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Industrialization in Rwanda

Rwanda shifts its focus to manufacturing

The C&H Garment factory in the Kigali Special Economic Zone (Photo: UNIDO)

While Rwanda has long focused on agriculture and services, it is now looking to develop manufacturing, in a bid to lower its dependence on imports, as... Sep 19, 2017

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Farming in Rwanda

“Remarkable” results in agriculture, says World Bank

Left: Gerardine Mukeshimana, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources. Right: Sina GErard, Founder and CEO, Urwibutso Enterprise

After having attained food security in 2010, Rwanda has seen its food exports surge and poverty has been greatly reduced thanks to the advancements in... Jul 18, 2017

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East African Regional Integration

A joint vision for regional infrastructure development

National carrier RwandAir continues to expand its fleet

Regional allies show there is power in numbers as they combine forces to carry out vital energy and transport projects Jun 05, 2017

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Banking in Rwanda

Well-managed financial sector drives country forward

National Bank of Rwanda

Behind Rwanda’s socioeconomic progress is a stable and sound financial sector, which has enjoyed average annual asset and profitability growth of... May 10, 2017

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Reform in Rwanda

Reforms boost nation’s standing as a top regional destination for doing business

“Over the last decade, Rwanda has managed to consolidate its position as one of the top destinations for business and investment in Africa on the back of one of the fastest growing economies in the region” Francis Gatare, CEO, Rwanda Development Board

Since 2006, Rwanda has jumped from 139th to 56th in the World Bank’s Doing Business Index, and has been the second top reformer over the last 12... Apr 03, 2017

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Ambitious goals made achievable

Credit: Flickr Account of President Paul Kagame

Rwanda has made remarkable steps following the 1994 genocide. Since the turn of the millennium, when the ambitious Vision 2020 development plan was launched,... Mar 01, 2017

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Kigali summit ‘a resounding success’

Rwandan President Paul Kagame welcomes TGAIS delegates to the Kigali Convention Centre

Drawing international attention to Africa’s development potential, The Global African Investment Summit – COMESA & Government of Rwanda... Sep 29, 2016

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Momentum builds for first TGAIS in Africa

The new Kigali Convention Centre is ready to host the TGAIS-COMESA Rwanda in September (Photo: GCIS/flickr/GovernmentZA ©CC BY-ND 4.0)

Shaping up to be the ‘exceptional networking environment’ the organizers have created previously in London, interest is heating up for the... Aug 04, 2016

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27th African Union Summit

Rwanda successfully hosts AU summit, calls for greater African unity

Chairperson of the African Union Commission Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma presents her opening speech at the 27th African Union Summit

A rousing call for pan-African unity, solidarity and equality rang throughout the 27th African Union (AU) summit, which took place in the Rwandan capital... Jul 28, 2016

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Africa continues to attract global attention as China strikes investment deals

China’s President Xi Jinping delivers an address at the closing ceremony of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Johannesburg. (Photo: GCIS, ©CC BY-ND 2.0, cropped image of original via flickr)

China and Africa’s strengthening union is not only a milestone in Africa’s development, but also an indication of global interest in the continent.  Jul 20, 2016

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TGAIS–COMESA Rwanda summit topics and keynote speaker announced

The Global African Investment Summit COMESA and Government of Rwanda (TGAIS–COMESA Rwanda) have launched their eagerly awaited summit programme on... Jul 05, 2016

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Rwanda's principal economic indicators

Personal accounts give us a story, numbers tell the facts. These are the principal economic indicators for Rwanda. Jan 04, 2015

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Rwanda: ‘a modern-day miracle’

David Bensusan
CEO of Minerals Supply Africa (MSA)

Speaking frankly and positively about the reality of doing business in Rwanda, David Bensusan,... Dec 01, 2016

Digital & rural reach expands banking access

Konde Bugingo
Deputy CEO of Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR)

Providing far-reaching access to tailor-made banking products both digitally and in even... Nov 30, 2016

Roko builds up Rwanda’s skills & skylines

Derek Claassen
Director of Roko Construction Ltd

Regionally renowned for quality and timely construction and its local training and staff... Nov 08, 2016

I&M eases cross-border banking in East Africa

Robin C. Bairstow
Managing Director of I&M Bank (Rwanda) Ltd

I&M Bank’s footprint in the East African region currently covers Kenya, Tanzania,... Nov 07, 2016

Financial inclusion initiatives changing lives

Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha & Germaine Mukamusana
CEO & Acting CEO of Urwego Opportunity Bank Rwanda

CEO Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha and Acting CEO Germaine Mukamusana of Urwego Opportunity Bank... Oct 28, 2016

Rwandan utility sets water bar high

James C. Sano

Rwanda’s award-winning Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASAC) has made some... Oct 28, 2016

Private sector ‘now an integral part of the regional governmental body’

Dennis Karera
Chairman of the East Africa Business Council, Managing Director of Kigali Heights and CEO of Park View Courts

Immersed in the East African private sector, Dennis Karera explains the close interrelation... Oct 28, 2016

