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Electricity Boost

$2.6bn of investments spark official launch of electricity market

Following a landmark electricity auction which signaled the start of Mexico’s commercialization of its energy sector, a second auction is penciled... Jul 04, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Gas Pipelines

Mexico’s gas network to increase 75% in two years

The recent tender for contracts for the construction of 26 pipelines will go a long way to helping Mexico reach its energy goals Jun 28, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Implementing Reforms

CENAGAS: Mexico’s new energy overseer

The state-run company has been introduced to supervise the country’s new look, private-sector led energy industry Jun 24, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Octopus Group

A new kind of partnership

Large international investors look to form strategic alliances with Octopus Group ahead of the maturation of energy reforms, says managing director José... Jun 21, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico


González Anaya, Pemex’s new CEO

José Antonio González Anaya, Pemex’s new CEO

José Antonio González Anaya holds degrees in economics and mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and... Jun 16, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Vicente Fox

Wake up America!

Mexico’s former president (2000-2006) Vicente Fox has a stark message for the United States ahead of this year’s general election: Wake up!... Jun 10, 2016

Government | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

At The Pumps

Liberalization fuels lower gas prices

With the cessation of Pemex’s monopoly in the retail sector, its new competitors say it will lead to lower prices, higher quality service and better... Jun 09, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Oil & Gas Strategy

Pemex undergoes major restructuring to strengthen long-term prospects

New CEO José Antonio González Anaya believes Pemex will be an attractive partner for new foreign investors in Mexico’s oil industry,... Jun 03, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Gulf of Mexico Bidding Rounds

Round 1 oil-block sell-offs will attract $7 billion

SOURCE: OPEC Annual Statistical (Bulletin 2015)

Global petroleum markets may seemingly be in deep trouble with oil prices at their lowest in decades, but the dire situation is not dampening interest... May 31, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Energy Regulation

National Hydrocarbons Commission: the decision maker

Energy reforms allow the industry regulator to operate with full transparency May 26, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Bilateral Relations

Pipelines that bind: U.S. and Mexico to increase energy integration

Presidents Barack Obama and Enrique Peña Nieto shake hands during a meeting at the White House

Nowhere are ties so strong and vital between the United States and Mexico than in the energy sector, with both partners having to depend heavily on the... May 20, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPEC report predicts oil-price rise

SOURCE: World Bank Commodity Forecast Price data, October 2015

According to OPEC, prices are set to surge due to high exploration costs, while population and economic growth will also result in a spike in demand for... May 15, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

“By 2020, our natural gas production capacity will have increased fivefold”

Juan Rogelio Rodríguez Velázquez
CEO of CMM Group

In operation for only a quarter of a century, CMM has become an important player in the... Jul 14, 2016

“Oil business needs not only see oil as a commodity, but grasping the entire value chain”

Vicente González
Director General of Geo Estratos

Geo Estratos General Director Vicente González discusses with us the impact of the... Jun 21, 2016

Legal insight into Mexico’s new energy sector

Benjamín Torres-Barrón
Partner at Baker & McKenzie Abogados S.C.

One of Mexico’s leading legal advisors and a Partner at Baker & McKenzie, Benjamín... May 10, 2016

Mexico’s first private oil company eyes long-term synergies

Carlos Morales Gil
Director General of Petrobal

Carlos Morales Gil, Director General of Petrobal, the oil and gas exploration and production... Apr 14, 2016

Legal expert looks at the impact of Mexico’s reforms

Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly
Partner at Nader Hayaux & Goebel

A partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Mexico, Yves Hayaux-du-Tilly takes... Mar 09, 2016

“Doing the impossible is fun. We are up for the challenge”

Fernando Calvillo Alvarez
President of Fermaca

Faced with multinationals now moving into Mexico as the energy sector reforms become a reality,... Dec 09, 2014

“We are the third State with the most tools to create businesses”

Mariano González Zarur
Governor of the State of Tlaxcala

Mariano González Zarur, Governor of the State of Tlaxcala, speaks about progress... Jul 17, 2014

Durango: “We are prepared to become an industrial development hub”

