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Malawi Mangoes also goes bananas

Malawi Mangoes

The country’s first fruit processing business, run by two Brits, is already a welcome, integral member of the community Aug 22, 2013

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Transforming Malawi into a prosperous nation with a shared vision

H.E. Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika
President of the Republic of Malawi

President of Malawi, H.E. A. P. Mutharika, explained to United World the changes being undertaken... Nov 25, 2014

“I set out to help the poor and underprivileged”

Dr. Joyce Banda
President of the Republic of Malawi

United World had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Joyce Banda, President of the Republic... Sep 06, 2013

Indebank targets SMEs, ERP industries and rural expansion

William Chatsala
Managing Director of Indebank

Balancing size with reach and customer service attention to detail, Indebank is one of the... Jul 26, 2013

New telecenters and websites widen access to ICT, freer speech and untapped sectors

Moses Kunkuyu Kalongashawa
Minister of Information and Civic Education

In a bid to ensure a diversity of views in the media, immediately after Dr. Joyce Banda became... Jul 23, 2013

“The opportunity is there for any investor out there to say yes, let me go to Malawi and see if we can get involved”

Clement Chilingulo
Executive Secretary of Press Trust

Clement Chilingulo, Executive Secretary of Press Trust, a trust which has extensive investments... Jul 15, 2013

Tapping into Malawi’s resources

Sosten Gwengwe
Minister of Industry and Trade of Malawi

Sosten Gwengwe, Minister of Industry and Trade of Malawi, discusses with United World how his... Jun 18, 2013

Expanding Malawi’s energy matrix

Ibrahim Matola
Malawian Minister of Energy

United World speaks with Ibrahim Matola, Malawian Minister of Energy, about the government’s... Jun 18, 2013


Ministry of Industry and Trade of Malawi

The Department of Industry is responsible for promoting...

Press Trust

The Trust’s presence in Malawi has been inextricably...



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