Friday, Mar 24, 2017

Japanese brands aim to export unrivaled quality

Japanese firms take great pride in what they create and enjoy a loyal domestic customer base. A weaker yen has created an opportunity for Japanese manufacturers... Mar 24, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Italian Style

Italianità: a unique interpretation of high-quality, style and innovation

Left: A living room by Poliform Varenna. Right: A chandelier by Venini

As the undisputed global leader of design, Italy’s creative cultural tradition has evolved into a new all-encompassing concept of style, called... Mar 22, 2017

Industry & Trade | Europe | Italy

Malta Industry

MIP: part of the Malta’s success story

Malta Industrial Parks Ltd (MIP) is responsible for the management and administration of twelve government owned industrial estates located around... Mar 08, 2017

Industry & Trade | Europe | Malta

City Cement Co.

City Cement goes “beyond imagination”

Saleh Al-Shabnan, CEO of the Tadawul-listed City Cement Company

As Saudi Arabia’s new economic masterplan puts the onus on private sector-led growth, City Cement CEO, Saleh Al-Shabnan, talks about the impact... Dec 07, 2016

Industry & Trade | Middle East | Saudi Arabia

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Lima launches APEC CEO Summit 2016

Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ricardo Luna, participated in the official photo of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade as part of the official activities of the APEC 2016 Summit.(Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs ©CC BY-SA 2.0)

On November 17-21, Lima is hosting Asia-Pacific’s leading business event, the APEC CEO Summit 2016, which draws the region’s political and... Nov 17, 2016

Industry & Trade | South America | Peru

Innovation & Enterprise

High hopes for a high-tech nation

Tokyo is on the path to regaining its status as Asia’s most innovative and dynamic city, driven by companies like Softbank

Japanese officials say the country is experiencing an innovation rebirth that will be showcased at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, while an improving business... Oct 25, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Lombardy Region

Beautiful Lombardy amongst “Four Motors” driving EU economy

Lake Garda, Lombardy

With a €300 billion GDP, tight integration of the public and private sector and more than double the national average of investment in R&D,... Oct 19, 2016

Industry & Trade | Europe | Italy

Industry Leaders

High standards transform Qatari champions into international references with best practices

Acquiring new routes and new aircraft, Qatar Airways is the world’s fastest growing airline

Some of Qatar’s top companies lead their sectors internationally in innovation and technology, while fostering economic and community development,... Oct 17, 2016

Industry & Trade | Middle East | Qatar

Industry & Logistics

Uruguay looks to build a thriving manufacturing base and regional logistics hub

Plans are in motion to turn the small Latin American nation into a logistic hub for the region. Meanwhile the industrial base continues to strengthen... Oct 04, 2016

Industry & Trade | South America | Uruguay

Lucrative Exports

Japanese technology creates global problem solvers

Kenji Miura, President & RD, Systena Corporation

Many companies are identifying highly lucrative opportunities to export high-tech Japanese products, services and know-how, particularly to emerging... Oct 03, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Sustainable Development in Seychelles

Blue economy pioneer sets global example

Tiny Indian Ocean state is receiving international acclaim for its innovative financing methods for sustainable practices

Sep 28, 2016

Finance | Industry & Trade | Africa | Seychelles

Quality Craftsmanship & Social Conscience

Monozukuri, the Japanese way of instilling values of responsibility and consequence

Embodying the spirit of excellence and focusing more on the art of craftsmanship and conscience, rather than the pure mechanics of creation, Monozukuri... Sep 26, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

New global electronics trading giant to unleash the full potential of IoT and AI

Mr. Takashi Ishibashi
Corporate Executive Vice President of Tomen Electronics

Nexty Electronics, the new company resulting from the merger between Tomen Electronics and... Feb 28, 2017

Nittoku Engineering targets the U.S. EV motors market with its unmatched coil-winding technology

Nobushige Kondo
President of Nittoku Engineering

Know-how, innovation and forward-looking thinking are three concepts at the core of the... Feb 27, 2017

Revolutionizing the food industry

Mr. Junji Torigoe
President of Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd.

