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Indonesian Infrastructure Expansion

SOEs increase capacity to accelerate infrastructure development

PT PP President Director, Ir. Tumiyana (center left, blue shirt) with President Joko Widodo (center right)

SOEs such as PT PP will be critical to realizing Indonesia’s infrastructure ambitions. The company has ambitions beyond this, with plans to become... Apr 18, 2017

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Indonesia

Getting ready for FIFA 2022

Infrastructure spending spree ahead of FIFA World Cup in 2022

Cranes over Doha city

Lower oil prices will not curtail the the planned $200 billion spending bonanza on stadiums, ports, airports, a new rail network, hotels and roads ahead... Mar 29, 2017

Infrastructure | Middle East | Qatar

Greentech building Japan

Sekisui House: Building by example with zero-energy housing

Leading the greentech building revolution is Japanese firm Sekisui House, the world’s number one constructor of zero-energy houses, whose CEO... Jan 27, 2017

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Construction & Infrastructure in the DRC

PPP scheme accelerates implementation of large infrastructure projects

Fridolin Kasweshi Musoka, Minister of Infrastructure, Public Works and Reconstruction

Business opportunities in the construction industry and infrastructure are in the form of partnerships, technology transfer, support and training. Infrastructure... Oct 18, 2016

Infrastructure | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Interconnected DRC

Transport and infrastructure, drivers of growth and connectivity

One of the 38 acquired new wagons

The government is working on five transportation modes: sea, lake and river, rail, road and air. Through interconnection, DRC aims to establish a unified... Oct 10, 2016

Infrastructure | Transport | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Major investment in infrastructure unlocks strategic connectivity

Home to the largest and most advanced railway company in Europe, and with sea and land borders which connect the MENA, Mediterranean and northern European... Oct 06, 2016

Infrastructure | Transport | Europe | Italy

All Nippon Airways

Asia’s new business centre expands its wings to bridge East and West

Osamu Shinobe, President and CEO, All Nippon Airways

As Japan bids to become the gateway to Asia and a new global business hub, it is expanding its aviation infrastructure to deal with rising demand

Jul 07, 2016

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Show me the money

Meeting the world's infrastructure requires huge investments

Around the world, fulfilling basic human needs such as access to water, sanitation or electricity means having the infrastructure required to do so.... Apr 22, 2016

Infrastructure | Europe | Turkey

Right on track

New integrated rail system begins to take shape

Qatar Rail

When fully completed by 2030, the new metro network in Doha will link up with five long-distance lines as well as a light-rail system, facilitating... Apr 21, 2016

Infrastructure | Middle East | Qatar

The pharmaceutical and technology sectors growth

Strong growth expected for leading industries

Textiles is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy

Despite a challenging environment in the traditional industry sector, the pharmaceutical and technology sectors are emerging as strong growth drivers... Apr 11, 2016

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Pakistan

Qatar 2030

Infrastructure and transport developments drive Qatar towards 2030 goal

As well as one the most modern airports, Qatar Airways also operates one of the youngest fleets in the sky

With around £130 billion slated to be spent on infrastructure projects over the next few years, such developments are not only to help prepare... Apr 08, 2016

Infrastructure | Transport | Middle East | Qatar

The new Doha port

$7.5 billion Doha port to cement position as global trade and logistics hub

Set for completion by 2020, the new Doha port will propel the shipping sector forward, double GDP, and consolidate the country’s emergence as... Apr 02, 2016

Infrastructure | Transport | Middle East | Qatar

Innovative solutions for scarce resources

Khalid Abunayyan
CEO of Abunayyan Holding

As a 65-year-old diversified family company that has grown in tandem with the Saudi Arabia,... Dec 05, 2016

Roko builds up Rwanda’s skills & skylines

Derek Claassen
Director of Roko Construction Ltd

Regionally renowned for quality and timely construction and its local training and staff... Nov 08, 2016

Rwandan utility sets water bar high

James C. Sano

Rwanda’s award-winning Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASAC) has made some... Oct 28, 2016

