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People of Sierra Leone

Societal tolerance

The world preaches it. Sierra Leone lives it Sep 27, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

African Diplomacy

Building a Regional Consensus

President Ernest Bai Koroma attends the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa

Sierra Leone sets out a foreign policy based on regional coalition-building for greater collective results in initiatives for poverty elimination, renewable... Sep 26, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Infrastructure development in Sierra Leone

Transport and energy projects unveiled

President Koroma launching works of the 103-kilometre Bandajuma-Gendema Highway project last May

The construction of new infrastructure is one of the pillars of the Agenda for Prosperity Sep 21, 2017

Infrastructure | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s Journey

Resilience Meets Growth

Ernest Bai Koroma, President of Sierra Leone

With a recent history of both challenges and major economic expansion, Sierra Leone works to build state policies at home and regional consensus abroad... Sep 18, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Mudslide Disaster

Sierra Leone calls for urgent help to support recovery phase after devastating mudslide

Three days of heavy rain caused the collapse of a hillside overlooking the Regent area of Freetown on August 14

More than two weeks on, with the initial emergency response shifting to the early recovery phase, the government is urgently appealing for support to provide... Aug 30, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Economic Recovery

Back on the growth path: a 5.4% GDP increase expected

Left: Henry O. Macauley, Minister of Energy. Right: Momodu L. Kargbo, Minister of Finance and Economic Development

Sound macroeconomic policies together with generous support from development partners has helped ensure fiscal and external sustainability following the... Jun 06, 2017

Finance | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Foreign Relations

Sierra Leone and China continue strengthening their partnership, while Brexit opens new opportunities for historical ties with the UK

President Koroma with China’s president Xi Jinping. China is Sierra Leone’s leading trading partner

In a fast-changing global political environment, Sierra Leone’s strong relationships with both East and West set it in good stead for the future.... Apr 21, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Achievements

A new beginning. A resilient nation

Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone

This year Sierra Leone celebrates the 15th anniversary of the end of the civil war as a unified nation and beacon of democracy and social progress in Africa.... Mar 17, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership

Sierra Leone-China intensify relations

Sierra Leone's President Ernest Bai Koroma (left) and China's President Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on December 1, 2016. (Photo: GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma’s recent trip to China to discuss intensifying relations and to express his nation’s appreciation... Dec 21, 2016

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

West Africa’s peaceful gem packs potential

The foundation stone of the elegant Law Courts in Freetown’s central business district dates the building at December 15, 1910. (Photo: Babak Fakhamzadeh)

From highlighting its natural beauty and welcoming culture to its rich soils and huge untapped business potential, Sierra Leone is encouraging tourists... Dec 05, 2016

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

The legacy of Ernest Bai Koroma

Ernest Bai Koroma
President of Sierra Leone

Ernest Bai Koroma became President of Sierra Leone 2007 in the country’s first peaceful... Aug 10, 2017

‘Bank on our integrity’

John D. Okrafo-Smart
Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank

John D. Okrafo-Smart, Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank, speaks to The Worldfolio... Feb 13, 2017

Our goal: to use 60% locally produced raw materials in our production processes

Mr. Alphonse Willy M. Ngana
Managing Director of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited

Jan 17, 2017

Electricity is Everybody´s Business

Mr. Henry O. Macauley
Minister of Energy

Jan 11, 2017

Where’s best to invest in Sierra Leone?

Momodu L. Kargbo
Minister of Finance & Economic Development

Eager to attract foreign investors and ensure their projects are a success, Sierra Leone... Dec 19, 2016

Insurance gets a boost in Sierra Leone

Ronald K. Hingston
Acting Managing Director of the National Insurance Company Ltd. (NIC)

New laws being introduced in Sierra Leone and awareness-raising efforts by companies are... Dec 14, 2016

Global brand backs ‘a safe & secure destination’

Johan Klang
General Manager of the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown

An active member of the African hospitality sector, the presence of the Radisson Blu brand... Dec 14, 2016

Ready for business & new challenges

Dr Samura M.W. Kamara
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

Sierra Leone has drawn on the strength and resolve of its people to overcome major setbacks... Dec 09, 2016

Sierra Leone: the hidden paradise

Sidi Yahya Tunis
Minister of Tourism & Cultural Affairs

Major iron ore producer Sierra Leone’s economic progress has taken a double hit in... Dec 04, 2016


Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea and Liberia




total: 71,740 sq km

land: 71,620 sq km

water: 120 sq km

AREA - comparative:

slightly smaller than South Carolina


402 km


tropical; hot, humid; summer rainy season (May to December); winter dry season (December to April)


coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hill country, upland plateau, mountains in east


diamonds, titanium ore, bauxite, iron ore, gold, chromite


6,018,888 (July 2016 est.)


Muslim 60%, Christian 10%, indigenous beliefs 30%


2.36% (2016 est.)


presidential republic


name: Freetown


27 April 1961 (from the UK)


several previous; latest in effect 1 October 1991; amended several times, last in 2013 (2016)


mixed legal system of English common law and customary law

GDP - real growth rate:

-21.5% (2015 est.)

4.6% (2014 est.)

20.7% (2013 est.)

GDP - composition, by sector of origin:

agriculture: 71.6%

industry: 7.3%

services: 21.1% (2015 est.)

AGRICULTURE - products:

rice, coffee, cocoa, palm kernels, palm oil, peanuts, cashews; poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs; fish


diamond mining; iron ore, rutile and bauxite mining; small-scale manufacturing (beverages, textiles, footwear)


$569.4 million (2015 est.)

$1.282 billion (2014 est.)

EXPORTS - commodities:

Iron ore, diamonds, rutile, cocoa, coffee, fish

Exports - partners:

China 31.3%, Belgium 27.8%, Romania 11.3%, US 7.3%, India 4% (2015)


$1.575 billion (2015 est.)

$1.635 billion (2014 est.)

IMPORTS - commodities:

foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, fuels and lubricants, chemicals

IMPORTS - partners:

China 23%, India 7.9%, US 6.4%, Netherlands 5.1% (2015)



The Government of Sierra Leone

A republic since its independence from British rule...



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