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2017: Visit Maharashtra Year

Tourism prioritized in Maharashtra

The year 2017 will be known as “Visit Maharashtra Year” in the Indian government’s latest push to promote the state as the place of choice... Oct 16, 2016

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Indian-U.S. Relations

Ready for a lion’s step

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who came to power in 2014, has visited the U.S. twice in one year

U.S.-India will be the defining partnership of the 21st century Sep 28, 2016

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Oil & Gas

Global powers are realigning on the back of oil – and India is driving that realignment

Having favorable foreign policy initiatives with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Russia, India is planning a Herculean push to capitalize on low oil prices

Ahead of 2040, as India’s population continues growing and its economy expands to more than five-times its current size, the nation is to lead the... Apr 27, 2016

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Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on India’s job creation and skills enhancement

Hi-tech vs low-tech: India’s industrial landscape is changing. (Photo: Land Rover Our Planet ©CC BY-ND 2.0)

A recent study published by the World Economic Forum states that the world is on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution “that will fundamentally... Apr 21, 2016

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Make in India

Success lies in implementation

Foreign direct investment in India increased by 29% for the 15-month period October 2014-December 2015, after the launch of the ‘Make in India’ initiative

The government’s flagship ‘Make in India’ initiative encourages foreign companies to manufacture their products in India. If the Make... Apr 01, 2016

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Industrial Innovation in India

Bharat Forge spearheads India’s transformation into a nation of industrial innovation

Pune-based multinational Bharat Forge has been part of establishing global reputation for quality Indian workmanship by proving it internationally

From satellites in space to the “Silicon Plateau” of Bangalore, innovation is at the forefront of India’s emergence as one of the world’s... Mar 12, 2016

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | India

State of Maharashtra

Maharashtra targets $84 billion in investment by 2020

Located in Maharashtra’s capital city, Mumbai’s historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one of the busiest railway stations in India

Already the country’s number one business destination, India’s financial capital and most industrialized state Maharashtra aims to attract... Mar 11, 2016

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Insight Into India

India Decoded, by Ashok Hinduja

Multicultural and rich in heritage, India represents a multitude of opinions and amalgamation of aspirations in one nation

Ashok P. Hinduja is the youngest of the four Hinduja brothers of Hinduja Family, who belong to one of the most influential business families in India... Jan 11, 2016

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Indian-African Links

India’s expanding foreign relations

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi with members of Indian Border Security Force band performing on decorated camels as heads of states arrive for the 2015 India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi, India. (Photo: Narendra Modi)

In the first of a series of articles on India’s strengthening international relations, The Worldfolio looks at the success of the recent India-Africa... Nov 23, 2015

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‘Come to India with a long-term vision and you cannot go wrong’

Onkar S. Kanwar
Chairman and Managing Director, Apollo Tyres

India’s sharpened focus on its manufacturing sector means even better times are ahead... Apr 18, 2016

Energy solutions fuel CSR commitment

Meher Pudumjee
Chairperson of Thermax Ltd

To stay competitive, companies – and indeed countries –need to adopt sustainable... Apr 08, 2016

Tourism prioritized in India’s most popular state

Valsa Nair-Singh
Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Government of Maharashtra

Maharashtra’s government is shifting its usually industry-focused attentions onto... Mar 11, 2016

Entrepreneurial talent taking India in new direction

Ashishkumar Chauhan
Managing Director and CEO of the Bombay Stock Exchange

The fastest stock exchange in the world, in fact 10 times faster than second-placed Singapore,... Feb 26, 2016

US-Indian business relations primed for a ‘powerful decade’

Nivedita Mehra
Country Director of the US-India Business Council (USIBC)

Leveraged well, industry and partnerships could lead US-India relations into a powerful... Feb 24, 2016

Potential, quality & skills: Brand India

Subramaniam Ramadorai
Chairman of the National Skill Development Agency

Very few foreign companies have lost money in India; success is inevitable for those looking... Feb 19, 2016

