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The Spirit of “Create, Implement and Overcome Difficulties”

Over the years, we have focused our attention on every request from our customers and have taken on challenges and overcome technical obstacles with our customers no matter how difficult with the sole purpose of serving the customers’ manufacturing.
If the means to overcome obstacles did not exist, we dedicated ourselves to create a solution. The linear motors and ceramics that revolutionized electric discharge machines, injection molding machines, and the V-LINE® System are all solutions which our company self-developed for solving customers’ problems. These products are now the source of the competitive strength.
Our company name ‘Sodick’ derives from combining the phonetics of the Japanese words for “創造, Create" (So), ”実行, Implement” (di) and ”苦労・克服, Overcome Difficulties” (ck), representing the spirit of Sodick promising to deliver the best product and to resort any means to respond to our customers’ needs.


Business Description

Sodick is a pioneer manufacturer in numerically controlled (NC) electric discharge machines. Since the formation of our company, there has been a dramatical improvement in precision machining. Sodick have also made tremendous contributions to the world of manufacturing as can be attested by electric discharge control research and development of NC units.

By always being true to our mission to develop machines that are appreciated by our customers and with dedication to our mission statement - Create, Implement and Overcome Difficulties - we manufacture and distribute not only numerically controlled electric charge machines but also advanced wire-cut electric discharge machines using oil technology, precision high speed machining centers, injection molding systems featuring proprietary technology - the V-LINE® System and automated food processing machines such as noodle-making machines. We also produce key components for these machines, including high speed, high performance NC units, linear motors and control devices using proprietary technology, thus achieving an unprecedentedly high in-house production ratio.

Our product including the precision machinery designing techniques, control technology and electronics technology is the core competence and in recent years we have expanded the use of these technologies for developing, manufacturing and distributing power supplies for LED lighting equipment.

The future of Sodick is in contributing to society through manufacturing by improving our proprietary technologies and making advances in development of application for new product lines.



・Machine Tools

 -Die-sinkder EDM

 -Wire-cut EDM

 -Small-hole Drilling EDM

 -Precision Metal 3D Printer

 -High Speed Milling Center


・Industrial Machine

 -Injection Molding Machine


・Food Machine

 Noodle Making Machine


Product Information:


Sodick was early to develop its operation from a global perspective and has grown into a corporate group with an oversea sales ratio of over 60%. We have divided the markets into five separate regions: Japan, China, Asia (excluding China), the US and Europe. We are promoting strategies focused on the characteristics of each area and are focusing our efforts on building a network that will allow us to quickly adapt to changes in each market.

In China, Sodick has aggressively been rolling out products since the early 90s. As the Chinese economy has been growing, Sodick group has been made great strides.

In the R&D field, in 1991 Sodick founded Shanghai Sodick Software Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China and in 2000 founded Sodick America Corporation in Silicon Valley, a hub of high-tech businesses.In collaboration with related R&D departments in Japan, we are developing the latest technology with trilateral system.


・Sales and Services Location



・Production Location:



・Machine Tool Operation

Sodick offers a broad line-up of products which includes electrical discharge machines—where Sodick ranks at the top in global market share—high speed milling centers, and metal 3D printers, among other equipment. Machine tools are primarily used as machines for mold making in various industries such as automotives, consumer electronics, semiconductors, precision equipment and etc.  Our machines are also used in high value-added production processing of high value-added products such as medical equipment and aerospace parts. Especially, our “OPM” metal 3D printer would create an innovative, game-changing one-piece mold manufacturing system for metal molds of plastic products and achieves revolutionary performance in their manufacture.


・Industrial Machinery Operation

Sodick manufactures and markets injection molding machines that effectively utilize plastics and other resources and are gentle on the environment. Plastic parts are widely used in the general consumer goods in our everyday lives due to the lightness and multifunctionality in the areas such as electrical, electronic, automobile, and medical products.
We offer a wide range of injection molding machines to meet the requirements for plastic parts that satisfy consumer demands for functionality, operability, and design in these general consumer goods. We recently released the world 1st injection molding machine adapted to process aluminum, which is expected to create new demand in aluminum molding.


・Food Processing Machinery Operation

Sodick offers a range of over 600 food machines, including noodle making machines and noodle boiling machines. Sodick is the only company that could offer full-line of noodle production  We can offer an ideal machinery to manufacture udon, soba, or ramen noodles sold in convenience stores and supermarkets. These machines contribute to safely and reliably creating a healthy and delicious food culture.
Sodick offers a wide range of noodle production machines to meet any consumer demands for functionality, operability, design, and more, and importantly with Food Safety and Machine Operator Safety. Thanks to the booming popularity of Japanese food overseas in recent years, demand has been increasing also from foreign users.



Head Office / Research and Technology Center
3-12-1, Nakamachidai, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 224-8522 Japan
Tel: +81-45-942-3111


Competitive Advantages

As a result of the technology development that we at Sodick conduct with the aim of offering our customers enhanced products and services, we have succeeded in switching to in-house production in the core technologies that drive the competitive strength of Sodick. The high percentage of in-house production at Sodick is without parallel and testifies to outstanding technology capabilities.


Financial Projection

Investor Relations:


Company Goals & Objectives

 “Creating Future”

Based on the founding philosophy “Create, implement and overcome difficulties”, Sodick strives to be a company that contributes to society by providing products of various kinds for “future creation”:  creating a future that is energy-efficient, safe, and eco-friendly, a future with the state of the art technology and with high hopes.



Corporate Executives:

Corporate Governance:



3,216 (Consolidated) *As of the end of March 2016



1976: Founded in Yokohama, Kanagawa

1986: Shares listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

1989: Expanded business lines to industrial machinery operations

1997: Initiated development and marketing of machining centers

1998: Announced the world’s first high speed NC Die-sinker EDM equipped with linear servo motors

2007: Advanced into food processing machinery operations  

2014: Developed metal 3D printers

2015: Shares listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Other Notes

Corporate Website:




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