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Digital Economy, Singapore

ASEAN cooperation could see digital economy reach $200bn by 2028

Singapore, the nation with Asia’s most competitive digital economy, and the second most competitive globally behind the United States, is spearheading... Nov 14, 2018

Telecoms & ICT | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

ICT Côte d’Ivoire

Bridging the digital divide

With its political house now in order, the Ivorian government seeks to harness the potential of ICT for development, setting out a genuine digital strategy... Aug 30, 2017

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Ivory Coast

DRC Connectivity

ICT to form backbone of modern, digitalised economy

Thomas Luhaka, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies

The government has launched an important project for the construction of a large fibre-optic national network. In the next five years, they plan to... Oct 04, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

AI & IoT

The fourth industrial revolution, an opportunity Japan can’t afford to miss

Takahiro Hachigo, President, CEO & RD, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Through the promotion of new technologies, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, Japan is positioning itself to be a major figure in the... Sep 19, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Youth Affairs & Social Media

Kuwaitis embrace the digital future through stronger social media engagement

#Kuwait on social media is an information and dialogue initiative designed to reach out to the nation’s youth to gain direct feedback and engagement

Kuwait is steadily making the switch from analog to digital governance, keeping pace with social media usage – a far stronger
model for... Jun 20, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Government | Middle East | Kuwait

Corporate Social Responsibility

Private sector and institutions engage community, pioneer development

Left: Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, General Manager and CEO, Ooredoo. Center: Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran, CEO, VIVA. Right: Dr. Qais S. Al Duwairi, Director General, Dasman Diabetes Institute

Across the country the private sector, together with academic and research institutions, is working to support community development and promote prosperity.

Jun 13, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Middle East | Kuwait


Changing demographic dynamics offer opportunities for business diversification

While Japan’s declining and aging population is set to cause a demographic and economic headache, it is also presenting opportunities for Japanese... May 19, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Health | Asia-Pacific | Japan

The National ICT Plan 2015

Forward-thinking policies catapult country as regional ICT leader

The National ICT Plan 2015 has led to remarkable gains for the country’s ICT sector, highlighted by huge investment from industry giants Vodafone

Apr 25, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Middle East | Qatar

The future of ICT

A world of opportunities & risks

While the potential of ICT for transforming the world is virtually as limitless as the Internet itself, the emerging digital economy and the Internet of Everything do not come without their perils.

Over the past three decades, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has changed the way we work, shop, read, travel and how we spend our money.... Apr 18, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | South America | Middle East | Qatar | Colombia

Cyprus Online Gaming

More than just games

Victor Kislyi, Co - Founder and CEO of Wargaming

Wargaming co-founder and CEO Victor Kislyi discusses why the award-winning online game developer, publisher and industry leader chose Cyprus as a base... Apr 10, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Europe | Cyprus

4G deployment in Angola

ICT pioneers advance infrastructure to double trans-continental data capacity

Angola currently has around 14 million mobile network subscribers, 3 million internet users, and infrastructure ready for new demand

Angola is still far from achieving nationwide mobile coverage, yet what it has achieved thus far in ICT has been done ahead of many developed countries... Mar 27, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Angola

Our goal is to become the best educated country in Latin America by 2025

Government lays foundations for an educated and connected society

President Santos’ administration looks to build a fully fuctional digital ecosystem while improving access to and quality of education from primary... Mar 20, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Education | South America | Colombia

Singtel Group Transforming to Tap Digital Opportunities

Chua Sock Koong
Singtel Group CEO

Singapore’s leading telecommunications group is investing in innovative technologies... Nov 08, 2018

NCS: Differentiating itself through Design Thinking

Mr. Wee Boon Chia
CEO of NCS Pte Ltd

NCS is a member of the Singtel Group and is a leading ICT service provider with a presence... Aug 31, 2018

A fresh perspective on the Japanese IT sector

Mr. Genichi Tamatsuka
President of Hearts United Group

In this interview, Mr. Genichi Tamatsuka, President of Hearts United Group, gives his perspective... Nov 30, 2017

