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MARA helps transform Malaysia’s workforce to a knowledge-based human capital

8 years ago

Y.B Dato’ Seri Hj. Shafie Hj Apdal, Minister of Rural and Regional Development
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Y.B Dato’ Seri Hj. Shafie Hj Apdal

Minister of Rural and Regional Development

PM Communications talks to Y.B Dato’ Seri Hj. Shafie Hj Apdal, Minister of Rural and Regional Development, who speaks on behalf of MARA – the Malaysian Government agency for education and entrepreneurship. The Minister talks about MARA’s work to develop the country’s human capital in highly sophisticated, knowledge-based sectors.

Talk about MARA’s genesis and contribution to the transformation of the industry and economic transformation of Malaysia from a labour-intensive economic paradigm to a knowledge-based society.

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) Malaysia or The Council of Trust for the People, a Malaysian government agency for education and entrepreneurship, has been developing Malaysian human capital since 1967. It is an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Malaysia.

In line with the nation’s high income aspiration, MARA is venturing into human capital development in highly sophisticated, knowledge-based sectors, such as aerospace. MARA achieves this through its Professional Development Centre (PDC) by Asia Aerospace City (AAC), a strategic initiative. PDC has apprenticeship-like programmes designed in partnership with major aerospace companies and industry-linked universities. This novel partnership model ensures sustainable and industry-relevant supply of knowledge-based workforce.

Y.B Dato’ Seri Hj. Shafie Hj Apdal, Minister of Rural and Regional Development said – “MARA as the agency that contributes 30% of the nation’s human capital, is well positioned to transform Malaysia’s workforce from labour-intensive to knowledge-based human capital. We achieve this by developing industry-relevant human capital for highly sophisticated industry such as aerospace through AAC’s Professional Development Centre, at the same time increasing the number of value jobs by catalysing the development of the aerospace supply chain framework. This is part of Malaysia’s transformation in fulfilling its aspiration to become a high income nation.”

Striking the balance between high quality and efficiency in the global market: is human capital development the key variable in the equation?

Human capital development is the key variable in delivering both high quality and efficiency. AAC’s Professional Development Centre focuses on human capital development for the aerospace industry is exemplary of this. Its apprenticeship-like method enhances application of technical knowledge and expertise in an actual work setting, simultaneously developing Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Social Quotient (SQ) acumen. Resulting in high quality, rounded workforce that is efficient at delivering results.

UKTI identified the defence and aerospace industry as one of the strategic areas of collaboration between the UK and Malaysia. What role can the Asia Aerospace City and MARA play in this scenario?

AAC is building a strong aerospace supply chain framework to serve the requirements of enhanced manufacturing abilities and speed for 1st Tier organisations, under direct supervision from the OEMs. Government policies and incentives, stringent intellectual property protection and AAC’s transparent and ethical corporate governance support make AAC the ideal partner when considering setup in Malaysia.

“M-AeroTech as a wholly owned subsidiary of MARA acts in line with the strategies of the Government of Malaysia, focusing on developing the aerospace supply chain framework. It is committed to invest in Key Strategic Partnerships towards continuous technology transfer and developing a supply value chain to support the aerospace manufacturers in a cost efficient and abled manner.” – said Y.B Dato’ Seri Hj. Shafie Hj Apdal, Minister of Rural and Regional Development

MARA through AAC, provides: -

• Sustainable and industry-relevant human capital to address the competency gap experienced by the industry currently.
• Ease of doing business by facilitating business formation and smooth operation by offering business set-up solutions, coordination with and access to the relevant Malaysian Government’s agencies and authorities.
• Industry insights and information allowing analysis of market fundamentals, enabling companies to strategise for growth, leading to sound decisions
• Engineering Services supported by Strand Aerospace Malaysia offering high quality and affordable E&M Design, Analysis & Certification solutions. Delivering primary aero structures analysis covering; static, fatigue and damage tolerance, F&DT, finite element, composite, design, in-service support, and aircraft structural integrity for OEMs such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Spirit Aerosystems, Messier-Dowty-Bugatti etc.
• R&T: fully equipped and organised incubation facilities to research and bring technology preparedness, to support the growth of the E&M industry. This is through strategic OEM partnerships to ensure technology development is in line with global industrial needs, such as the partnership between Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC), Airbus Group and Rolls Royce.




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