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• The nucleus of the Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs was established in March 1953 by an agreement between the two sides of the condominium government in Sudan. The agreement stating that, a post of undersecretary for Sudanese foreign affairs would be established and held by a Sudanese citizen.

• In 1954 Dr. Ogail Ahmed Ogail was appointed as Undersecretary for foreign affairs.

• At the evening of the Independence Day of Sudan, 1/1/1956, the first meeting of the ministry of foreign affairs was held and headed by Mr. Mubarak Zaroog, the first Sudanese minister of foreign affairs. In that meeting the ministry requested from the envoys and representatives of States in Sudan to recognize the government of Sudan. At that meeting a Note was sent to all countries around the world, informing them about the declaration of the Independence of the Sudan.

• The Egyptian Ambassador was the first to present his credentials on 14th January 1956.

The plan and strategies of the foreign policy should go in harmony with the international changes. However, there are national principles should be followed :

1. A balanced foreign policy should be adopted, putting into consideration the national interest of the Sudan and the ambitions of the Sudanese people.
2.Support peace in Sudan, in order to keep Sudan united, land and people, using negotiations and dialogue as the suitable means for fulfilling that aim. Taking care to provide strength and will to protect peace and mobilize regional and international support for peace in Sudan.
3.Support the efforts to achieve accord and national unity, establishing political pluralism that helps all political parties to participate in solving the countries’ problem. The policy should be committed to the democratic principles, good governance, peaceful transfer of power, respect of human rights and support for civil society organizations.
4.Participate in the efforts to achieve economic and social development and support the economic liberalization policy.  
5. Activate the role of Sudan in solving the international problems in the areas of disarmament, environment, population social development, women, child and human rights. And participating actively in regional and international seminars and conferences to develop common concepts about those issues.
6. Work to strengthen relations with regional, continental and international organizations. Giving a boost to the human interests and stand in the face of threats to developing countries and against unilateralism. 
7. Work to get long-term commitments for rehabilitation and development, specially from the supporting countries urging  them to fulfill  their commitments in Oslo , Addis Ababa. Kuala Lumpur and Cairo.
8. Give top priority for the activities of Sudan external media to promote Sudan after Peace and countering the unfair media campaign against Sudan. And expand the horizon of economical. Commercial and cultural cooperation with all countries around the world.
9. Continue in exerting efforts in dialogue with effective circles in the United States of America, in order to correct the wrong image of the situation in Sudan, to reach normalization of the relations with name of Sudan from the American list of states sponsoring terrorism . And lift the American comprehensive economic, commercial and financial sanctions on the Sudan.
10. Strengthen the relations with the European countries , bilaterally and collectively . And activate the political consultation with them. The foreign policy of Sudan aim to encourage the European countries to invest in Sudan and resume providing technical assistance to Sudan through the African Caribbean Pacific Group, benefiting from    Lome and Cotonou  conventions. The policy would work for the involvement of the European Union in the efforts of the reconstruction and development of Sudan 
11. Work on the expansion of diplomatic representation abroad, vertically and horizontally, and benefit from the positive effects of peace after the signing of the peace agreement and the adoption of the constitution and the government of the National Unity.
12. Strengthen Sudan’s relations with Africa, expanding our resident diplomatic representation in the African Continent. Work for closer relations with the neighboring  countries and resolve outstanding  problems with some of them to achieve regional stability.
13. Play an active and influential role in the African  Union .
14. Play an active role in achieving Arab solidarity and promote joint Arab economic cooperation. 
15. take care of the situations of the Sudanese abroad, follow –up their Sudanese interests, solve their problems, link  them with the country’ s issues and encourage them to participate 
In the country ‘s development.

Address: Calle Universidad - Jartum - Sudán, PO Box : 873
Phone number: 00249183772756
Web: http://mofa.gov.sd/new/


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