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Masaaki Yoshida

Representative Director, President and Corporate Officer

Renaissance inc.


Apr. 1979 Joined People Inc.( Konami Sports Club Co., Ltd.)

Oct. 2004 Joined Renaissance Inc. Corporate Officer and SalesDepartment Vice President

Jun. 2005 Director, Corporate Office and SalesDepartment Vice President

Apr. 2006 Director and, Exective Corporate Office and Sales Department Vice President

Jun. 2009 Director and and Senior Corporate Office and Sales Department Vice President

Apr. 2011 Representative Director and President

Jun. 2016 Chairman of Fitness Industry Association of Japan


1979  Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Economics



Appointed Manager of the fitness club 2 years after joining People Inc.

Appointed Manager of Sales after going through the supervisor of the sports club division

Appointed General Maneger of HR to restructure the business


Areas of Expertise

<Special skills>

Knowledge of the fitness industry (Chairman of Fitness Industry Association of Japan)

Fitness Industry Association of Japan


FIA aims to contribute to the healthy development of the fitness industry, to the development of the Japanese economy and to the health promotion of the citizen by conducting research, information gathering and providing data on the fitness industry and sports.

Private Time : Training at a Gym and Golf


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?


From high school to university I fenced, and in order to continue to fence, I joined People Inc.

The first assignment was as a swimming school coach. Since I started swimming in elementary school, I was acquainted with how to swim, but it was the first time I had to teach a child how to do it.

I discovered the difficulty of teaching, experienced frustration, but I was able to feel joy as well.

For example, a girl in my class had a higher level than the most of the kids of the class, but for some reason, she would not come to the test once a month. When I asked her why she was not coming to pass the test and told her that considering her level she would not have any trouble, she replied "When I pass the test I will be able to go to Yoshida coach’s class anymore, and I never want to leave that class.”

After that I aimed at the upper level as a swimming coach and studied hard.

In 1993, as general manager of HR, using the sports club’s management experience I had, we organized the optimum staff composition, establishing proper work hours according to the size of the facility and number of members and built a standard plan for personnel expenses. As a result, I achieved tremendous cost reductions of several hundred million JPY for the company.

Based on this experience, I started thinking about other departments and had the pleasure of watching the whole company going ahead and achieving results.



Naoki Izumiya

Chairman and Representative Director, CEO of Asahi Group Holdings,Ltd.



“Kyoshin-Tankai” –Bare Heart

There is not any obsession in my heart, my feelings are refreshed.



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