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Egypt’s Construction Boom

Construction industry ‘most prosperous’ in MENA region

Darwish Hassanein, CEO, Secon

U.K.-based bank HSBC  named Egypt’s construction industry, which is predicted to grow by more than 8% annually, in the Middle East and North... May 17, 2017

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Egypt Construction

Infrastructure and construction expansion pave the way for steel industry boom

Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO, Egyptian Steel Group

Egyptian Steel Group was one of the first to invest in Egypt after the 2011 revolution, a bet that has clearly paid off as the company now looks to increase... Apr 17, 2017

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Egypt Reforms

Tough decisions get Egypt back on track

The new reform program seeks to revive Egypt’s growth prospects by restoring stability and confidence in the economy, and implementing structural... Mar 06, 2017

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TV Deal

Egyptian Media acquires ON TV

Naguib Sawiris, left, and Ahmed Abou Hashima, right, during the signing of the ONTV deal

Satellite TV channel ON TV has recently transferred ownership from business tycoon Naguib Sawiris to the Egyptian steel mogul Ahmed Abou Hashima’s... May 18, 2016

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Egyptian Steel

Steel group incorporates ‘socially responsible capitalism’

Ahmed Abou Hashima, Chairman of Egytian Steel

Egyptian Steel is one of Egypt’s most active companies in corporate social responsibility, having supported programmes such as the Special Olympics... May 10, 2016

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Egyptian Steel

$1 billion bet on ‘New Egypt’

Ahmed Abou Hashima, Chairman of Egyptian Steel

Led by the new-generation businessman and philantropist Ahmed Abou Hashima, Egyptian Steel has been a driving force behind the nation’s economy over... May 04, 2016

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Citystars Properties

Creating Living Landmarks

Citystars Heliopolis (right), Citystars Red Sea Riviera (left)

Citystars Properties (Golden Pyramids Plaza S.A.E.) is Egypt’s pioneer in developing large-scale integrated mixed-use landmark developments. The... Apr 29, 2016

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Azazy Group’s Future University Egypt

Global outlooks bring reform to education

Khaled Azazy, Chairman of Azazy Group

Based on research, innovation and internationally accredited programmes, Azazy Group’s Future University Egypt is rapidly becoming a reference point... Apr 26, 2016

Education | Africa | Egypt

British schools a key pillar of Egyptian education system

Azazy Group, a pioneer in education since 1958, has reached a whole new level with its partnership...

Azazy Group

British schools a key pillar of Egyptian education system

Azazy Group Chairman Khaled Azazy with Tony Blair at the launch of Malvern College Egypt

Azazy Group, a pioneer in education since 1958, has reached a whole new level with its partnership with Malvern College. In the presence of guests such... Apr 22, 2016

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Global outlooks bring reform to education

Based on research, innovation and internationally accredited programmes, Azazy Group’s...

Egypt: Sun and History

Cultural destinations promoted to help achieve tourism strategy target

Ramses II Temple, Abu Simbel

Aside from 365 days of sunshine, Egypt also offers 5000 years of history, with the industry increasingly keen to draw more visitors to its cultural attractions Apr 18, 2016

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Islamic finance

Islamic finance takes flight

Born in Egypt and Malaysia in the 1970s, Islamic finance has demonstrated that applying ethical principles to financial markets can provide a safeguard from the kinds of abuses that led to the current crisis.

Ethical investing proves its worth and broadens its appeal. Apr 17, 2016

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A global community looking to the future

Countries up and down the continent are growing socially, politically and economically at unprecedented rates, and it is obvious that the continent has so much more to offer than many viewpoints suggest

Despite international prejudices, the African continent is emerging as world leader in terms of social inclusion, energy innovation and climate awareness Apr 15, 2016

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‘BUE graduates are some of their most promising new employees’

Professor Ahmed Hamad
President of the British University in Egypt

The formation of a British University in Egypt arose from a 1998 Memorandum of Cooperation... Jan 27, 2017

BP to triple net production in Egypt

Hesham Mekawi
BP's Regional President for North Africa

As Egypt emerges from its period of economic instability, investors at home and abroad seek... Jul 06, 2016

On the right track, again

Mr. Mohamed S. Younes
Chairman of Concord International Investments

After passing through difficult times, and still undergoing major challenges, Egypt is rebuilding... Jun 24, 2016

Boundless trust

Sherif Khaled
CEO of Falcon Group International

Since its foundation ten years ago, the private security firm Falcon Group International... Jun 21, 2016

The bottom line in Egyptian real estate

Darwish Ahmed Hassanin
CEO of Secon

With the belief that “there are sustainable ways of earning profits out of this business... Jun 01, 2016

PACT to create ‘new destinations for new generations’ in Egypt

Moaaz Wessam Eldin
Managing Director of PACT Real Estate Group

The Worldfolio’s preview of an interview with Moaaz Wessam Eldin, Managing Director... May 25, 2016

Egypt’s insatiable demand for real estate makes developers hot property

Tarek Abdel-Rahman
Co-CEO of Palm Hills Developments

The clamor for property in Egypt shows no signs of abating and the resilient sector is ripe... May 24, 2016

‘We are trying to be a part of what’s happening in Egypt’s transformation’

Dr. Mohamed Omran
Chairman of The Egyptian Exchange

Egypt’s economy has recovered well since political turmoil subsided in 2014, with... Mar 23, 2016

Smart energy solutions ‘turn life on’

Mohamed Saad
Zone President - Africa & Caribbean, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is using technological breakthroughs to advance electricity coverage... Feb 19, 2016

