverage in key sectors

Wilson Kagabo
Acting CEO of Ngali Holdings

Multifaceted Ngali Holdings is involved throughout Rwanda’s private sector and aims... Aug 16, 2016

Mayonnaise leader puts M&As on the table

Minesaburo Miyake
President & CEO of Kewpie Corporation

Japan’s condiment king Kewpie is aiming for global expansion, starting with liquid... Aug 10, 2016

Enterprise in synch with national vision

Adel Ali Bin Ali Al Muslimani
Chairman of the Ali Bin Ali Group

One of the largest retail and distribution companies of quality international products and... Aug 04, 2016

Four key strategies to put Yamaha ahead

Takuya Nakata
President & Representative Director of the Yamaha Corporation

Yamaha began when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired an imported reed organ in 1887.... May 06, 2016

Department store leader talks retail

Hiroshi Ohnishi
President & CEO of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings

Head of one of Japan’s, and Southeast Asia’s, best-known department stores,... Apr 18, 2016

Tiret targets global know-how, markets and investment

Tadesse Kassa
CEO of Tiret Corporate

Integration of the value chain and synergies among its affiliates are putting Tiret Corporate... Apr 07, 2016

With a clear focus on creation, Asahi Holdings looks to transform the precious metal business operations

Mitsuharu Terayama
President of Asahi Holdings

Asahi Holdings President Mitsuharu Terayama describes his motivations to dramatically increase... Jan 13, 2016

CSR and work/life balance initiatives help lift diversified conglomerate into the top 10 best workplaces

Anees Ahmed Moumina
CEO of SEDCO Holding Group

Rated as the eighth best place to work in the country, the Saudi Economic and Development... Jan 07, 2016

“We believe in empowering our people and giving back to the community”

Naushad Merali
Chairman of the Sameer Group

Naushad Merali is the chief architect of the astonishing success that is the Sameer Group... Jan 05, 2016

“I believe all change presents opportunities”

Toshifumi Suzuki
Chairman and CEO of Seven & i Holdings

Toshifumi Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of Seven & i Holdings, has built an empire identifying... Nov 02, 2015

Opening up to the world with knowledge-sharing partnerships

Mario Alvarado
CEO of Graña y Montero

Mario Alvarado, CEO of Graña y Montero, Peru’s oldest and largest construction... Oct 25, 2015

Seafood export leader achieves ‘impossible’ dreams

Orhan Kılıç
Chairman of Kılıç Holding

Owner of the biggest aquaculture facility in Europe, Turkey’s leading fish producer... Jul 24, 2015


Kuwait Finance House

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Ultimate Developers Limited

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Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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