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Sanyo Chemical’s mission is to contribute to building a better society. We are constantly looking to improve for society and challenge ourselves. Sanyo Chemical has endeavored to fulfill social wishes through our high-value-added products of performance chemicals.   

Throughout our business activities, Sanyo Chemical aims to be  a Truly Unique and Excellent Corporate Group on a Global Scale.


Business Description

Manufacture and sale of approx. 3,000 types of performance chemicals.

Sanyo Chemical is positioned at the midstream of the supply chain of petrochemical products. We change petrochemical feedstock to performance chemicals and provide them to the manufacturer of end products for consumers.



1907- Predecessor, Tada Soap-Oleo Works* was established as a unlimited partnership

1943- Tada Soap-Oleo Works changed to Sanyo-Oil & Fat Co., Ltd., a joint capital venture of Mitsui & Co., ltd. (75%) and Toray (25%)

1949- Sanyo Chemical was established under the name of Sanyo Oil & Fat Industrial Co., Ltd. as the Joint capital venture of Tomen (formally Toyo Menka-kaisha ltd.)(50%)& Toray(50%) Manufactured Surfactants including fiber-processing agents

1957- Adopted High Pressure Synthesis Technology of EO Adducts Built a bridgehead to enter into petrochemicals

1963- Corporate name changed to Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd

1970s- The portfolio and market was expanded The first overseas base SANAM(USA) was established in 1989

2017- Manufacturing more than 3,000 various products



Sanyo Chemical provides performance chemicals. Performance chemicals featured by functional characteristics respond various needs such as more beautiful, safer, more confortable and  environment friendlier. These motives have been driving society and industries to develop and progress. Performance chemicals are relatively unnoticed, but inevitable for the society. They are widely used, permeating society and people’s lives in a number of different fields, as well as supporting various industries as backseat players.



[Toiletries & Helth Care]

[Petroleum & Automotives]



[Information & Electrics/Electronics]

[Environmental Protection, Construction & Others]



Manufacturer of Chemicals

Sanyo Chemical is a midstream company of the petrochemical supply chain, which provides high-value-added chemicals



Head office: Kyoto, Japan

Following sites include subsidiaries & affiliates


5 factories  (Nagoya, Kinuura, Kashima, Kyoto, Kawasaki)

6 sales offices  (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Toyama)


6 factories & 2 sales offices overseas (China, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, & Taiwan)


Competitive Advantages

Technological excellence and over 3,000 products maintained by the following 4 measures:

1. Original R & D system is the key to developing various new products.

The NeeSeeds-Oriented approach is one special feature of Sanyo Chemical's research and development (R&D). We achieve diverse performance by combining the needs with multiple seeds. A technique developed to meet a certain need is combined with another technique to create another new seed technology for new products. The NeeSeeds-Oriented approach broadens the range of technologies to as many as 3,000 different types of products. Aggressive investment in R&D (nearly 30% of our employees involved and investment approx. 5% of annual sales) will enable future growth.

2. Sales organization is close to user, so that they can respond promptly and catch needs timely.

3. Experienced operations in diverse facilities are capable of distinctively manufacturing a diverse of products and individual-based management system.

4. Individual management system  is intended to encourage employees to take up challenges by utilizing the company's programs and tools, so that every single individual can grow with the company, and ensure their job satisfaction and well-being. Those people make the company.


Financial Projection

Projection for the FY2017 (unit: billion yen)

  Consolidated net sales: 167.0

  Operating income         :14.0

  Overseas sales              :70.4

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Company Goals & Objectives

Sanyo Chemical continues to strengthens basic business by process innovation & aggressive investment, increases high-value added products and develops new business for a Truly Unique and Excellent Corporate Group on a Global Scale to contribute to building a better society.

The Ninth Medium-Term Management Plan, which covers the four-year period from FY 2015 through FY 2018, was formulated toward "Sanyo Global Innovation 200"  with the keywords of  "globalization and innovation". The plan seeks to achieve consolidated net sales of 230.0 billion yen or higher, operating income of 20.0 billion yen or higher, and return on equity (ROE) of 10% or higher by FY 2018, the final fiscal year of the plan.



Consolidated number of employees 1,996 (as of 2017)



1949 -  Surfactants & oils (for fablics, lubricating oil, etc.)

1957 - Adopted High Pressure Synthesis Technology of EO Adducts (AOA)

Built a bridgehead to enter into petrochemicals

1960s - Succeeded in manufacturing Japan’s first  PPG for polyurethane

1970-  Succeeded in being the first in the world to manufacture Super absorbent polymers (SAP) –Developed various functional polymers

1980s- Expanded the portfolio (to electric, electorical industries, plastics) and overseas bases

2000s- Established more advanced manufacturing technology

Fine particle manufacturing technology / special AOA technology to provide high primary OH ratio of PPG, etc.

2010s-  In addition to the existing market, Sanyo chemical aims to establish bridgeheads for new businesses in energy, electronics, biotechnology and medical fields


Other Notes




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