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Oil & Gas

Global powers are realigning on the back of oil – and India is driving that realignment

Having favorable foreign policy initiatives with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Russia, India is planning a Herculean push to capitalize on low oil prices

Ahead of 2040, as India’s population continues growing and its economy expands to more than five-times its current size, the nation is to lead... Apr 27, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | India

Halal Food

Industry savors global growth

A halal food cart in midtown Manhattan, New York City.

The Shariah-compliant food industry is expanding at an annual rate of 10%, helped in part by the increasing trade among Islamic nations. Issues of certification... Apr 26, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia


INCEIF takes islamic finance education to a global level

An interview with Daud Vicary Abdullah, CEO of the Global University for Islamic Finance

Daud Vicary Abdullah is a British converted Muslim who since 2011 has been President and CEO of INCEIF, the International Centre for Islamic Finance.... Apr 24, 2016

Education | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on India’s job creation and skills enhancement

Hi-tech vs low-tech: India’s industrial landscape is changing. (Photo: Land Rover Our Planet ©CC BY-ND 2.0)

A recent study published by the World Economic Forum states that the world is on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution “that will fundamentally... Apr 21, 2016

Others | Asia-Pacific | India

Islamic finance

Islamic finance takes flight

Born in Egypt and Malaysia in the 1970s, Islamic finance has demonstrated that applying ethical principles to financial markets can provide a safeguard from the kinds of abuses that led to the current crisis.

Ethical investing proves its worth and broadens its appeal.

Apr 17, 2016

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Africa | Europe | Turkey | Egypt | Malaysia

Serena Hotel Group

World-class hotels tell ‘the other side of the story’

Pakistan is not widely known for its luxury tourism, but hotels such as those owned by the Serena Hotel Group are changing all that

Apr 15, 2016

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Economy and finance

Against the odds, a global leader in Islamic economy and finance

The Kuala Lumpur skyline at dusk

A Muslim-majority country with a population of just over 30 million, which has successfully integrated its Hindu and Chinese minorities, Malaysia may... Apr 12, 2016

Finance | Government | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia

The pharmaceutical and technology sectors growth

Strong growth expected for leading industries

Textiles is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy

Despite a challenging environment in the traditional industry sector, the pharmaceutical and technology sectors are emerging as strong growth drivers... Apr 11, 2016

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Pakistan’s Vision 2025 plan

Education improvements boost competitiveness

National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad

Education, one of the central concerns of Pakistan’s Vision 2025 plan, is becoming more accessible to population, and higher education in particular... Apr 07, 2016

Education | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

The Islamic economies

Growth of the Islamic economies helped propel the global recovery

Nighttime view of Kuala Lumpur with the Petronas Towers, a modern Islamic design, at the center.

An ancient Sudanese proverb says that one should share food like brothers, but settle accounts as merchants. The proverb cautions people to deal with... Apr 06, 2016

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia

The privatization of Pakistan’s power sector

Privatization and U.S. support put Pakistan on track towards 50,000 MW goal

Pakistan’s power sector has hampered growth for many years. The combination of new government initiatives, a revitalized private energy sector... Apr 02, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Make in India

Success lies in implementation

Foreign direct investment in India increased by 29% for the 15-month period October 2014-December 2015, after the launch of the ‘Make in India’ initiative

The government’s flagship ‘Make in India’ initiative encourages foreign companies to manufacture their products in India. If the Make... Apr 01, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | India

International links broaden education at ICU

Dr Hibiya Junko
President of the International Christian University

Founded on a basis of international collaboration, Japan’s International Christian... Apr 30, 2016

Robotics & ICT to shake up construction

Yasunobu Ueno
President of the Asunaro Aoki Construction Co., Ltd.

