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Enterprising Ethiopia

Private sector vital to sustainable growth

The private sector will benefit from a host of major infrastructure projects under way to boost Ethiopia’s connectivity, such the expansion of Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport and new road and rail links connecting production areas with consumers

The private sector is being sought by the government as a partner of development due to its expertise, market-focused approaches, experience, and technological... Mar 17, 2016

Industry & Trade | Africa | Ethiopia

Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU)

Why should investors look at Ethiopia’s energy sector?

CEO of Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) Gosaye Mengistie Abayneh discusses Ethiopia’s position as one of the fastest growing economies in the... Feb 17, 2016

Energy | Africa | Ethiopia

Eco-friendly industrialization holds huge private sector potential

Hailemariam Desalegn
Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn discusses Ethiopia’s plans to shift from an agrarian-based... Apr 13, 2016

Major transformation to launch tourism

Solomon Tadesse
CEO of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO)

A sector with vast, untapped potential, Ethiopia’s tourism industry is set to experience... Apr 09, 2016

National reserve agency assures uninterrupted energy supplies

Tadesse Hailemariam
CEO of the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE)

Ongoing infrastructure development and the unification of two government bodies to form... Apr 08, 2016

Tiret targets global know-how, markets and investment

Tadesse Kassa
CEO of Tiret Corporate

Integration of the value chain and synergies among its affiliates are putting Tiret Corporate... Apr 07, 2016

Infrastructure boom set to continue

Sisay Desta
Founder and General Manager Afro-Tsion Construction Ltd

Ethiopia’s infrastructure has changed beyond all recognition compared with 20 years... Apr 06, 2016

Landmark projects enable contractor to shine

Samuel Tafese
Founder and CEO of Sunshine Investment Group

Demand for real estate and infrastructure is sky high in Ethiopia and is filling the order... Apr 05, 2016

Fertile nature of agri-business expands horizons

Mitiku Beyene Abebe
General Manager of Ambasel Trading House

Successful partnerships and more than two decades of experience in import, export, wholesale... Apr 01, 2016

Pittards exemplifies Ethiopia’s potential

Reg Hankey
CEO of Pittards

The UK’s high quality, high performance leather and leather goods firm Pittards has... Mar 31, 2016

New industrial parks provide the complete package

Sisay Gemechu
CEO of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation with the Rank of State Minister

Destined to become Africa’s number one innovative eco-industrial park developer and... Mar 29, 2016

Major changes in agriculture yield big results

Khalid Bomba
CEO of the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)

Ethiopia’s agricultural sector is in a period of historic transformation, as it shifts... Mar 28, 2016

Leader in financial inclusion expands its reach

Taye Dibekulu
President of United Bank

Through its agent, mobile and internet services, United Bank is expanding banking access... Mar 23, 2016

Young banking sector ‘progressing fast’

Araya Gebre Egziabher
President of Wegagen Bank

In just 23 years, Ethiopia’s private banks have mobilized substantial resources, enhanced... Mar 22, 2016

Fiber-to-fashion approach adds value to textiles

Fassil Taddesse
CEO of Kebire Enterprises and President of the Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association

Ethiopia’s highly productive textile and garment manufacturing industry is recognized... Mar 22, 2016

Bahirdar Tannery adds value to leather sector

Yigzaw Assefa
Managing Director of Bahirdar Tannery and Chairman of the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA)

Ethiopia is the most interesting place in the world for investment in leather. Yigzaw Assefa,... Mar 16, 2016

Confidence and competence raise profits

Yehuala Gessesse
President of Abay Bank

Targeting the diaspora, farming communities and SMEs, Abay Bank’s profits have been... Mar 15, 2016

Why invest in Ethiopian agriculture?

Jemal Ahmed
CEO of Horizon Plantations

Agricultural value addition is the best thing any entrepreneur should look at in Ethiopia,... Mar 12, 2016

New SOE expands infrastructure's horizons

Hailemeskel Tefera
CEO of the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC)

CEO of the new Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC), which resulted from the... Mar 10, 2016

KPIs rise as banking access widens

Mulugeta Asmare
President of the Bank of Abyssinia

Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) is expanding banking access in Ethiopia through its sharper focus... Feb 26, 2016

Vast opportunities in record development aims

Workneh Gebeyehu
Minister of Transport

Ethiopia’s transportation networks and infrastructure is undergoing unprecedented... Feb 17, 2016

Awards, profits and subscribers call global attention

Andualem Admassie Abate
CEO of Ethio Telecom

Ethio Telecom ranked as the second biggest operator in Africa and 38th in the world, according... Feb 16, 2016

The ideal environment for IPPs

Azeb Asnake
CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power

With more than 45,000MW of untouched hydro potential, plus huge resources of solar, wind... Feb 15, 2016


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