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A long-term heart-touching approach to sustainability and responsibility shapes effective CSR policies

4 years ago

sustainability underpins all new ventures at the company and its r&D department uses cutting-edge technology to devise eco-friendly processes and preserve resources
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ThaiBev looks beyond commercial success alone to ensure the effects of its business are in harmony with society and the environment

Eschewing the temptation often felt by multinational corporations to focus obsessively on short-term returns, ThaiBev is committed to ensuring corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral component of its activities. Its determination to be “a company with business growth and social accountability” is evidenced by a drive to achieve effective long-term socioeconomic gains through a variety of social, cultural, educational, sporting and public health-related projects.

Business, economic, social and environmental sustainability forms the basis of all new ventures at the company and its research and development department is kept busy by leveraging the use of cutting-edge technology to devise eco-friendly processes and optimize precious resources. Its annual corporate governance report and sustainability report provide transparent insights into the group’s ability to harmonize its operations, achievements and goals with its ethics and environmental awareness.

Among the raft of commendations the company has to its credit, Corporate Governance Asia has awarded ThaiBev’s President and CEO Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi as Asia’s Best CEO (Investor Relations) for three consecutive years (2011-2013). Mr. Sirivadhanabhakdi believes that taking CSR seriously is part and parcel of carrying out business with the utmost professionalism and credibility.

“Obviously there are many best practices, rules and regulations that we need to understand and follow, to allow us to become a better team,” says Mr. Sirivadhanabhakdi. “However, being one of the listed companies that are changing the platform against the other players we are dealing with, we have been very committed, not just to social responsibilities and activities we have been carrying out all along, but looking at more of a professional way of doing business, talking about how to deliver the top line and the bottom line, and to be able to share our perspective and direction together with other shareholders who might be interested in working together with us.”




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