Monday, Nov 19, 2018

Industry 4.0, Singapore

Manufacturers capitalize on Industry 4.0 to boost productivity

The manufacturing sector will adopt IoT, robotics, AI and AR among a suite of technologies that will transform business and enable long-term growth.


Nov 14, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

E-commerce, Singapore

Driving e-commerce in Southeast Asia

From big multinationals to SMEs, companies are poised to tap the potential of e-commerce in the ASEAN market of 650 million people.


Nov 14, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

Invest in Bahrain

Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons Group: Your perfect partner in the Gulf

Established in 1940, Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons Group is one of Bahrain’s largest, most diversified and forward-thinking companies, and has the... May 09, 2018

Industry & Trade | Middle East | Bahrain

Japan’s investment in Thailand

Japan supports Thailand 4.0

Credit: Denis Todorut

As the Thai economy continues to evolve, so too is investment coming from Japan, which sees Thailand as the ideal gateway to the growing ASEAN region

Mar 20, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Thailand

iREX, Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2017

‘Come and explore how we can shape the future together’

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division, speaks with The... Nov 29, 2017

Industry & Trade | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Start-up Kuwait

Building an ecosystem for SMEs to thrive

Mr. Al-Jouan, Executive Chairman, Mr. Al Wazzan, Vice Chairman, and board members Mr. Boushahri, Mr. Jaffar and Mr. Al Mutairi, of The National Fund for SMEs Development

Mr. Al-Jouan, Executive Chairman, Mr. Al Wazzan, Vice Chairman, and board members Mr. Boushahri, Mr. Jaffar and Mr. Al Mutairi, of The National Fund... Nov 10, 2017

Industry & Trade | Middle East | Kuwait


A new consciousness amid the uncertainty

The consumer economy is transforming business paradigms by creating new requirements for companies to meet. What strategies can they employ in order... Oct 10, 2017

Industry & Trade

Industrialization in Rwanda

Rwanda shifts its focus to manufacturing

The C&H Garment factory in the Kigali Special Economic Zone (Photo: UNIDO)

While Rwanda has long focused on agriculture and services, it is now looking to develop manufacturing, in a bid to lower its dependence on imports,... Sep 19, 2017

Industry & Trade | Africa | Rwanda

Japan Goes Global

The rebirth of Japan Inc.

Prime Minister Abe is pushing forward policies in an effort to open up the country’s economy to the global market. Japan Inc. is following suit... Aug 21, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese Manufacturing

At the forefront of green manufacturing

Takashi Matsuoka, President, Doshisha University

International agreements to reduce CO2 emissions due to climate change, stringent environmental regulation, and growing demand from consumers for energy... Aug 17, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan


The future of productivity and growth in the semiconductor industry passes by automation

Yoshiyuki Fujishiro, President and CEO, RORZE Corp.

By implementing the right automatic systems, manufacturers can improve their factories’ productivity by more than 20 percent

Aug 14, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese Robotics

Rise of the robots

Smart machines save employment, increase productivity and enhance reliability. Welcome to the future.

Aug 10, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Partnering for synergies

Armin Bruck
CEO of Siemens ASEAN

In Singapore, German multinational Siemens has found an ecosystem for co-creation, thanks... Nov 14, 2018

Excelpoint: Empowering future technology

Albert Phuay Yong Hen
Founder, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Excelpoint Technology Ltd.

Excelpoint is one of the leading regional electronic components distributors providing quality... Nov 09, 2018

Taking manufacturing to the cloud

Mr. Douglas Foo
SMF President

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) serves the manufacturing community by driving digitalization,... Nov 08, 2018

Powering Asia With Singapore Renewables Leader Sunseap

Frank Phuan and Lawrence Wu
Sunseap Group Founders

Sunseap Group is leading the solar power charge in Singapore with large international companies... Oct 30, 2018

Waida Mfg - A cut above the rest

Mr. Mitsuo Waida
Chairman & CEO of WAIDA MFG. CO. LTD

For this interview with the Worldfolio, Mr. Mitsuo Waida, President of Waida MFG, explains... Oct 30, 2018

‘Huntsman Textile Effects remains very committed to ASEAN’

Mr Rohit Aggarwal
President of Huntsman Textile Effects

Rohit Aggarwal, president of U.S. company Huntsman Textile Effects, discusses why they choose... Oct 29, 2018

‘It's our job to balance supply and demand’

Ms. Gina Fyffe
CEO of Integra Petrochemicals

Integra is one of the world’s longest-serving petrochemical trading companies, with... Oct 24, 2018

“MITUTOYO stands behind every product; it supports our lives”

Mr. Yoshiaki Numata
President of MITUTOYO Corp.

For this interview with the Worldfolio, Mr. Yoshiaki Numata, President of Mitutoyo Corp.,... Oct 17, 2018

The leaders of automobile Lifts

Mr. Yasutoshi Sugiura

For this interview, The Worldfolio sits down with Mr. Yasutoshi Sugiura, President of Sugiyasu... Oct 17, 2018

From Nagano to The World

Mr. Takahiro Koyama
President of KOYAMA CO, LTD.

In this interview, The Worldfolio sits down with Mr. Takahiro Koyama, President of Koyama... Oct 17, 2018

Passion Creates the Future

PhD Norio Minato
President of NSWest Inc.

The Worldfolio sits down with PhD. Norio Minato, Representative Director of NSWest Inc.... Oct 17, 2018

Supporting ‘Monozukuri’ with Force Measurement Technology

Mr. Mitsuhiro Imada
Representative Director of Imada Co., Ltd.

The Worldfolio sits down with Mr. Mitsuhiro Imada, Representative Director of Imada Co.,... Oct 17, 2018

Innovating and challenging the status quo

Mr. Keita Horiba

The Worldfolio sits down to speak with Keita Horiba, President of Sanyo Machine Works, which... Sep 26, 2018

Advocating selfless leadership in business

Mr Victor Mills
Chief Executive of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)

Ever since its foundation in Singapore in 1837, SICC has been a consistently credible advocate... Sep 26, 2018

How BreadTalk became the talk of the town

Mr Henry Chu
Group Chief Executive Officer of BreadTalk Group Limited

Founded in 2000, BreadTalk is a food and beverages group which has a number of popular food... Sep 21, 2018

Makita: 100 years devoted better marine engine manufacturing

Yu Makita
Makita Corporation

Japan is the leading shipbuilder in Asia and Makita is one of its best ship engine manufacturers.... Sep 20, 2018

Linking the technologies of Industry 4.0 together

Mr. Iino
CEO of Office-FA

The Worldfolio sits down with Mr. Iino, CEO of Office FA, to learn more about his unique... Aug 30, 2018

The king of optical glass

Mr.Hirokazu Saito
President & CEO of Ohara Inc.

With demand for cameras having decreased significantly in recent years, Japan’s leading... Aug 29, 2018

“Singapore plays a pivotal role in ASEAN”

John Ng
Managing Director of Eastport Maritime

Managing Director of Eastport Maritime, John Ng, discusses how Singapore’s key geographical... Aug 29, 2018

Totally wired: Sumitomo Electric, the Japanese cable king

Osamu Inoue
President & COO of Sumitomo Electric

A global leader in the manufacture of electric wire and optical fiber cables, Sumitomo Electric... Aug 29, 2018

The power behind the Web

Mr. Yasuo Ishii
President & CEO of Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Sanwa has serviced the industry for over 70 years as an innovative electrical and optical... Aug 27, 2018


Kuwait Finance House

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Ultimate Developers Limited

Vision/Mission UDL’s mission is to deliver...

Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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