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Executive Summary

ONHYM Executive Summary

3 years ago

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Clear missions fixed by the law and fully assured by ONHYM.

* Lead the research, the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon fields or any other fuel as well as mine fields or any other mineral substance, except the phosphates.

* Promote any action that would contribute to the development of the exploration and the exploitation of hydrocarbons and mineral substances, especially in the frame of a partnership with private sector which can intervene in all operations stages.

* Elaborate and make accessible, free of charge, reliable documentation and databases on national subsoil mineral and hydrocarbon potential and on administrative, financial and legal devices of the country.

* Negotiate, with all types of partners, the terms and conditions of different joint agreements, cooperation or partnerships in accordance with legal provisions in use.

Organization Description

A confirmed expertise and a dynamic vision.

ONHYM was created in December 2003 by merging BRPM (Bureau de Recherches et de Participa tians Minières) and ONAREP (Office National de Recherches et d'Exploitations Pétrolières).

Since their creation in 1928 for BRPM in the mining sector and in 1981 for ONAREP in hydrocarbon sector, these two organizations have been the pioneers and the leaders in Morocco, and possess a good fame in their respective domains among all the international operators.

It is with an impelling force, gained through a recently renovated strategy in line with governmental orientations, with a legal stimulating facilitator device, an enlarged international opening method strongly determined and with well controlled high-technologies, that ONHYM takes over and preserves all the experience of the merged organizations in terms of expertise for the mineral substances and hydrocarbon research, production, processing, relations and partnership with investors operating in these fields.


Tools at the service of the investors’ success:

* Potentially very favorable geology for mineralization as well as for the formation of hydrocarbons fields.

* Mining and hydrocarbons codes are facilitators and exceptionally advantageous for the investors in terms of tax.

* Rich and freely accessible data base.

* Modern laboratories perfectly equipped and certified 1so 9001-2000.

* Dynamic and sustained approach in promotion activities with regular and active participation in international meetings and professional events and the organization of a high level annual meeting in Morocco.

* High level International partnership and cooperation in petroleum and mining activities.

* Women and men at the service of professions of the exploration of the subsoil and the exploitation of its products: more than 100 geologists and specialists in the associated disciplines.

* National leader having confirmed skills on underground works, drilling, appraisal and production wells.


5, avenue Moulay Hassan, RABAT-MOROCCO

Organization Goals & Objectives

Four structuring and unifying values that constitute the pillars of our strategy:

- Technical excellence
- Contribution to sustainable development in Morocco
- International opening
- Managerial performance




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