Jorge Herrera Caldera
Governor of Durango

The governor of the State of Durango, Jorge Herrera Caldera, welcomes the reforms propelled... Jul 22, 2014

“We have generated very attractive conditions for investors”

Fernando Toranzo Fernandez
Governor of the State of San Luis Potosí

Fernando Toranzo Fernandez, Governor of the State of San Luis Potosí, analyzes the advantages... Jul 17, 2014

“We are one of the most important logistics centers in Latin America”

Javier Duarte de Ochoa
Gobernador de Veracruz

Javier Duarte Ochoa, Governor of the state of Veracruz, highlights the strategic positioning... Jun 20, 2014

Yucatán: so much more than beautiful beaches

Rolando Rodrigo Zapata Bello
Gobernador de Yucatán

Heir of the Mayan culture, owner of magical landscapes and archeological treasures, Yucatán... Jun 20, 2014

The State of Mexico: “We are much more than partners, we're strategic allies”

Eruviel Ávila Villegas
Governor of the State of Mexico

The governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Ávila Villegas, recognizes the US as his major... Jun 11, 2014

Nuevo León: ‘We want it to turn into the Houston of Mexico’

Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz
Governor of Nuevo Leon

Governor Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz closed 2013 with record figures and this year, he is going... Jun 09, 2014

Chihuahua the economic power of the desert

César Horacio Duarte Jáquez
Governor of Chihuahua

With its strategic location in the north of Mexico, Chihuahua has managed to restore peace... Jun 09, 2014

Campeche: experience and competitiveness

Fernando Ortega
Governor of Campeche

While the World Bank points to Campeche as the perfect investment destination, Mexico's energy... Jun 05, 2014

Aguascalientes: the hotspot for competitiveness in Mexico

Carlos Lozano de la Torre
Governor of the State of Aguascalientes

Considered as “the jewel of Mexico”, Aguascalientes holds the highest credit rating in... May 28, 2014

Poised to play in the Major Leagues

Eric Bustamante
Director General OIS OIL SERVICES

UW one to one interview with Mr. Eric Bustamante, Oil International Services CEO. He has a... May 05, 2014

Helping companies get a foothold across the border

José García Torres
President of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Panorama Reports sits down with José García Torres, President of the United States-Mexico... Dec 30, 2013

'The Key to the Southwest'

Marcos Theurel Cotero
Mayor of Coatzacoalcos

Marcos Theurel Cotero, Mayor of Coatzacoalcos, speaks with Panorama Reports about his city's... Dec 20, 2013

On becoming a 'mind-facturer'

Miguel Ángel Mancera
Mayor of Mexico City

Mexico City is the nation's political, financial, economic and cultural capital. Miguel Ángel... Dec 03, 2013

Pioneering bus service provider drives closer cross-border links

José Manuel Contreras Lomeli
CEO of Grupo Senda

With more than 80 years of experience, Grupo Senda carries some 57 million passengers throughout... Dec 02, 2013


Middle America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, between Belize and the United States and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and the United States



Mexico City update paises set descripcion = Distrito Federal)


AREA - comparative:

slightly less than three times the size of Texas


113,724,226 update paises set descripcion = July 2011 est.)


GDP - composition by sector:

agriculture: 3.9%

industry: 32.6%

services: 63.5% update paises set descripcion = 2010 est.)

AGRICULTURE - products:

corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, beans, cotton, coffee, fruit, tomatoes; beef, poultry, dairy products; wood products


food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, textiles, clothing, motor vehicles, consumer durables, tourism


$298.5 billion update paises set descripcion = 2010 est.)

country comparison to the world: 15

$229.7 billion update paises set descripcion = 2009 est.)

EXPORTS - commodities:

manufactured goods, oil and oil products, silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cotton

EXPORTS - partners:

US 80.6% update paises set descripcion = 2009)



Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca

Oaxaca is one of the 31 States comprising the Federal...

Parque Industrial Queretaro (PIQ)

Parque industrial Queretaro is Mexico's Premier...

Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP)

Mission To satisfy the protection, financial planning...


Querétaro interesting combines history with...



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