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Nyandarua County up and running

4 years ago

H.E. Daniel Waithaka Mwangi, Governor of Nyandarua County
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H.E. Daniel Waithaka Mwangi

Governor of Nyandarua County

H.E. Daniel Waithaka Mwangi, Governor of Nyandarua County, discusses the county’s economic prospects and what steps the local Government has taken in line with the devolution program

What is your opinion of the devolution policy?

It has been the best thing that could have happened for this country since the birth of independence.
It should have happened a long time ago. Within the year that devolution has been in operation, the common person (who is the owner of the constitution) can now demand and receive what he is asking for.

What impact has devolution had in changing political and tribal hostilities between communities?

The best thing that also could have happened through devolution is, we have always been talking about certain ignored areas by particular regimes.
Now, the national kit is being shared and is given to the heads of government in counties. And the factors of distribution of the national “kit” are for everybody.
It is no longer an issue where we build a road in this county but not in another, or an irrigation scheme in one county and not the next.

As governor what are your main concerns or main top priorities at the moment?

My immediate concern is that people work very hard and get little for their labor. My intention is to maximize the value for their labor. We are also looking at ways to encourage our people to add value to their crops.
We want to ensure that agro-processing can be put into place within our county in order to add value to the raw commodities.

When we have interviewed top officials from tourism and branding, they lamented that when people think of Kenya they only think of the Masai Mara and the coast. What should people think of when they think of Nyandarua?

We want to rebuild the traces of the Happy Valley and the White Mischief to preserve the history of the buildings so our posterity can see the history of their ancestors.
We want to commemorate the Mau Mau and the caves they inhabited by preservation and tracking.
We also have good places for hiking and want to build trails so people can enjoy themselves.
We have two maternity homes for elephants. We want to encourage partnerships and potential investors to establish ecologies.
We also have the only lake in the Kenyan highlands. It is over two thousand metres above sea level with 894 hippos living here and over 300 birds.
These birds migrate from incredible distances- from Europe, we are also happy to say tourists are beginning their migration back to Kenya.

What achievement or accomplishments would you like to complete for the people of Nyandarua?

The county will undergo a tremendous transformation and I’d like people to be able to reflect on what good governance, cooperation, and collaboration can manifest. I would like people to appreciate how much their lives have changed.




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