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OMAN: Tradition of smart planning to boost economic diversification

H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said

While the hydrocarbon industry remains as a strong backbone to the Omani economy, the sultanate is promoting other sectors and industries as well as bolstering... Nov 21, 2014

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Bilateral trade on the rise, as is variety of Omani exports

U.S Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to staff of U.S. Embassy Muscat, Oman on May 22, 2013 (State Department Photo/Public Domain)

A free trade agreement between the two nations has boosted two-way trade. Ithraa, Oman’s investment promotion agency, supports the government’s... Nov 21, 2014

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Healthcare embraces private sector

Muscat Pharmacy is one of Oman’s oldest pharmacies, and today boasts 66 retail outlets throughout the country

Life expectancy is way up and infant and child mortality rates are down. Now the Ministry of Health looks to private players to further improve quality... Nov 21, 2014

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Investing in minds and ideas to promote an inclusive knowledge-based vision

Dr. Hilal Ali Zaher Al Hinai, Secretary General of TRC

Oman targets innovation and R&D to enhance national capability and competitiveness in a transformative vision centered on its human resources Nov 21, 2014

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Investment laws and infrastructure to attract FDI

Income tax in Oman is very low, at 12%. The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index ranks the country ninth for paying taxes

Low income tax, free zones, 100% foreign ownership of businesses and of course an excellent geographic location make Oman a top investment destination Nov 21, 2014

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Homespun companies identify with local needs

Although Teejan’s flagship business line is construction, it is also active in engineering, food and beverage, cleaning and equipments, furnishing and information technology, among others

Companies like AVOD and Teejan are attentive to the needs of the markets, and successfully grow their activity base and product lines accordingly Nov 21, 2014

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Coming soon: a multi-modal, integrated transport network

The new Muscat airport will have capacity for 12 million passengers per annum

The government is now developing ports, railways, roads and airports in such a way that they will conveniently link up to move cargo and passengers seamlessly. Nov 21, 2014

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New shipping hub emerges in central Oman

In the near future, the Port of Duqm will also have links to a new international airport and the national railway

Duqm is home to a Special Economic Zone, complete with world-class infrastructure, including a port, which will serve the area’s mining and other... Nov 21, 2014

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Foreign oil & gas firms capitalize on the sultanate’s friendly and welcoming environment

CCED became the fourth largest producer of hydrocarbon in Oman in less than three years of operation

Foreign oil & gas firms capitalize on the sultanate’s friendly and welcoming environment. Nov 21, 2014

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“Beauty has an address” and it’s Oman

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat was inaugurated in 2001

Despite its stunning landscapes and rich culture, Oman is only just now becoming a tourism hotspot in the Middle East. Nov 21, 2014

Tourism & Culture | Middle East | Oman

History, Culture and Nature...Oman has it all

Oman has it all. Nov 21, 2014

Tourism & Culture | Middle East | Oman

The meteoric rise of CCED


Through its investment of $800 million in Oman’s oil and gas industry by end of 2014, and another $900 million earmarked through to 2017, CC Energy Development... Jun 23, 2014

Energy | Middle East | Oman

Secretary General of Oman’s Research Council

Dr. Hilal Ali Zaher Al Hinai
Secretary General The Research Council

The United World team met with the Research Council’s Dr. Hilal Ali Zaher Al Hinai... Oct 23, 2014

Oman’s Research Council

Dr. AbdulBaki
The Research Council

The United World team met with the Research Council’s Dr. AbdulBaki to discuss their... Oct 23, 2014


Sayyed Dr. Fahad Bin Aljulanda Al Said
Assistant Secretary General of the Innovation Development Department of The Research Council

Creating a knowledge economy based on scientific and technological research and innovation... Oct 22, 2014

Fly to the Real Arabia

Mr Paul Gregorowitsch
CEO of Oman Air

Oman is in the midst of huge development of its transport. United World asked Mr. Paul Gregorowitsch,... Sep 30, 2014

‘We are about engagement, setting up memories so the guests will come back’

Bernard N. Viola
General Manager of Al Bustan Palace

The Al Bustan Palace (a Ritz Carlton-run hotel) is set in one of Oman’s most serene oceanfront... Jul 17, 2014

Oman’s new center of trade and industry

Mr. Rien Van de Ven
CEO of the Port Duqm Company

Situated on the southeastern seaboard of the Sultanate of Oman, overlooking the Arabian Sea... Jul 14, 2014

Moving towards a fully integrated transport system

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salem Al-Futaisi
Minister of Transport and Communications

