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Takao Ando

Representative Director & Executive President

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Born in Osaka and having joined Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. in 1977, through various positions and overseas experience, Takao Ando has been the president of Sanyo Chemical since 2011.


Honorary PhD in Engineering from Osaka University



1977     Joined Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

1998     Director, Deputy General Manager of R & D Division

2001     Director, General Manager of R & D Division

2003     Exective Officer, General Manager of R & D Division

2004     Exective Officer, General Manager of International Project Promotion Division

2007     Exective Officer, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

              President, SAN NOPCO LIMITED (subsidiaries)

2008     Managing Exective Officer, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

              President, SAN NOPCO LIMITED (subsidiaries)

2010     Director, Senior Managing Exective Officer, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

              In chage of Sales & Marketing division

2011     Representative Director & Executive President

Also serves as the head of the Kyoto Employers’ Association


Areas of Expertise

Organic Synthetic Chemistry & Polyurethane technology


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

Through R & D experience, I learned a lot about Sanyo Chemical’s existing technologies and cultivated technical skills, know-how, strategic thinking and theory to develop new products. As an R & D centered company, this experience was very important to manage Sanyo Chemical.

Also overseas experience gave me a wide perspective and made me recognize once again the importance of globalization. Since globalization is essential to company growth, I feel my overseas experience is helping in my management.



IchigoIchie - treasure evey meeting, for it will never recur

I try to meet a lot of people, as many as possible, and I really look forward to interacting with them. Given the time limitations, each opportunity allows me to know different ways of thinking and enrich my experience. I belive such opportunities help me to grow as a person.



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