Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dr. Yasutaka Igari

President and Representative Director

Kyoto Biken Laboratories, Inc.


Born in Kagoshima Prefecture of Kyushu Island, the Southern Part of Japan in 1954.  Enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo University, Japan, then proceeded to the Graduate School of the same University. He received Ph.D. degree from the University in 1982.  He then joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Osaka, Japan in 1982. In 2017, following resignation from Takeda, he joined Kyoto Biken Laboratories, Inc, as Director and Board Member.  He was promoted to President and representative Director in 2020.


1977: Graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan. Registered pharmacist.

1982: Completed Doctoral Course in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School, University of Tokyo, Japan. Received Ph.D. degree.

1988-1989: Visiting Researcher to Massachusetts Institute of Technology of USA, Chemical Engineering (C/O Professor Dr. Robert Langer)



1982: Joined Central Research Division, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Japan. Responsible for Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery Systems research in Exploratory Pharmacy Section

1999: Division Head of Drug Delivery Systems Research Laboratories

2001: Division Head of Pharmaceutical Technology Research Laboratories

2003: General Manager of Osaka Plant. Responsible for production of solid dosage form and sterile injectables

2004: Division Head of Analytical Research Laboratories

2005: Area Leader in CNS, Strategic Product Planning Department

2007: Head of Global Quality Assurance Department, Responsible for quality

2015: Supervisor-General Japan, Global Quality. Responsible for quality and pharmacovigilance

2017: Joined Kyoto Biken Laboratories, Inc. Kyoto, Japan as Director and Board Member. Responsible for production, R&D, QA/QC, Medical Affairs and Laboratory Analysis

2020: President and representative Director (current)


Areas of Expertise

  1. Scientific Major is Pharmacokinetics, Physiologically based Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics. Basic Pharmacometrics approach.
  2. Practical expertise in Drug Delivery Systems, especially concept design, experimental proof of concept. One of the original members engaged in the development of commercially successful injectable microcapsules containing LH-RH super agonist, which is selling very well even after patent expiration, used for the treatment of prostate cancer and other hormone-related diseases.
  3. Practical expertise in building strategic product planning and portfolio. 
  4. Practical expertise in business development (alliance). Good example is the successful deal between Takeda and Lundbeck (Denmark)
  5. Practical expertise in Quality Assurance/Control covering solid dosage form and sterile injectables including vaccine for human use. Has led the association of QA Heads of Japan for 9 years.
  6. Management skill and experience in engagement, inclusion and team building.
  7. Practical expertise in creating and maintaining intellectual property and versed in intelligence management.


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

 There are two main lessons in my career. 

  1. The most Important lesson is that human capital is the basis of corporate activities. I have learned many lessons from colleagues, subordinates, and superiors. Also, many friends in partner companies and academic sector have helped me build up knowledge and sense of the right decision making.
  2. The second lesson is that having unique insight into research and business activities. Common sense and knowledge are important for basic business decision making, but unique thinking and insight is indispensable for successful development unique products and the right business management. Good example is the aforementioned injectable microcapsules. Injectable microcapsules in itself are preposterous and many people had an objection to the development and even practical realization for human use. But the team has developed new and cutting-edge technology based on unique thinking and insight and proceeded to the goal.
  3. Additional pet theory is listening to the voice of market when I am at a loss. There is always the clue in the voice of market, which could lead to the invention and implementation of unforeseen valuable measures that is beyond market’s expectation.



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