Globe drives the economy with data

Mr. Ernest Cu
President and CEO of Globe Telecom

Mr. Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom, sat down with The Worldfolio to discuss... Sep 25, 2017

PLDT SME Nation connects Filipino SMEs to the world

Mr. Mitch Locsin
Vice President and Head of PLDT SME Nation

Mitch Locsin, Vice President and Head of PLDT SME Nation, discusses the growing ICT landscape... Sep 04, 2017

When hardware meets software: The birth of smart manufacturing

Mr. Shoji Tada
President of Nippon Systemware (NSW)

In this interview for the Worldfolio, Mr. Shoji Tada, President of Nippon Systemware (NSW),... Jul 12, 2017

Accelerating growth through a vibrant telecom sector

Hon. Ursula G. Owusu-Ekuful
Minister for Communications

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Ghana’s Minister of Communications, Ursula... Jun 22, 2017

Transforming ICT to drive the construction industry

Mr. Christopher Liew
Vice President & Regional Executive Asia North of Bentley Systems

In this interview for the Worldfolio, Christopher Liew of Bentley Systems gives us his unique... May 22, 2017

Lombardi oversees reform of public media

Hernán Lombardi
Minister of Public Media & Contents System

With Argentina’s tumultuous political and economic history, the new government came... Apr 27, 2017

A three-point plan for ICT

Secretary Rodolfo A. Salalima
Department of ICT of the Republic of The Philippines

Secretary Rodolfo A. Salalima of the Department of ICT says the government has three priority... Apr 17, 2017

Enabling the wave of technological developments

Mr Ulaiyan Al Wetaid
Chief Executive Officer of Viva Bahrain

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid speaks about how VIVA Bahrain,... Mar 13, 2017

Research on sleep quality at the core of innovation for Airweave

Mr. Motokuni Takaoka
Founder & CEO of Airweave Inc.

Seeking for differentiation in a tough market, Airweave found an angle difficult to tackle.... Mar 10, 2017

Futureproofing the gaming industry in Malta

Joseph Cuschieri
Executive Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority

Years of commitment and vision have led to a conducive regulatory environment that has made... Feb 24, 2017

Bahrain leads the Arab ICT Index

Mohammed Ali Al Qaed
Chief Executive of Information & eGovernment Authority

The Kingdom of Bahrain ranked 11th globally in the Telecommunications Infrastructure Index... Feb 13, 2017

HAL Laboratory bets on unique attention to details and customers’ happiness to be at the forefront of the dynamic gaming industry

Mr. Masayoshi Tanimura
Chairman and CEO HAL Laboratory

In an interview with United World, Mr. Masayoshi Tanimura, Chairman and CEO of HAL Laboratory,... Feb 10, 2017

LINE shapes the smart communication portal of the future pioneering AI

Takeshi Idezawa

LINE is the operator of Japan's most popular messaging service. In an interview with... Feb 01, 2017

Automation promises big opportunities for quality software

Fujio Tahara
President of Computer Engineering & Consulting

Fast, precise, and high quality manufacturing and production, for which Japan is renowned,... Dec 16, 2016

Antel puts Uruguay ahead in ICT

Horacio Andrés Tolosa Barla
President of Antel

By investing heavily in boosting home connectivity, 4G mobile services and fiber-optic reach,... Nov 21, 2016

First-mover content creator has VR in its sights

Naruatsu Baba
President & CEO of Colopl, Inc.

Launched in 2008, Colopl, Inc. is now one of Japan’s largest mobile game developers... Nov 09, 2016

Interoperable platform developer attracts the eye of the informed observer

Jean-Claude Gaga
CEO of RSwitch

Synergistic collaborations between Rwanda’s public and private sectors in its ICT... Oct 28, 2016

Connect to Africa’s digital future

Sam K. Nkusi
Group Executive East Africa for Liquid Telecom Group & Chairman of Liquid Telecom Rwanda

You have to embrace change with innovation – that is why Liquid Telecom is Africa’s... Oct 27, 2016


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