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Empowering Bahrainis to prosper and contribute to the national economy.



Create opportunities for Bahraini individuals and enterprises in order to develop

  • Making Bahrainis the employee of choice for semi-skilled professions
  • Making enterprises in Bahrain more resourceful to capture market opportunities


Organization Description

Bahrain Labour Fund (Tamkeen) is a public-government organization in Bahrain, established in 2006 under Law Number (57) as part of the country’s national reform initiatives. Tamkeen is tasked with making the private sector the key driver of economic development. Tamkeen’s mission is to equip every Bahraini and Bahraini owned businesses with the knowledge, skills and motivation to achieve success. Since its inception in 2006 Tamkeen served 5000 Bahrainis through its Business Development scheme and certified 13000 individuals through its Professional Certifications scheme.



Tamkeen’s mandate revolves mainly around developing Bahrainis to allow for their effective competition in the labour market. Additionally, drive increased productivity and efficiency among businesses, and simultaneously help generate value-added job opportunities in the Kingdom.

Tamkeen has launched over 200 programs and initiatives focused on areas such as funding and financing, skill and career progression, customized employment schemes, and entrepreneurship exposure, amongst many others.

Underpinned by 3 strategic pillars, – customer centricity, improving quality, and delivering results, Tamkeen’s initiatives strive to continuously address and respond to key economic challenges facing Bahrainis and businesses at various stages of their development - from start-ups to mature companies, and from students to senior executives.

Today, Tamkeen plays an impactful, distinct and critical role in the national economic development’s landscape, having served over 140,000 Bahrainis and businesses.



  • Business Development
  • Training and Wage Support
  • Financing
  • Micro-Finance
  • Business Incubator
  • International placement



Building 519, 1010 Road No 2833, Sanabis, Bahrain


Organization Goals & Objectives

Focus on creating “Impact” in the market in terms of shifting towards a customer centric approach, improving quality of services, customizing the products & solutions and delivering results.



His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa
Chairman and Acting Chief Executive, Tamkeen

His Excellency, Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa leads Tamkeen, and is the political and economic advisor to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa. A respected international commentator in his own right, Shaikh Mohammed has worked closely with HRH the Crown Prince for over 15 years on the Kingdom of Bahrain’s economic and social reform programme and has been instrumental in its delivery at every juncture. He was appointed to his current role at the Court of the Crown Prince in March 2012.


Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi
Chief Executive Officer

With more than 35 years of experience, Dr. Janahi is now responsible for overseeing the operations of Tamkeen, and ensuring that it remains focused on helping the private sector to be Bahrain’s main engine of economic growth. This includes the responsibility for implementing Tamkeen’s strategy of 2015-2017, which seeks to improve quality, achieve better results and create better customer focus.



  • Tamkeen launched 60 initiatives to support more than 38,000 private sector enterprises.
  • Tamkeen's Training and Wage Support Scheme contributed to a nine-percent increase in wages of employees enrolled in the programme.
  • Portfolio of Tamkeen’s Enterprise Finance Scheme exceeded BHD 400 million.
  • Under Tamweel plus Scheme: Tamkeen launched a BHD 40 million finance portfolio in partnership with Al Baraka Islamic Bank and Ithmaar Bank. The programme focuses on financing projects worth more than BHD 1 million.
  • Tamkeen supported 38,000 enterprises to date; that is, 46 percent of the active registered companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • As part of Tamkeen’s Enterprise Finance Scheme solutions, businesses obtained BHD 15 for every BHD 1 spent by Tamkeen.
  • Six enterprises have so far benefited from Tamkeen’s investment support programme, creating more than 200 jobs.
  • With Tamkeen’s help, 55 percent of business owners increased the number of their Bahraini employees.


Other Notes/ core values:

  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Partnership
  • Quality & Impact Driven
  • Inspiring
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • " Be the catalysts of change towards a prosperous economy "




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