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RENAISSANCE, "Company to create something to live for," proposes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to the guests.」

The Renaissance, an art movement that began in Florence, Italy in the 14th century, is recognized as a time of revival for the arts. It was a time of spirited artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

RENAISSANCE was chosen as the name for our company and facilities because of a founding spirit that believes in "a movement of revitalization of humanity" — as a response to an overly controlled and material-centered society. The company name embodies our desire to achieve the ideal society by providing the guests with physical health — the wellspring of energy and passion — in the best possible way.

The healthy life expectancy is a major goal for people as Japan's population continues to rapidly age. Our mission is to help everybody, from each age bracket to “create something to live for” by offering a method of “delightful health promotion.”


Business Description

As a "Company to create something to live for", RENAISSANCE has contributed to the health promotion of many people through sports club business experience.

The current social situation in Japan shows a major issue of social unrest, due to rapid changes in demographic dynamics, such as a decline in the working population, a declining birthrate, an increase in social insurance expenses in a super aged society, ahead of the developed countries. Meanwhile, the business environment surrounding us is experiencing great growth opportunities due to the rise in public health awareness and the promotion of national sports policies against the background of the establishment of the Japan Sports Agency.

In order to solve various social issues and to work towards the "extension of healthy lifespan" which is one of the growth strategies of the Japanese government, we are promoting the diversification of businesses with "health" as the key word and healthcare related business, notably by supporting health promotion for companies and local governments and developing rehabilitation specialized day care centers for seniors.

In addition, we have opened 2 sports clubs in Vietnam to play a part in health promotion and promotion of sports in emerging Asian countries as they are experiencing population growth.

We will continue to make proposals concerning health so that each one of you will continue to create something to live for.



RENAISSANCE INCORPORATED was founded in 1979 with the heartfelt desire to achieve an ideal society by providing guests with physical health, the wellspring of people's energy and passion.

We began as a tennis school and now operate more than 100 sports clubs around Japan. As of now, Renaissance is looking to expand its business lineup with a focus on health. To this end, we are promoting the diversification of businesses with "health" as the key word and healthcare related businesses, notably by supporting health promotion for companies and local governments and developing rehabilitation specialized day care centers for seniors.



Sports club business (fitness clubs, swimming schools, tennis schools, golf schools, etc.), business involving the promotion of health for local municipalities, companies, etc., rehabilitation specialized day care centers for seniors, other related businesses


Japan and Vietnam



Third largest sports club operator in Japan



Headquater : Tokyo, Japan


Competitive Advantages

In RENAISSANCE’s corporate philosophy motto, a “Company to create something to live for,” we address a message in hopes to create fulfilling lives for not only our guests but also our employees through our work. In addition, the keywords for our Code of Conduct include “hospitality,” “diligence,” “contributing to society,” “devotion to one’s work,” and also to seek out something we, too, can live for.


Financial Projection

Net Sales : 43,480 Millions of yen

Net income attributable to owners of the parent company: 1,532 Millions of yen

(FY 2015)


Company Goals & Objectives

Based on RENAISSANCE’s concept of being a “Company to create something to live for,” We are expanding from its sports club business to other fields, more connected to health.

In the future as well, we will continue to connect with people from all generations in a variety of situations based on the keywords that are sports and health, as well as in assisting each individuals with improving their own personal health.



Directors Representative Director and Chairman
Toshikazu Saito

Representative Director and President
Masaaki Yoshida

Toshiko Hotta

Toshiharu Okamoto

Naoki Takazaki

Directors (outside)
Mitsuko Shimomura

Directors (outside)
Masaya Nakafuji 

Corporate Auditors
Masanori Nishimura

Corporate Auditors
Toshikazu Tanaka

Corporate Auditors (outside)
Takeshi Hachimura

Corporate Auditors (outside)
Miyako Ikuta



1,058 (2016.3.31)



1979 Oct
As an intra-venture business set by Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Incorporated (currently DIC Corporation), a bowling alley is renovated into Renaissance Tennis School Makuhari, which opens with 8 indoor tennis courts.
After that, it became Diversified, and in October 1981, it changed its name to Sports Club Renaissance Makuhari.

1982 Aug
DIC Creation Co., Ltd. is established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of DIC Corporation.

1987 June
Renaissance Mito opens as the first directly-managed, total sports club. 

1992 Mar
DIC Creation Co., Ltd. is renamed to DIC RENAISSANCE INCORPORATED.

2003 Jul

2003 Dec
RENAISSANCE is listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.

2004 Dec
RENAISSANCE is listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

2006 Mar
RENAISSANCE's listing is changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

2006 May
Demi RENAISSANCE Meguro becomes the first new brand small-scale facility. 

2012 May
Rehabilitation-specialized day service business started.
Renaissance Rehabilitation Center Ofuna (currently Genki Gym Ofuna) opens. 

2014 June
Subsidiary RENAISSANCE VIETNAM INC. is established in Vietnam.

2014 Nov
First facility in Vietnam, Sports Club Renaissance AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary opens.

2015 Oct
Second facility in Vietnam, Swimming & Fitness Renaissance Japan AEON MALL Long Bien opens.




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