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We support the die industry and molding industry, which is the core industry of manufacturing, by providing equipment groups and know-how indispensable for mold maintenance.


Business Description:

We are a manufacturer of machinery which is going through consistently to manufacture and sale of mold maintenance equipment and after-sales service.



This content is as I mentioned at the interview on Oct. 1st.
Please also refer to our web-site as well.



Mold washing machine: Supersonic Wave Mold Washer - Wave clean series
Welding machine: Ultra-precision Mold padding Welder - SW series (TIG welding machine, laser welding machine)
Polishing machine: Supersonic Lapping Machine - Laptron series
Prevents scum riser for press dies equipment: Discharge Deposition Equipment - Depositron series

In this way, Sanwa Shoko has consistently deal with equipment for mold maintenance such as "washing", "welding", "polishing".
And we can offer "mold maintenance" to the user as a solution.



For the main user list, please refer to our web site.



Mold maintenance is in close contact with to mold manufacturing or mold industry.
This industry is a sensitive industry where very high technology is demanded and we must respond to the professional needs in all.
For that purpose, it is necessary for sales person and service engineers to visit all users and to surely acquire opinions and requests on customer's site.
Therefore, We SANWA SHOKO's 51 years of long corporate history and overwhelming publicity and the market share are outstanding superior to other companies in the industry.



< Head office >
11F 2-21-4 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo,
TEL:81-3-3376-3464/ FAX:81-3-3374-0346

< Tokyo showroom >
TSK Sasazuka Building 10F, 2-19-2 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku Tokyo,

< Aichi showroom >
6-709 Takakura-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi


Company Advantage:

Even among them, our ultra-precision mold padding Welder " Weld Pro SW-V02 " has gained overwhelming market share.
This equipment is a welding machine with a remarkable performance that made possible functions that were impossible with conventional welding machines.
Currently it is sold in not only Japan but all Asia, all Europe, North America, South America and so on and has world-class performance.
It has also been introduced to major companies such as automobile manufacturers, weak electrical manufacturers and engineering makers even in Japan, and it is indispensable equipment at the manufacturing site.
The advantage of SANWA SHOKO is that we can consistently provide mold maintenance equipment such as washing machine, welding machine and polishing machine.
In addition to selling machinery, sales people and technical staff who have extensive knowledge for each category have been following users in a finely tuned response.
This is an overwhelming advantage over competitors in the same industry.


Financial Projection:

The average of sales is about 400 million yen
The average of revenues is about 15 million yen
The new development cost is about 7 to 10% of sales


Company Goals & Objectives:

Currently in 52 years since our foundation, we are aiming for a company that will continue for 100 years.
To that end, continuous human resources development is indispensable.
However, we don't blindly increase the number of people, we will post sales up to 500 million yen for 20 employees and revenue will be at 50 million scale.
Regarding the market share, we aim for over 70% for washing machine, welding machine and polishing machine.



Regarding the direction of real management and the funds, President and CEO Mr. Hori decides the guidelines and makes judgments in cooperation with other directors.

Regarding actual sales trends and new product development, the President conducts approval based on judgment of each department manager.


Total 15.



In 1967 when the company was founded
In 2003 when the predecessor died suddenly and took over management


Other Note:

The reason why we were able to continue management for many years for a total of 15 people was that we had a combination of complex elements such as employee quality and intention, high added value products and being a niche area where major entry is difficult, I believe there was good luck in that.
SANWA SHOKO will continue to support the country's key industry mold and molding industry by taking advantage of humility, absolute confidence and abundant experience value.





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