Japan is leading key developments in the global food processing industry, and Sagamiya Foods... Feb 20, 2017

Yokogawa Electric pioneers innovative AI and AR solutions to industrial automation and control

Mr. Takashi Nishijima
President & CEO Yokogawa Electric Corporation

The deregulation of the energy market has opened new opportunities for Yokogawa Electric.... Feb 17, 2017

Riken Corp: will to innovate remains key component of industrial leader’s future drive

Mr. Noritada Okano
Chairman and CEO of Riken Corporation

One of the world’s leading piston ring makers, synonymous with technological advancement,... Jan 31, 2017

Pigeon expands in the US with Lansinoh pioneering IoT

Shigeru Yamashita
President of Pigeon

Last fiscal year Pigeon recorded a 21.3% ROE. With already a high domestic market share... Jan 30, 2017

Argentina Aims to Double its Global Market Share in Wine

Alberto Arizu
President of Wines Of Argentina

Alberto Arizu is known for being the director of one of Argentina’s most prominent... Jan 20, 2017

Kanamoto, the “machinery convenience store” of Japan

Mr. Kanchu Kanamoto
Chairman of Kanamoto Co., Ltd.

In an interview with United World, Mr. Kanchu Kanamoto, Chairman of Kanamoto, underlines... Jan 18, 2017

Our goal: to use 60% locally produced raw materials in our production processes

Mr. Alphonse Willy M. Ngana
Managing Director of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited

Jan 17, 2017

SMEs & FDI line two-way street of potential

Juan Proaccini
Executive President of the Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency

Formed by the Production and Foreign Ministries, the fledgling Argentina Investment &... Jan 16, 2017

Kaneka to become a ¥1 trillion company by 2020 leveraging on R&D and global expansion

Dr. Mamoru Kadokura
President of Kaneka

In an interview with United World, Dr. Mamoru Kadokura, President of Kaneka, describes... Jan 16, 2017

Experienced trader targets DRC’s middle class

Robby Israel
General Manager of Hasson Africa

Having been operating in DRC since 1936, Hasson Africa has become a reference point in the... Jan 16, 2017

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Mr. Daisuke Murata
President & CEO Daisuke Murata

President & CEO Daisuke Murata talks with The Worldfolio about Muratec’s new developments,... Jan 09, 2017

‘We are going from being a red-tape to a red-carpet kind of country’

Manuel Aguirre
President of the AmCham Argentina & Regional MD for CH2M Latin America

With Argentina’s opening up to the global economy, foreign investors are seeking out... Dec 21, 2016

The best eco-friendly transmission system on the market

Teruaki Nakatsuka
President & CEO of JATCO

JATCO accounted for 41% of global continuous variable transmission (CVT) production last... Dec 20, 2016

‘The time has come to resume our way on the path to growth’

Bruno Giuffra
Minister of Production

Bruno Giuffra, Minister of Production, discusses Peru’s economic growth, deregulation... Dec 12, 2016

Adaptability, formula to chemicals success

Katsunori Kawabata
President & CEO of Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of a wide range of household products and insecticides, Earth Chemical has proven... Nov 28, 2016

Premium meat exporter racks up another first

Gastón Scayola
Vice-President of Frigorífico San Jacinto–NIREA S.A.

Traceability and high quality assurance have helped Frigorífico San Jacinto–NIREA... Nov 17, 2016

Major brands prefer Uruguayan leather

Álvaro Silberstein
General Manager of Paycueros

What gives Uruguayan leather its high quality and competitive edge in international markets?... Nov 16, 2016

Chemical innovator adds value to industry

Néstor Gómez Alcorta
President of Efice

Uruguay’s leading producer of chlorine, caustic soda and byproducts through the electrolysis... Nov 04, 2016

Advanced insulator developer stays ahead of the curve

Taku Oshima
President of NGK Insulators, Ltd

As the world economy develops, there will be more need for electricity and hence more opportunities... Oct 25, 2016


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