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“The smartest city in Latin America”

El Litoral goes digital to get smart

ESPOL polytechnic has become one of Latin America’s top colleges, where teaching and research are uniquely conjoined

With Guayaquil on course to becoming “the smartest city in Latin America” thanks to companies like Telconet, ESPOL polytechnic is churning... Mar 14, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | South America | Ecuador

The food export industry in Guayaquil

Technological innovation drives food production industry forward

The food export industry has formed the backbone of the economy of Guayaquil, a thriving port town and Ecuador’s trading hub. The most important... Mar 08, 2016

Industry & Trade | Agriculture | South America | Ecuador

Guayaquil real estate

Big construction projects to substantially improve quality of life

The myriad of construction works in Guayaquil and the neighboring town of Samborondón will have a huge impact on livelihoods. But perhaps the most... Feb 29, 2016

Real Estate | South America | Ecuador

Privatization has transformed the transport sector over past decade

Mayor Jaime Nebot’s decision to the hand the management of the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport, the city’s main... Feb 23, 2016

Infrastructure | South America | Ecuador

EMAPAG Expands Water Access

From 63% to 100% water coverage in 15 years

In the 90s, the city’s water system left much to be desired when it came to water quality, pressure, and accessibility. This situation led the municipality... Feb 03, 2016

Infrastructure | South America | Ecuador

Urban Regeneration

Guayaquil Siglo XXI Foundation transforms the image of city

Streets, public spaces and parks are all being modernized in the city Jan 27, 2016

Infrastructure | South America | Ecuador

In Their Own Words

‘This city has always been an icon of freedom and progress in Ecuador’

Top-left: Bruno Leone, president Servigroup; Down-left: Henry Kronfle, President National Business Bureau; Top-right: Jorge Arosemena, Former Political Chief of Guayas Province; Down-right: Nicolas Romero Sangster, General Manager, Guayaquil Airport Autho

United World has gathered the opinions of some of Ecuador’s most important business and political leaders on Guayaquil’s leading role and the... Jan 22, 2016

Others | South America | Ecuador

Guayaquil's tourism

Annual tourist arrivals swell to 1 million

Guayaquil has an array of cultural, architectural, natural and gastronomic delights that have made it Ecuador’s number one destination

Guayaquil is a city with a purpose, and that is to make sure its visitors have a good time. One of Ecuador’s most versatile destinations has polished... Jan 12, 2016

Tourism & Culture | South America | Ecuador

Guayaquil's Dramatic Transformation

A model for economic progress

Jaime Nebot, Mayor of Guayaquil

During his 15 years in power, Mayor Jaime Nebot has overseen the unprecedented social transformation, urban regeneration, and economic development of Guayaquil,... Nov 30, 2015

Government | South America | Ecuador

In 15 years, Guayaquil has brought drinking water to 100% of the municipality

José Luis Santos, Emapag CEO (left); Oscar García Poveda, Interagua CEO (right)

The city government, led by Mayor Jaime Nebot, has introduced significant improvements to water and sewerage services that will be complete by the end... Sep 03, 2015

Energy | South America | Ecuador

Long-term commitment in the Pearl of the Pacific

Malecón 2000 is one of the biggest projects ever embarked on in Guayaquil and has received more than 5 million visitors since its completion in 1999

Guayaquil, resting on the Guayas River and home to the country's most important port, is no ordinary Latin American city. Founded 475 years ago by Spanish... Nov 29, 2013

Infrastructure | South America | Ecuador

Guayaquil flies higher than ever

Construction on the new airport in Daular, just over 20 miles outside Guayaquil, is slated to begin in 2019

With one of Latin America's best airports already under its belt, Guayaquil's Airport Authority is now making plans to move air traffic 20 minutes out... Nov 29, 2013

Infrastructure | South America | Ecuador

Persistence, perseverance and quality sums up SUMESA

Jose García Torres
Founder of the SUMESA food company

Jose García Torres, founder of the SUMESA food company, talks about his dream to create the... Jul 17, 2014

Building with values

Mr Luis Valero Brando
Executive President of Constructora Valero

With environmental and societal values at its core, Valero Builders is looking to become one... Jul 10, 2014

“Guayaquil can serve as a magnet for investors as a way of discovering new markets, new products and lower production costs”

Pascual del Cioppo
President of the Board of Balsasud Balsera Sudamericana

Pascual del Cioppo, President of the Board of Balsasud Balsera Sudamericana in Guayaquil, discusses... Feb 08, 2013

“Efficiency is what has made Guayaquil today a city that is admired not only in Ecuador but across the region”

Pascual del Cioppo
President of Ecuador’s Social Christian Party

Pascual del Cioppo, President of Ecuador’s Social Christian Party (Partido Social Cristiano,... Feb 07, 2013

Daldry's social housing is modernizing Guayaquil

Antonio Patiño G
Technical Director of Daldry S.A., Guayaquil

Far from central Ecuador in all senses, Guayaquil is however the country’s economic hub Oct 25, 2012

MAPFRE can ensure an even brighter future for Ecuador

Mr. Rafael Suarez
Chief Executive Officer of MAPFRE Atlas

Mr. Rafael Suarez, CEO of MAPFRE Atlas outlines the companies vision to continue the development... Sep 18, 2012


Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador


total: 1,285,216 sq km


varies from tropical in east to dry desert in west; temperate to frigid in Andes



western coastal plain update paises set descripcion = costa; high and rugged Andes in center update paises set descripcion = sierra; eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin update paises set descripcion = selva)



copper, silver, gold, petroleum, timber, fish, iron ore, coal, phosphate, potash, hydropower, natural gas



29,549,517 update paises set descripcion = July 2012 est.)

country comparison to the world: 42 



constitutional republic



name: Lima



28 July 1821 update paises set descripcion = from Spain)



29 December 1993



civil law system


GDP - real growth rate:   

6.9% update paises set descripcion = 2011 est.)


GDP - composition by sector:   

agriculture: 8%

industry: 38%

services: 54% update paises set descripcion = 2011 est.)


AGRICULTURE - products:   

asparagus, coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugarcane, rice, potatoes, corn, plantains, grapes, oranges, pineapples, guavas, bananas, apples, lemons, pears, coca, tomatoes, mangoes, barley, medicinal plants, palm oil, marigold, onion, wheat, dry beans; poultry, beef, pork, dairy products; guinea pigs; fish



mining and refining of minerals; steel, metal fabrication; petroleum extraction and refining, natural gas and natural gas liquefaction; fishing and fish processing, cement, glass, textiles, clothing, food processing, beer, soft drinks, rubber, machinery, electrical machinery, chemicals, furniture



$46.27 billion update paises set descripcion = 2011 est.)



$36.97 billion update paises set descripcion = 2011 est.)



Visita Guayaquil

Guayaquil's climate is the result of a combination...

Supercines El Rosado

EL ROSADO CORPORATION is the chain of supermarkets,...

Autoridad Aeroportuaria de Guayaquil

Mission and Objectives Guayaquil Airport Authority's...



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