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MONGOLIA: The return of the empire as Asia’s new nexus

Astonishing rates of economic growth, ambitious infrastructure development plans, untapped investment opportunities and a thriving democracy combine to... Nov 19, 2014

Government | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia


Ripe investment opportunities in road sector development

Mongolia’s underdeveloped road sector has great potential to be an engine for the country’s socio-economic growth. The National Development... Nov 19, 2014

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Roads for a lifetime

Together with other road builders, Nasnii Zam has embarked on the construction of the Millennium Road Project that will connect Ulaanbaatar with its two... Nov 19, 2014

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Investors sought for a promising future

Public Road introduced to Mongolia modern Western standards for road management and maintenance

Public Road uses Western standards in building and paving roads to last for the long-term, while Gashuuni Gol and Map Road bring new technology to the... Nov 19, 2014

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Award-winning company for international partners

Arts Suvraga LLC executes the first 100% Mongolian made project: the construction of the Oyu Tolgoi Airport. Nov 19, 2014

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

National Developer paves the way for national development

National Developer hires top flight engineers for its team

Local road construction and maintenance firm National Developer is an active and critical player in the state’s ambitious plan to build thousands... Nov 19, 2014

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Social growth target of new projects

Established in 1991, Odcon Holding is an example of how the construction industry is contributing to the nation’s social development, as demand for... Nov 19, 2014

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Interior design focused on eco-friendly luxury

Front Gate specializes in creating perfect living and working environments

Front Gate combines Mongolian flare with modern style to create world-class environments. Nov 19, 2014

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

100% Mongolian mining companies

Young leaders, new ideas, international perspective. There is much more than Oyu Tolgoi or coal in Mongolia and new generations of entrepreneurs are leading... Nov 19, 2014

Mining | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Mining and trade to benefit from improved connectivity

Plans to create an integrated transport network will help mongolia distribute its coal, copper, iron, petroleum and gold

It is beneficial for Mongolia to distribute its mining resources through both road and railway infrastructures and the government is committed to meet... Nov 19, 2014

Mining | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Confidence in the face of coal mining challenges

With Mongolia finally starting to building better infrastructure in order to boost its coal exports, state-owned mining company Erdenes TT is confident... Nov 19, 2014

Mining | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

The engine of the mining and road sectors

“I’m willing to cooperate with foreign investors and companies outside of China in terms of quality technologies and machineries that are useful to people’s lives” Ms.N.Uranchimeg President of Montruck

Engaged, socially responsible and proudly Mongolian, Montruck opens up doors to unexploited investment opportunities. Nov 19, 2014

Mining | Asia-Pacific | Mongolia

Confronting Mongolia’s coal mining challenges

Mr. Batsuuri
CEO of Erdenes TT

With Mongolia finally starting to build better infrastructure in order to boost its coal exports,... Apr 28, 2014

Mongolia’s connectivity and trade to benefit from transport sector development

Mr. Batkhuu
Parliamentary Working Group on Transport at Mongolia’s Ministry of Transport

In an interview with United World, Mr. Batkhuu from the Parliamentary Working Group on Transport... Apr 25, 2014

Providing the engines of growth

Ms. Uranchimeg
President of the Montruck group

Montruck is a leading vehicle and machinery provider to mining, agriculture and road construction... Apr 16, 2014

Diamond standards

Banzragch Ts
General Director of MNDD

Mongolia National Diamond Drilling is a 100% Mongolian company that carries out a variety of... Apr 15, 2014

Finance the biggest obstacle for road contractors in Mongolia

Mr. Munkhbaatar
Director of Public Road

Mr. Munkhbaatar, director of Mongolian company Public Road, speaks to United World about the... Apr 09, 2014

Laying the path for development

Mr Munkhbaatar
Executive Director of Map Road LLC

In Mongolia, only 24% of the roads are paved. The government’s goal is to have 100% of the... Apr 09, 2014

An association that knows the drill

Professor Tseveenjav.J
Executive Director of the Mongolian Drilling Association (MDA)

Talking to United World, the Executive Director of the Mongolian Drilling Association (MDA)... Apr 07, 2014

Mongolia's urbanization

L. Munkhbat
Executive Director of Odcon

Economic development has led to rapid growth of the real estate sector, particularly residential... Apr 02, 2014

Executing projects in an eco-friendly way

A. Tsengelmaa
Founder & Director of Front Gate

Front Gate is an interior design and construction firm which aims to create the perfect working... Apr 01, 2014

A reliable advisor in risk management

Davaajav Chinbaatar
CEO of Practical Insurance

Mongolia's GDP per capita is expected to rise from $2,300 in 2011 to $8,000 by 2016. As Mongolians... Apr 01, 2014

Glogex digs deeper

Batzorig Gantumur
Executive Director of Glogex

Established in 2008, Glogex is one of the top geology and mining firms in Mongolia and was... Mar 21, 2014

Modern Ger

Altantuya Sanduijav
Managing Director of Modern Ger

The Mongolian yurt, or ger as it is known in Mongolia itself, has been used for thousands of... Mar 21, 2014

Striving for excellence

Luvsanvandan Bold
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Luvsanvandan Bold, speaks to Untied World about... Mar 21, 2014

Privatizing Mongolia

Damshnamjil Tsogtbaatar
Chairman of the SPC

With Mongolia's transition from a communist society to a democratic one, since it was founded... Mar 14, 2014

Arts Suvraga: Award winning construction

Shajinbat Altansukh
Director of Arts Suvraga

Arts Suvraga LLC were the company behind the landmark Mongolian project of building an airport... Mar 14, 2014

Government looks to provide accommodation for every citizen

Bayarsaikhan Tsevelmaa
Minister of Construction & Urban Development of Mongolia

With the Mongolian construction industry growing at an average rate of 2.5 times year by year,... Mar 14, 2014

Insurance sector set to experience huge growth

Batzul Tumur-Ochir
Chief Executive Officer of MONGOL DAATGAL

As GDP per capita in Mongolia rises from $2300 in 2011 to a forecast $8000 by 2016 there will... Mar 13, 2014

Helping construct Mongolia's great infrastructural journey

Amgalan Baljinnyam
General Director of JKC LLC

While Mongolia is a huge country in terms of territory, its population is sparsely distributed.... Mar 13, 2014

Roads to connect traditional Mongolia to modern urbanity

Ms. Altantsetseg
CEO of Gashuuni Gol

As Mongolia develops, with the continual merging of old rural Mongolia and new urban Mongolia,... Mar 13, 2014

Insuring a developing Mongolia

CEO of Bodi Insurance

As the young Mongolian insurance industry continues to grow, Bodi Insurance is one of the companies... Mar 12, 2014

Growing with the insurance market

Mr Battulga
Chairman of Soyombo Insurance

One company that has witnessed the evolution of the young Mongolian insurance sector from the... Mar 11, 2014



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