Construction, civil engineering and real estate contractor with a hi-tech edge, Asunaro... Apr 29, 2016

Growth set to be among world’s highest

Syed Ahmed Iqbal Ashraf
President of the National Bank of Pakistan

President of the National Bank of Pakistan, the financial arm of the country, Syed Ahmed... Apr 29, 2016

Cosmetics manufacturer eyes global top spot

Tomoji Kanzaki
Chairman of Nihon Kolmar

A one-stop total service provider for the cosmetics industry, Nihon Kolmar creates everything... Apr 28, 2016

Inspiring generations to ‘be ambitious’

One of the most prestigious and respected universities in the country and a core pillar... Apr 26, 2016

IPPUDO sets world standard in ramen

Shigemi Kawahara
Founder of Chikaranomoto Co. Ltd. (IPPUDO)

Founded in 1986, Chikaranomoto Company has grown rapidly and built up a hard-earned reputation... Apr 25, 2016

Inbound tourism leader eyes global growth

Hiroyuki Takahashi
President & CEO of JTB Corp.

One of the world’s largest travel companies, JTB Corp. was ahead of the competition... Apr 23, 2016

MRJ to set new benchmark for regional jets

Hiromichi Morimoto
President of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MITAC)

The highly anticipated Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is flying the flag for the nascent... Apr 22, 2016

Historic landmark hotel preserves legacy of quality and broad appeal

Hideya Sadayasu
President of Imperial Hotel, Ltd., and General Manager of the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Tokyo’s iconic Imperial Hotel originally opened its doors in 1890 at the behest of... Apr 22, 2016

MHI to tap niche market opportunities

Shunichi Miyanaga
President and CEO of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd is one of the largest employers in Japan with over 80,000... Apr 22, 2016

Pakistan tackles its challenges head on

Irshad Ullah-Khan
Chairman & Managing Director at MEFT Pakistan Ltd

Irshad Ullah-Khan is one of the leading figures in Pakistan’s social and economic... Apr 21, 2016

Noodle pioneer ups R&D as “innovation will never cease”

Koki Ando
President and Representative Director, CEO, Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.

Founded almost 60 years ago the Nissin Foods Group began with the invention of the world’s... Apr 21, 2016

R&D and new products add an edge to Japanese cosmetics leader’s global push

Kazutoshi Kobayashi
President and CEO of Kosé Corporation

Kosé Corporation is one of Japan’s flagship cosmetics names. For the past 70... Apr 20, 2016

‘Come to India with a long-term vision and you cannot go wrong’

Onkar S. Kanwar
Chairman and Managing Director, Apollo Tyres

India’s sharpened focus on its manufacturing sector means even better times are ahead... Apr 18, 2016

Department store leader talks retail

Hiroshi Ohnishi
President & CEO of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings

Head of one of Japan’s, and Southeast Asia’s, best-known department stores,... Apr 18, 2016

A healthy move for confectionary pioneer

Toru Arai
President & CEO of Morinaga

Staying ahead of the curve in satisfying sweet tooths and picky palates, Japan’s Morinaga... Apr 15, 2016

Japan’s #1 user-focused social network developer eyes expansion

Hiroki Morita
President of Mixi

Launched in 2004, Mixi is Japan’s pioneering social networking service (SNS) and is... Apr 14, 2016

Three-way collaborations highlight Nagano’s natural wealth of potential

Shuichi Abe
Governor of Nagano Prefecture

Industrious, well-connected, and extremely beautiful Nagano Prefecture in the center of... Apr 12, 2016

Environmental & energy issues power innovation

Kiyotaka Machida
Former President of Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC)

The Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) develops and produces... Apr 11, 2016

Automation & accuracy with social responsibility

Takahide Ishida
President of Ishida Co.Ltd.

The highly sought after advanced weighing, packaging and inspecting equipment manufactured... Apr 09, 2016

Energy solutions fuel CSR commitment

Meher Pudumjee
Chairperson of Thermax Ltd

To stay competitive, companies – and indeed countries –need to adopt sustainable... Apr 08, 2016


Kuwait Finance House

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Qatar Petroleum (QP)

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Turkish Airlines

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