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Jordan helps combat declining water levels

Trilateral cooperation to ease strain on water resources

Jordan, Israel and Palestine are working together on the first ever trilateral project to help combat declining water levels, a result of the influx of... May 07, 2015

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U.S. helping Jordan

U.S.-Jordan alliance 65 years strong in 2015

King Abdullah met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at Al Husaineya Palace, Amman, in November 2014

The U.S. is assisting Jordan in its vision to develop thriving tourism, hi-tech, and SME sectors and was a strong supporter of the kingdom’s historic... May 06, 2015

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Jordan tourism numbers

Tourism industry gathers momentum

Jordan is moving ahead with its 25-year master plan for sector development, with tourism receipts growing yearly as more tourists are attracted to this... May 06, 2015

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Increases in Jordan airport arrivals

QAIA arrivals jump 9%

Visitor numbers from the West have dropped due to the situation in Iraq and Syria. However Jordan has seen a rise in tourists from within the region itself,... May 05, 2015

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Jordan's energy

Kingdom aims to be energy self-sufficient by 2020

Energy imports are a major factor behind Jordan’s significant trade deficit. With demand for energy set to double by 2020, the government has layed... May 05, 2015

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Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

Aqaba: Strategic location with access to market of 1bn consumers

For global investors interested in accessing the regional market, Aqaba offers unparalleled advantages as a springboard thanks to free trade access to... May 04, 2015

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Jordan's resilient economy

Reform spells resilience for economy


A succesful combination of political and fiscal reform has helped to offset the impact of external pressures, the kingdom’s widening trade deficit,... Apr 09, 2015

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Education reform in Jordan

Education investments equal 20% of GDP

Queen Rania has spearheaded efforts to adopt a holistic approach to national education

The King has ordered the government to set out an educational reform plan aimed at postitioning Jordan as a science and tech hub Mar 23, 2015

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Business friendly Jordan

A regional model of development and prosperity

Since King Abdullah’s ascension to the throne, he has implemented significant economic reforms to encourage foreign investment and to develop an... Mar 20, 2015

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Port expansion strengthens Jordanian city of Aqaba’s position as modern shipping hub

Aqaba’s strategic importance for those that have ruled over it stretches back centuries.  Almost a century on since the Battle of Aqaba, the... Feb 23, 2015

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Believe in Jordan

In November 2007, and under the terms of a 25-year concession agreement, Airport International Group (AIG) became the Jordanian company responsible for... Feb 04, 2015

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A leading player in the global mining sector

Jordan Phosphate Mines is a mining company based in Jordan. It was founded in 1949 and its main offices are located in Amman. The company... Dec 05, 2014

Mining | Middle East | Jordan

AIG: Reaching new heights of success

Kjeld Binger
Chief Executive Officer of AIG

The Worldfolio speaks with Kjeld Binger about AIG’s operations and the new terminal... Jun 11, 2019

Paving the way to prosperity

H.E. Eng. Anmar Al - Khasawneh
Minister of Transport of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

In this interview, H.E. Eng. Anmar Al-Khasawneh, Minister of Transport of Jordan, discusses... Jun 04, 2019

Strengthening and maintaining macroeconomic stability

HE Dr. Fariz
Governor of the Central Bank

The Worldfolio sat down with HE Dr. Fariz to discuss fiscal reform in Jordan, efforts to... Jun 04, 2019

Aqaba Container Terminal: facilitating regional development

Steven Yoogalingam
CEO of Aqaba Container Terminal

The Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) Pvt. Co. has grown into one of the leading container... Jun 04, 2019

‘Come to Jordan: you will see that it is much better than expected’

Sheldon Fink
CEO of PBI Aqaba

With its strategic geographic location, major seaport, an international airport, and developed... May 23, 2019

Jordan’s National Energy Strategy for 2030

H.E. Eng. Hala Adel Zawati
Jordan’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

The Worldfolio sits down with H.E. Eng. Hala Adel Zawati, Jordan’s Minister of Energy... Apr 29, 2019

The most attractive investment incubator

H.E. Dr. Montaser Oklah
Chief of Jordan Investment Commission (JIC)

Since King Abdullah’s 1999 ascension to the throne, His Majesty has implemented significant... Feb 04, 2015

Queen Alia International Airport: Jordan’s new gateway

Mr. Kjeld Binger
Chief Executive Officer of Airport International Group (AIG)

United World talks to Mr. Kjeld Binger, CEO of Airport International Group, the company... Feb 04, 2015

Jordan’s part in the global security industry

Mr. Ahmad Al Sallakh
CEO of KADDB Investment Group

United World sat down with KADDB Investment Group (KIG)’s CEO, Mr. Ahmad Al Sallakh,... Nov 27, 2014

Innovation, the core of Umniah’s identity

Mr. Ihab Hinnawi
Chief Executive Officer Umniah

Since its official launch on June 26th 2005, Umniah has succeeded in quickly making a strong... Oct 28, 2014

“Water can build trust among the countries”

Hazim El Nasser
Jordan’s Minister of Water & Irrigation

Jordan’s Minister of Water & Irrigation Hazim El Nasser talks about the current scarcity... Sep 30, 2014

The Jordanian model: moderate, progressive, and ambitious

Mohammad Al Momani
Minister of State for Media Affairs

Mohammad Al Momani, Minister of State for Media Affairs, speaks to United World about Jordan’s... Sep 25, 2014



Tala Bay

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Arab Potash Company (APC)

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Airport International Group

In November 2007, and under the terms of a 25-year...

Aqaba Development Corporation

Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) was launched in...



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