Diversity and opportunity in Maharashtra

Ram Shinde
Minister of Home (Rural), Marketing, Public Health and Tourism

Tourism’s vast appeal and its potential and incentives for investors and developers... Feb 12, 2016

Trimax targets inclusive IT advances

Surya Prakash Madrecha
Chairman and MD of Trimax

Trimax is proving to be the ideal IT resource partner in India, including for major global... Feb 05, 2016

Engineering leader advocates industrial, environmental change

Sanjay Kirloskar
Chairman & MD of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

A world-class pump manufacturer with internationally sought-after expertise in engineering... Feb 05, 2016

Energy sector faces Herculean task

Vishwas Pathak
Advisor to the Minister of Energy of Maharashtra

Vishwas Pathak, Advisor to the Minister of Energy of Maharashtra, tackles the challenges... Feb 05, 2016

Why foreign investors choose Maharashtra as their investment destination of choice

Subhash Desai
Minister of Industries of Maharashtra

From its pro-business environment and bureaucratic streamlining to its highly educated and... Jan 28, 2016

New initiatives, incentives reshape food-processing sector

Harsimrat Kaur Badal
Minister of Food Processing Industries of India

Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Minister of Food Processing Industries of India (MoFPI), provides... Jan 21, 2016

India faces challenges ahead

Ajay Sahai
DG and CEO of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations

India’s basic advantage is with its people. Fifty percent of the population is below... Jan 21, 2016

‘You cannot go wrong’

Dr Jyotsna Suri
Immediate Past President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and Chairperson & Managing Director of Bharat Hotels

Comparing entrepreneurial, democratic India to neighboring China is “like comparing... Jan 20, 2016

US companies advised not to get left behind

Prakash P. Hinduja
Chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies in Europe

Known affectionately as 'PP' among his business associates and friends, Prakash... Jan 19, 2016

“This window of opportunity should not be missed”

Ashok P. Hinduja
Chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies (India) and founder of the Hinduja Foundation

Advice on doing business in India from one of India’s most prominent business figures,... Jan 18, 2016

Maharashtra streamlines doing business to a ‘plug-and-play’ level of ease

Devendra Fadnavis
Chief Minister of Maharashtra

India’s number one ranked state for efficiency and infrastructure is drawing big names,... Jan 14, 2016


Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan




total: 3,287,263 sq km


7,000 km


Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3% (2000)


Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9%


Hindu 79.8%, Muslim 14.2%, Christian 2.3%, Sikh 1.7%, other and unspecified 2% (2011 est.)


1,251,695,584 (July 2015 est.)


conventional long form: Republic of India

conventional short form: India


federal republic


name: New Delhi


15 August 1947 (from the UK)


Republic Day, 26 January (1950)


previous 1935 (preindependence); latest draft completed 4 November 1949, adopted 26 November 1949, effective 26 January 1950; amended many times, last in 2015 (2015)


common law system based on the English model; separate personal law codes apply to Muslims, Christians, and Hindus; judicial review of legislative acts


7.3% (2014 est.)

GDP - composition, by sector of origin:

agriculture: 17%

industry: 30%

services: 53% (2014 est.)

AGRICULTURE - products:

rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, lentils, onions, potatoes; dairy products, sheep, goats, poultry; fish


textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, software, pharmaceuticals


$329.6 billion (2014 est.)

EXPORTS - commodities:

petroleum products, precious stones, vehicles, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, cereals, apparel

EXPORTS - partners:

US 13.4%, UAE 10.4%, Hong Kong 4.3%, China 4.2%, Saudi Arabia 4% (2014)


$472.8 billion (2014 est.)

IMPORTS - commodities:

crude oil, precious stones, machinery, chemicals, fertilizer, plastics, iron and steel

IMPORTS - partners:

China 12.7%, Saudi Arabia 7.1%, UAE 5.9%, US 4.6%, Switzerland 4.6% (2014)



Trimax IT Infrastructure and Services Ltd.

Business Description Chairman and Managing Director...



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