Demand-supply gap widens in real estate

Magued Sherif
Managing Director of SODIC

Demand for Egyptian land and property far outstrips supply – and is genuine and not... Feb 13, 2016

Egypt: a huge market for the right products

Dr Amr Hassanein
Chairman of the Middle East Rating and Investors Services (MERIS), Moody’s affiliate for Egypt

What does Egypt’s ‘big economy’ represent for investors? Dr Amr Hassanein,... Jan 23, 2016

Orascom Construction targets long-term sustainable returns for shareholders and citizens alike

Osama Bishai
CEO of Orascom Construction

Osama Bishai, CEO of Orascom Construction, discusses Egypt’s competitive advantages... Oct 15, 2015

Suez Canal expansion and infrastructure improvements reposition Egypt as regional trade and logistics hub

Egypt’s vast infrastructure ambitions are most impressively illustrated by the immense... Mar 13, 2016

SECON builds on optimism with its biggest projects to date

Darwish Ahmed Hassanin
CEO of the Saudi-Egyptian Construction Company (SECON)

A 50:50 venture by the Saudi and Egyptian governments, the Saudi-Egyptian Construction Company... Oct 06, 2015

SECON takes Egyptian real estate forward

Eng. Darwish Hassanein

Saudi Egyptian Construction Company (SECON) is a leading real estate developer in Egypt.... Jun 17, 2015

Saudi-Egyptian alliance to invest EGP 5 billion over the next five years in tourism and housing expansion

Secon has increased its paid capital from $75 million to $318 million to boost its highly... Mar 21, 2016

Accepting change & the long road ahead

Omar A. Mohanna
Chairman of Suez Cement

In Egypt, optimism on the ground after a number of political and economic hiccups over the... Jun 09, 2015

Added security & stability creates investor friendly atmosphere

Mahmoud Attalla
Vice Chairman and Group CEO of CI Capital

Egypt has taken great steps to improve its investor environment with a number of reforms... Jun 09, 2015

SEC listed investment management company holds portfolio of 2 billion USD in Egyptian funds

Mr. Mohamed Younes
Chairman of Concord International Investments

Leading Egyptian investment bank, Concord International Investments, chooses to focus on... May 29, 2015

Ever steady banking sector looks to increase penetration

While banks have undoubtedly provided a solid backbone to the economy, the Egyptian population... Feb 25, 2016

Reforms, Tax and Plans post conference

Dr. Mohammed Taymour
Chairman, Pharos Holding for Financial Investment

As the world begins to recognise Egypt’s recovery and its massive growth potential... May 29, 2015

Egypt's Master Plan

Mr. Yehia Zaki
Director of Operations of Dar Al Handasah

As we watch a new Egypt in the making we speak to Yehia Zaki the Director of Operations... May 26, 2015

Egypt's oldest bank states its commitment to the long term

Mr. Tarek Elrefai
General Manager of Barclays Bank Egypt

Egypt’s banking sector has been surprisingly resilient since the revolution of 2011.... May 19, 2015

British investment drives sustainable development

British investments – including the largest foreign deal ever made in Egypt’s... Mar 02, 2016

Cement industry tackles energy issue

Mr. Omar A. Mohanna
Chairman of Suez Cement

Egypt's cement industry has traditionally battled energy shortages as the main impediment... May 15, 2015


Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula     Geographic


total: 1,001,450 sq km


desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters


vast desert plateau interrupted by Nile valley and delta


petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, manganese, limestone, gypsum, talc, asbestos, lead, rare earth elements, zinc


Arabic (official), English and French widely understood by educated classes


86,895,099 (July 2014 est.)


name: Cairo


28 February 1922 (from UK protectorate status; the revolution that began on 23 July 1952 led to a republic being declared on 18 June 1953 and all British troops withdrawn on 18 June 1956); note - it was ca. 3200 B.C. that the Two Lands of Upper (southern) and Lower (northern) Egypt were first united politically


several previous; latest approved by a constitutional committee in December 2013, approved by referenfum held on 14-15 January 2014, ratified by interim president on 19 January 2014 (2014)


mixed legal system based on Napoleonic civil and penal law, Islamic religious law, and vestiges of colonial-era laws; judicial review of the constitutionality of laws by the Supreme Constitutional Court

GDP (purchasing power parity):

$551.4 billion (2013 est.)

GDP (official exchange rate):

$262 billion (2013 est.)

GDP - real growth rate:

1.8% (2013 est.)

GDP - per capita (PPP):

$6,600 (2013 est.)

GDP - composition, by sector of origin:

agriculture: 14.5%

industry: 37.5%

services: 48% (2013 est.)


$24.81 billion (2013 est.)

EXPORTS - commodities:

crude oil and petroleum products, cotton, textiles, metal products, chemicals, processed food

EXPORTS - partners:

Italy 7.9%, India 6.9%, US 6.8%, Saudi Arabia 6.2%, Turkey 5.3%, Libya 4.9% (2012)


$59.22 billion (2013 est.)

IMPORTS - commodities:

machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, wood products, fuels

IMPORTS - partners:

China 9.5%, US 7.6%, Germany 6.7%, Russia 5.3%, Ukraine 5.3%, Turkey 5.1%, Italy 5% (2012)




SODIC was incorporated in 1996 as a public joint stock...


Al-Ahram is the largest Egyptian daily newspaper in...

Arab African International Bank

Arab African International Bank was established by...

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Egypt is an award-winning...



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