Oman’s Minister of Transport and Communications Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salem Al-Futaisi talks... Jul 14, 2014

Oman at final stages of investment law that will place the country on the map

HH Sayyid Faisal Al Said
Director General of Marketing & Media, ITHRAA

HH Sayyid Faisal Bin Turki Al Said of the Oman Public Authority of Investment Promotion an... Jun 25, 2014

A diversified holding

Hamed Al Harrassy
Founder and Chairman of Teejan Group

Established in 1974, Teejan Group has emerged as one of the most prominent and leading conglomerates... Jun 13, 2014

‘We have potential and aggressively follow it,’ says CEO of CC Energy Development

Shahrock Etebar

CC Energy Development is a Lebanese company that has been operating in Oman since 2008. CEO... Jun 12, 2014

A premier lifestyle destination

Hawazen Esber
CEO of The Wave Muscat

Spread along a stunning 6km stretch of Muscat’s coastline, this world-class mixed-use community... May 27, 2014

Oman’s recipe for success

Mr. Saeed Saleh Saeed Al Kiyumi
Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Saeed Saleh Saeed Al Kiyumi, Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, speaks... May 14, 2014

Oman’s customer friendly communications provider

Mr. Greg Young
CEO of Nawras

Nawras describes itself as ‘Oman’s customer friendly communications provider.’ In an... Apr 08, 2014

OSC to ‘add value to entire supply chain’

Mr Tarik Al Junaidi
CEO of the Oman Shipping Company (OSC)

Acting CEO of the Oman Shipping Company (OSC) Mr Tarik Al Junaidi talks to United World about... Apr 07, 2014

Ferry service part of the plan for better tourism infrastructure

Mehdi Mohamed Al Abduwani
CEO of the NFC

With an exceptionally long coastline of over 3000km long, Oman's National Ferries Company is... Mar 27, 2014

A milestone year for Ahlibank

Mr. Lloyd Maddock
CEO of Ahlibank Oman

According to its CEO, Mr. Lloyd Maddock, 2013 was a “milestone” year for Ahlibank Oman... Mar 27, 2014

Oman, the next strategic industrial manufacturing hub in the region

Mr. Ajay Ganti
CEO Al Seeb Technical Establishment (SARCO)

SARCO's story reflects the history of Oman. Its CEO, Ajay Ganti, emphasizes transparency, communication... Dec 07, 2012

Downstream SME companies, the future of Oman’s industry

H.E. Ali bin Masoud Al-Sunaidi
Minister of Commerce and Industry of Oman

Ali bin Masoud Al-Sunaidi highlights downstream industries as the way forward for Oman and... Dec 05, 2012

Oman, vibrant and electric

Qais Saud al-Zakwani
Deputy Executive Director of Oman’s Authority for Electricity Regulation

John Cunneen, Executive Director, and Qais Saud al-Zakwani, Deputy Executive Director of Oman's... Nov 15, 2012

Al Ghalbi brings value to Oman

Sheikh Ali Suleym Al Junaibi
Chairman & CEO Al Ghalbi International Engineering & Contracting

Dozens of companies such as Al Ghalbi actively participate in the sultanate’s vision to create... Nov 13, 2012

Daleel moving forward

Gong Changli
CEO of Daleel Petroleum

Gong Changli, CEO of Daleel Petroleum, speaks with United World about its operations in Oman,... Oct 24, 2012




119,500 square miles; slightly larger than the UK and Ireland combined


3,154,134 update paises set descripcion = 2013 est.)


968,800; about 60 per cent of which is non-national update paises set descripcion = 2007 est.)


4.1% of GDP update paises set descripcion = 2012 est.) 

GDP update paises set descripcion = purchasing power parity)

$91.54 billion update paises set descripcion = 2012 est.)

GDP update paises set descripcion = per capita):

$29,600 update paises set descripcion = 2012 est.)

GDP update paises set descripcion = real growth rate):

5% update paises set descripcion = 2012 est.)


Omani rial update paises set descripcion = OMR); pegged to the US$ at $1 = 0.3845 rials


2.9% update paises set descripcion = 2012 est.)


crude oil production and refining, natural gas and LNG production; construction, cement, copper, steel, chemicals, optic fibre


petroleum, reexports, fish, metals, textiles


food, livestock, lubricants, machinery, equipment, complete goods



Central Bank of Oman

The establishment of the Central Bank of Oman in...


Omantel is the pioneer of total communications solutions...

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)

TRA, the implementing Authority of the Sultanate’s...

Ministry of Tourism

Welcome to the Ministry of Tourism’s web site...



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