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Haruaki Deguchi


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Mr. Haruaki Deguchi was born in 1948 in Mie Prefecture. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University in 1972, he joined Nippon Life Insurance Company. He served as the founding financial planning special committee chairperson for the Life Insurance Association of Japan, engaged in financial system reforms and revising insurance business law. After serving in other positions including president of the London-based subsidiary and general manager of the international business department, he retired from Nippon Life Insurance Company. Beginning in 2005 he served as an advisor to the Office of the President at the University of Tokyo for two years.

In 2006 he co-founded Netlife Insurance, serving as president and managing director. Acquiring a life insurance license in 2008, they established Lifenet Insurance—the first independent insurance company to open in Japan in 74 years.

Under the philosophy of supporting households raising children, Lifenet sold insurance over the internet for about half the price of major insurance companies. Lifenet also achieved a first for the industry by disclosing all fees included in insurance premiums. In 2012, Lifenet was added to the Tokyo Stock Exchange's list of Market of the High Growth and Emerging Stocks.

Mr. Deguchi assumed the role of Chairman and CEO in 2013, and since June 2017 he was engaged as company founder in Lifenet Insurance PR activities and in fostering young talent within the organization.

He joined Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University as president in January 2018, coming to the position from outside the University, an unusual move for a Japanese university.


Bachelor of Law, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan



2018 – Present    President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Oita Prefecture (Japan)

2006 - 2017         Lifenet Insurance Company

2013 - 2017         Chairman and CEO (Japan)

2008 - 2013         Representative Director and CEO

      (Company name changed from Lifenet Planning in 2008) (Japan)

2006 - 2008         Lifenet Planning Co. Ltd., President (Japan)

1972 - 2006         Nippon Life Insurance Company             

2005 - 2006         Taisay Building Management Co., Ltd., Director (Japan)

2003 - 2005         Taisay Building Management Co., Ltd., in charge of PFI (Japan)

1998 - 2003         Public Affairs Department, Manager (Japan)

1995 - 1998         International Business Department, Manager (Japan)

1992 - 1995         London-based subsidiary, President (UK)

1983 - 1992         Financial Planning Office, Section Manager (Japan)

1982 - 1983         Industrial Research Department at The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited

                              (temporary assignment) (Japan)

1979 - 1982         Financial Planning, Management Planning Department, Section Manager (Japan)

1972 - 1979         Kyoto Branch, Osaka Headquarters, Planning Department (Japan)


Other Positions and Associations (Past and Present)

Member of Listing System Improvement Roundtable, Tokyo Stock Exchange

Member of Central Broadcast Program Council, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

Member of Reading Committee, Yomiuri Shimbun

The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited (Industrial Research Department)

Researcher (Community Revitalization) at The Tokyo Foundation

Lecturer at Waseda University

Lecturer at Keio University

Graduate School Adviser to the Office of the President at the University of Tokyo


Publications and Lectures

Mr. Deguchi is a prolific author and lecturer, with more than 35 books to his name and scores of lectures and public appearances every year. Recent publications include:

  • Zayū no sho ‘jōgan seiyō’ chūgoku koten ni manabu sekai saikō no rīdā ron (‘The Political Program in Zhenguan Times’: A Chinese classic that will teach you the best leadership theory in the world). 2017.
  • Hommono no sikōryoku (Real thinking ability). Shōgakkan Shinsho, 2017.
  • Oshiete Deguchi-san! Deguchi ga mieru onayami sōdan (Mr. Deguchi, please teach us! Consultations that turn worry into hope). 2017.
  • Zukai: Shigoto ga hayaku naru! Seisansei ga agaru! Saikyō no hatarakikata (Illustrated: Powerful work habits: How to work faster and be more productive). 2017.
  • Gurobaru jida no hissu kyōyō, tōshi no sekaishi (World history of cities: Required knowledge for the global era). 2017.


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

Before founding Lifenet Insurance Company in 2006, I served for two years as an advisor to the Office of the President at the University of Tokyo. At that time, I realized that universities are the competitive power of society's future, and it opened my eyes again to the importance of education and research.

In a world where globalization is advancing, being selected as president of APU—one of the most advanced universities in Japan when it comes to globalization—is both a great honor and a great responsibility. Bringing together highly motivated students and high quality faculty and staff is more important than anything, and it is the duty of university management to develop an environment that enhances the quality of education and research, including strengthening the financial foundation. To achieve this, it is essential that we collaborate closely with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as other stakeholders




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