The catalyst to enhance regional exports

Alex Kanyankole
CEO of the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD)

The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) aims to make a tangible contribution to Rwanda’s... Oct 28, 2016

Outstanding manufacturing practices make tea producer pick of the crop

Alain Kabeja
General Manager of Rwanda Mountain Tea

Rain Forest Alliance certified and ISO certified Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT) is a prime example... Oct 28, 2016

Interoperable platform developer attracts the eye of the informed observer

Jean-Claude Gaga
CEO of RSwitch

Synergistic collaborations between Rwanda’s public and private sectors in its ICT... Oct 28, 2016

Connect to Africa’s digital future

Sam K. Nkusi
Group Executive East Africa for Liquid Telecom Group & Chairman of Liquid Telecom Rwanda

You have to embrace change with innovation – that is why Liquid Telecom is Africa’s... Oct 27, 2016

Africa-wide scope for Rwandan ICT & print model

Mario Safari Rugambwa
CEO & Owner of Touch Media Design Ltd

Five years ago Mario Safari Rugambwa spotted a gap in the quality and quantity capabilities... Oct 07, 2016

A business with a unique spicy kick

Sina Gérard
Founder of Sina Gerard Urwibutso Enterprise

Rwanda’s leading entrepreneur Sina Gérard is the founder of Sina Gerard Urwibutso... Oct 04, 2016

Rwanda, a transformative, tactical platform for private sector initiative

Benjamin Gasamagera
Managing Director of Safari Center & Chairman of the Private Sector Federation

Rwanda has the resources, leadership and determination to change global misconceptions of... Sep 26, 2016

Incentives raise investor confidence

James Musoni
Minister of Infrastructure

Rwanda’s Infrastructure Minister James Musoni highlights the country’s prime... Aug 31, 2016

Flexibility & innovation in Rwandan banking

Edigold Monday
Managing Director of Crane Bank Rwanda

Crane Bank is Uganda’s largest locally owned commercial bank and part of the Ruparelia... Sep 09, 2016

Center of Excellence closes air skills gap

Patrick Nkulikiyimfura
Managing Director at Akagera Aviation

Akagera Aviation is creating a Center of Excellence in Aviation that will train not only... Sep 08, 2016

Competition brings innovation

James Gatera
CEO of Crystal Ventures Ltd

According to James Gatera, CEO of one of Rwanda's leading private sector companies,... Sep 07, 2016

Premium market potential for private sector

Bill Kayonga
CEO of the National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB)

Rwanda’s government has now taken the role of an enabler, not a competitor, to the... Sep 07, 2016

Agriculture: ‘the new oil’

Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana
Minister of Agriculture & Animal Resources

Rwanda’s Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana revelas... Sep 06, 2016

Rwandan connectivity gains a lift up

Jean Paul Nyirubutama
Deputy CEO of RwandAir

National flag carrier RwandAir is enabling the country’s aspiring pilots, engineers... Sep 06, 2016


Central Africa, east of Democratic Republic of the Congo


total: 26,338 sq km


temperate; two rainy seasons (February to April, November to January); mild in mountains with frost and snow possible


gold, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), methane, hydropower, arable land




republic; presidential, multiparty system


name: Kigali


1 July 1962 (from Belgium-administered UN trusteeship)


several previous; latest adopted by referendum 26 May 2003, effective 4 June 2003; amended several times, last in 2010 (2013)


mixed legal system of civil law, based on German and Belgian models, and customary law; judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court

GDP (purchasing power parity):

$16.37 billion (2013 est.)

GDP (official exchange rate):

$7.7 billion (2013 est.)

GDP - real growth rate:

7.5% (2013 est.)

GDP - per capita (PPP):

$1,500 (2013 est.)

GDP - composition, by sector of origin:

agriculture: 31.9%

industry: 14.8%

services: 53.3% (2013 est.)

AGRICULTURE - products:

coffee, tea, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), bananas, beans, sorghum, potatoes; livestock


cement, agricultural products, small-scale beverages, soap, furniture, shoes, plastic goods, textiles, cigarettes


$538.3 million (2013 est.)

EXPORTS - commodities:

coffee, tea, hides, tin ore

EXPORTS - partners:

Kenya 30.5%, Democratic Republic of the Congo 12.2%, China 12.1%, Malaysia 10.7%, US 5.8%, Swaziland 4.9% (2012)


$1.937 billion (2013 est.)

IMPORTS - commodities:

foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, steel, petroleum products, cement and construction material

IMPORTS - partners:

Kenya 17.3%, Uganda 15.6%, UAE 8.9%, China 7.2%, India 5.6%, Tanzania 5%, Belgium 4.5%, Canada 4.1% (2012)



Energy Resources Petroleum Limited (E.R.P.)

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Cimerwa Ltd

Vision/Mission Our vision: To be the leading producer...

Bank of Kigali

Background Established in 1966, Bank of Kigali is...

Ameki Color

Business Description Ameki Color is part of the...



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