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Latif Group expanding its offerings in Egypt

1 month ago

Nasser Abdel Latif of the Latif Group
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Nasser Abdel Latif

Latif Group

We speak with Nasser Abdel Latif of the Latif Group about the company’s plan to add several properties to its portfolio in Egypt (which includes the award-winning Rixos Sharm el Sheikh and Rixos Premium Seagate) and the up-and-coming Alamein area as a premier tourist destination.


What is the unique selling proposition that has allowed the Rixos brand to be so successful and what role do you play in making Egypt more attractive? 

The Rixos Brand is the first international brand we worked with in Egypt but we also work with other international brands such as Ritz Carlton and the Marriott Group. We signed a management agreement for the return of the Ritz Carlton to Sharm El Sheikh. By building the properties to higher than international standards with all different demographics and age groups in mind, we help create an atmosphere where everyone can find something they are looking for.

Passion and attention to detail is something we value and undertake from the planning phase when building the properties to when the guests checks-out of our hotels.


Rixos is recognized as a pioneer through its all inclusive concept in a high luxury environment, what experience do you aim to create for your clients?

As Rixos we aim to create an environment where our guests feel they are experiencing the true meaning of hospitality. The Rixos brand is very versatile in the implementation of new ideas and concepts that’s why we can quickly adapt to our guests needs. With three outstanding hotels under its portfolio, Rixos Sharm al Sheikh, Rixos Alamein, and Rixos Seagate Premium, the Rixos Group moves forward to increase the number of hotels and rooms throughout Egypt with a concept that is continuously perfected across Rixos Hotels in Egypt.

We value our investments very much. For a seed to grow you must water it; and when it grows you must continue with taking care of it to ensure its survival. This is why as developers we are constantly renovating and upgrading our properties to maintain their quality to ensure our guests are always experiencing something different.

We believe the Alamein area will be one of the leading tourism destinations. Seventy percent of travelers worldwide travel during the summer seasons and Alamein, with one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, is an attractive destination. With the continued infrastructure developments and support from the government, Alamein will very soon become a name that resonates on the world tourism stage.


Your are aiming to increase your capacity from 2,000 to 10,000 rooms within the next 5 years, could you tell us more about your expansion?

We are aiming to expand in Hurgadah with two properties being unveiled in the end of 2019: Rixos Makadi Bay and Rixos Magawish. Latif Group is planning the construction of a 4,000-room resort in Sharm El Sheikh that will feature four international brand name resorts, a congress centre, forty serviced villas, an entertainment and shopping complex, an aquaventure park and a 20.000 Sq m crystal lagoon.  We are also planning to tackle different destinations as well


Some of the locations that you have identified as priorities are Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Cairo, Aswan and similar resort areas, how will your geographic diversification impact your overall value proposition? 

By being able to serve the leisure segment as well as the cultural segment, we are able to diversify our incoming tourist demographic and are able to reach tourists from different countries with different interests. 






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