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Energy Mexico Oil Gas Power 2016 Expo & Congress

Energy Mexico brings energy to the next level

A new business era has begun in Mexico. Two years after the so-called energy reform ended the state monopoly that ruled for 70 years, private sector... Jan 13, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Sudan Oil

Re-energizing the oil industry

Sudan could soon become one of the largest oil exporters in Africa once again.

With investments returning to Sudan’s oil industry, the country could soon become one of the largest oil exporters in Africa once again

Jul 21, 2015

Energy | Africa | Sudan

Increasing Saudi Finance

Financial sector on firm footing to weather oil-price storm

There are huge opportunities being presented to the private sector by Saudi’s banking industry

The kingdom’s economy has faced recent turmoil with volatile shifts in the global oil price but the country’s banking sector 
remains... Jun 17, 2015

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Middle East | Saudi Arabia

Fuel in Guyana

Nation’s largest oil distributor delivers on promise to make the air sector more affordable

Guyana Oil Company Ltd. has entered the jet fuel market to reduce fuel prices and encourage airlines to establish routes to Cheddi Jagan International... Jun 08, 2015

Energy | South America | Guyana

U.S. investment in Equatorial Guinea

The best choice for producing offshore in West Africa

Political stability, the absence of terrorism, enormous reserves, and a flexible and pro-American government have made Equatorial Guinea a go-to country... May 27, 2015

Energy | Africa | Equatorial Guinea

Oil & Gas in Guyana

At the forefront of the new frontier, CGX is committed to Guyana’s development

Sitting on the Guyana-Suriname Basin, ranked second in the world for untapped oil/gas potential, Guyana is poised for an energy revolution. CGX has... May 22, 2015

Energy | South America | Guyana

Oil opportunities in Equatorial Guinea

New investments in petroleum sector highlight potential for development

The country’s traditional engine of the economy holds opportunities for expansion beyond extraction and production, and its appeal is not lost... May 13, 2015

Energy | Africa | Equatorial Guinea

Angolan oil

Sonangol’s ‘no-spills’ policy

Sonangol has never suffered a major oil spill accident

May 08, 2015

Energy | Africa | Angola

Oil companies step up drilling efforts in Morocco

Attracted by stability and the highly attractive fiscal scheme, IOCs such as Repsol, Chevron, BP and Genel are betting big on one of the last remaining... Jan 21, 2015

Energy | Africa | Morocco

Natural Resources

The discovery of oil and gas in Ghana’s territorial waters has brought a flurry of activity that is now starting to reverberate throughout its... Nov 14, 2014

Energy | Africa | Ghana

Thai oil and gas fields offered to investors for the first time in 7 years

The Ministry of Energy says that new fields could hold five million cubic feet of natural gas and 20‐50 million of crude oil as the country looks... Nov 03, 2014

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Thailand

Powering Thailand into the future

Committed to quality and performance, the foundations of Thaioil's success are flexibility,...

Ensuring Thai energy security

Global expansion has driven PTT, the state-owned and SET-listed oil and gas company, into the...

Hunting a diversified future

Barbara Bruce
President of Hunt Oil Company – Peru

United World talks with Barbara Bruce, President and General Manager of Hunt Oil Company... Oct 27, 2015

Exporting the Saudi brand to more than 60 countries

Mr. Jamal Malaikah
President & COO of National Petrochemical Company (NATPET)

Using their raw material, and through different joint ventures, NatPet is diversifying their... May 28, 2015


Kuwait Finance House

Organization Description Kuwait Finance House -...

Ultimate Developers Limited

Vision/Mission UDL’s mission is to deliver...

Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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