‘We always try to keep one step ahead’

Mampei Ohmoto
President of Ohmoto Gumi

The construction and civil engineering side of Ohmoto Gumi has been involved in some of... Sep 30, 2016

‘Coherence & efficiency’ define new energy approach

Bruno Kapandji Kalala
Project Director for the ADPI

Efforts in the DRC are redoubling to make the country’s long-delayed vision of building... Sep 20, 2016

Incentives raise investor confidence

James Musoni
Minister of Infrastructure

Rwanda’s Infrastructure Minister James Musoni highlights the country’s prime... Aug 31, 2016

$1bn partners could turn DR Congo's wealth of potential into reality

Jean Kimbembe Mazunga
General Manager of the National Transport & Ports Company (SCTP)

Mobility in Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most important challenges for the... Aug 18, 2016

Ferrovie dello Stato launches “iron therapy” with €6.5bn investment

Renato Mazzoncini
CEO of Ferrovie dello Stato

Being the country’s n°1 company in terms of investment, the development plan of... Jul 20, 2016

DRC’s key partner in infrastructure set to become regional reference

Charles Ilunga Mwamba
General Manager of the Congolese Agency for Civil Engineering (ACGT)

The DRC is involved in a vast modernization and reconstruction of its infrastructure, and... Jul 13, 2016

Qatar’s ‘infrastructure rush’ to continue apace in years ahead

Ali Al-Khalifa
CEO of Astad Project Management

Astad Project Management has been involved in the development of the most iconic projects... Jul 13, 2016

Innovation, partnerships, and sustainability drive Pessina Costruzioni & Acque d’Italia on the global scene

Guido Stefanelli
CEO of Pessina Costruzioni

CEO Guido Stefanelli shares with us the group’s strategy of diversification and ambitious... Jun 25, 2016

Robotics & ICT to shake up construction

Yasunobu Ueno
President of the Asunaro Aoki Construction Co., Ltd.

Construction, civil engineering and real estate contractor with a hi-tech edge, Asunaro... Apr 29, 2016

Infrastructure boom set to continue

Sisay Desta
Founder and General Manager Afro-Tsion Construction Ltd

Ethiopia’s infrastructure has changed beyond all recognition compared with 20 years... Apr 06, 2016

Landmark projects enable contractor to shine

Samuel Tafese
Founder and CEO of Sunshine Investment Group

Demand for real estate and infrastructure is sky high in Ethiopia and is filling the order... Apr 05, 2016

New industrial parks provide the complete package

Sisay Gemechu
CEO of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation with the Rank of State Minister

Destined to become Africa’s number one innovative eco-industrial park developer and... Mar 29, 2016

World’s largest public transit system takes shape

Alwalid Alekrish
Director of Construction Development Projects and Project Director of the Riyadh Metro at the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA)

A potent symbol of the modernization and economic vitality of Riyadh is rolling out. Part... Mar 19, 2016

New metro set to transform life in the capital

Described by officials as the largest public transport system currently under development... Mar 21, 2016

Nakilat’s strategy supports “strong and solid” marine industry

Abdullah Al Sulaiti
Managing Director, Nakilat

In an exclusive interview with Upper Reach, Abdullah Al Sulaiti, the managing director of ... Mar 17, 2016

New SOE expands infrastructure's horizons

Hailemeskel Tefera
CEO of the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC)

CEO of the new Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC), which resulted from the... Mar 10, 2016

More PPPs to bridge huge infrastructure gap

Fridolin Kasweshi Musoka
Minister of Infrastructure, Public Works & Reconstruction

The DRC government has prioritized the modernization and reconstruction of the country’s... Mar 04, 2016

Vast opportunities in record development aims

Workneh Gebeyehu
Minister of Transport

Ethiopia’s transportation networks and infrastructure is undergoing unprecedented... Feb 17, 2016

Game-changing railway hallmarks the ‘African Renaissance’

Dr Getachew Betru
CEO of the Ethiopian Railways Corporation

The new 800km Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway line is on track to open fully this year and... Jan 26, 2016


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