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A new consciousness amid the uncertainty

The consumer economy is transforming business paradigms by creating new requirements for companies to meet. What strategies can they employ in order... Oct 10, 2017

Industry & Trade

Industrialization in Rwanda

Rwanda shifts its focus to manufacturing

The C&H Garment factory in the Kigali Special Economic Zone (Photo: UNIDO)

While Rwanda has long focused on agriculture and services, it is now looking to develop manufacturing, in a bid to lower its dependence on imports,... Sep 19, 2017

Industry & Trade | Africa | Rwanda

Japan Goes Global

The rebirth of Japan Inc.

Prime Minister Abe is pushing forward policies in an effort to open up the country’s economy to the global market. Japan Inc. is following suit... Aug 21, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese Manufacturing

At the forefront of green manufacturing

Takashi Matsuoka, President, Doshisha University

International agreements to reduce CO2 emissions due to climate change, stringent environmental regulation, and growing demand from consumers for energy... Aug 17, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan


The future of productivity and growth in the semiconductor industry passes by automation

Yoshiyuki Fujishiro, President and CEO, RORZE Corp.

By implementing the right automatic systems, manufacturers can improve their factories’ productivity by more than 20 percent

Aug 14, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese Robotics

Rise of the robots

Smart machines save employment, increase productivity and enhance reliability. Welcome to the future.

Aug 10, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese Technology

Innovation behind the scenes

Real innovation might be where you least expect it

Aug 08, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan Autoindustry

Riken drives performance with its cutting-edge and cultivated technology

Noritada Okano, Chairman and CEO, Riken Corp.

The autoparts maker, whose advanced piston rings can be found in cars around the world, has developed a diverse portfolio of groundbreaking technologies... Aug 04, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan Inc. Goes Global

Shrinking domestic market pushes Japan Inc. abroad

Kunio Otani, President, Nichirei

Every challenge also brings opportunity: Japan’s aging population and shrinking domestic market urges Japanese firms to innovate and expand overseas... Aug 02, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

The Japanese Way

Japan Inc. leverages monozukuri philosophy

Left: Koichi Ogata, President, Nitta Gelatin Inc.. Center: Yuji Kaneko, President, Sodick. Right: Fujio Tahara, President, CEC

The art of excellence still drives Japanese competitiveness

Jul 25, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Tranforming Cote D’Ivoire

Beyond basics: Côte d’Ivoire’s new drive for trade and industry

Bernard Asso Abouo, CEO, La Loyale Group

A major African industrial and trading hub for many centuries, Côte d’Ivoire now seeks to upgrade its trade routes and move up the value... Jul 13, 2017

Industry & Trade | Africa | Ivory Coast

4IR Japan

Fourth Industrial Revolution, challenge accepted

A guide to understanding why Japan is set to re-own international leadership in the ‘era of acceleration’

Jul 05, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

‘Go Negosyo is the prime mover of entrepreneurship in the Philippines’

Joey Concepcion
CEO and President of Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE)

Go Negosyo is the advocacy group of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a... Oct 11, 2017

‘From where we sit as lawyers, there is a determined effort for a new reform package’

Emerico O. De Guzman, Eusebio V. Tan and Angara Abello Concepcion
Regala & Cruz Law Offices

An interview with Emerico O. De Guzman, Eusebio V. Tan and Angara Abello Concepcion of Regala... Oct 09, 2017

JICA, supporting Japanese companies in the Philippines for over 60 years

Mr. Susumu Ito
Chief Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Mr. Susumu Ito, Chief Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),... Oct 02, 2017

Premiumization in the Philippines

Mr. Winston S. Co.
Director and President of Emperador Distillers, Inc.

An interview with Winston S. Co of Emperador Inc.

Sep 29, 2017

“We are almost saturating the Philippines with our products and the shelves are almost ours”

Mr. Renato Sio
Chairman of Sanitary Care Products Asia

An interview with Mr. Renato Sio, Chairman of Sanitary Care Products Asia

Sep 28, 2017

The ‘NeeSeeds-Oriented’ approach

Takao Ando
President of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

An interview with Takao Ando, President of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Sep 22, 2017

KH Neochem aims to globally expand its chemical sales

Keiichi Asai
President of KH Neochem

An interview with Keiichi Asai, President of KH Neochem

Sep 22, 2017

Spreading Japanese ‘monozukuri’ around the world

Mr. Fumiaki Ono
President of nms HOLDINGS

In this interview, Mr Fumiaki Ono President of nms Holdings Corporation discusses his visionnary... Sep 13, 2017

‘I believe we are hidden heroes, invisible to the public’s eye’

Mr. Shinkichi Suzuki
President and CEO of Kawakin Holdings

Kawakin Group aims to become an engineering solutions group that provides high-grade products... Sep 04, 2017

QR code inventor remains on top of innovation

Mr. Hiroyasu Nakagawa
President DENSO WAVE

Denso Wave Inc. is a leading company which provides best solutions in the business... Sep 04, 2017

GIPC strives to make Ghana the most business-friendly economy in Africa

Mr. R. Yofi Grant
CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. Yofi Grant, CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion... Sep 04, 2017

Diversifying and expanding geographically

Mr Alwan Hitti
Chairman of Hitti Group

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Alwan Hitti, Chairman of Hitti Group, discusses the... Aug 09, 2017

Contributing to the people of the world with agro-technology and sincerity

Mr. Akihei Mori
President of OAT Agrio

OAT Agrio is a young agro-chemical company with a long history stretching back to the 1950s.... Aug 09, 2017

Made in America – Made by Nissei

Hozumi Yoda
President of Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hozumi Yoda, President of Nissei Plastic Industrial, sits down with United World to talk... Aug 08, 2017

‘We see crisis as solid roots to success’

Mr Ghassan Yared
CEO of Forewin Group

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Ghassan Yared, CEO of Forewin Group, discusses the... Aug 08, 2017

Healthy – Balanced – Better

Yoshisato Kikuchi
President of Tiger Corporation

Tiger Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of rice cookers, stainless steel beverage bottles,... Aug 03, 2017

Beyond Sports Every Day

Yuji Saeki
President & CEO of Mikasa

Japanese firm Mikasa produces the official games balls for the Olympic Games, as well as... Aug 02, 2017

A global company that produces locally

Soichi Inoue
Chairman & CEO INOAC Corporation

INOAC Corporation has grown from a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes to an international... Aug 01, 2017

‘We must always be one step ahead’

Yoshiharu Katsuta
President and Representative Director of Hitachi Maxell

Yoshiharu Katsuta, President and Representative Director of Hitachi Maxell, speaks to The... Jul 18, 2017

When hardware meets software: The birth of smart manufacturing

Mr. Shoji Tada
President of Nippon Systemware (NSW)

In this interview for the Worldfolio, Mr. Shoji Tada, President of Nippon Systemware (NSW),... Jul 12, 2017

Japanese SMEs a symbol of excellence

Mr. Jun Yamaguchi
President of Tokuriki Honten

Between tradition and innovation, Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd. has been thriving to deliver... Jul 11, 2017


Kuwait Finance House

Organization Description Kuwait Finance House -...

Ultimate Developers Limited

Vision/Mission UDL’s mission is to deliver...

Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Our mission is to ensure the State gets maximum benefit...

Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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