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To be a pioneering Islamic institution that combines originality, creativity and professionalism in the field of development and humanitarian assistance whilst serving as a model for others.

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of the most vulnerable groups, enabling them to achieve human dignity and social justice, in collaboration with our partners.


Organization Description

Qatar Charity (QC) is a non-governmental organization established in the 1980s and officially registered in 1992. It works for the development of Qatari society and other needy communities.

QC focuses on the fields of sustainable development, poverty reduction, emergency response, renewable energy and disaster relief. It serves all needy people and communities regardless of their race, religion, color, gender or nationality.



Qatar Charity has had charitable membership of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations since 1997, and has been a member of the Founding Conference of the Arab Network for NGOs in Cairo since 1999. It works with over 500 partners, both regional and international, including more than 200 civil society organizations who help us implement projects in 60 countries. QC has also been a signatory to the Code of Conduct since 2009.



Since its establishment in 1984, Qatar Charity has sponsored 213,750 young orphans into adulthood, with nearly 100,000 orphans being sponsored today. Internationally Qatar Charity has built over 621 schools and was recently ranked first in the world by 'UN OCHA' for its charitable work on the Syrian, Palestinian and Somalian crises.

A key achievement for QC has been its contribution to the stability and development of Darfur, following the signing of the peace agreement between the Sudanese Government and armed groups in Darfur, mediated by the State of Qatar. QC is proud to have implemented several projects in the region in the areas of education, water and sanitation, and social reconciliation, etc.

Following the recent extensive attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo, Qatar Charity was the first NGO to deliver immediate aid to the victims and dedicated QAR 10 million towards medicine, food and water.

QC’s innovative and sustainable project of Al Rayyan City is scheduled to open in November 2016 on the Syrian/Turkish border for Syrian refugees. The city, costing QAR 40 million, will offer housing, water and sanitation, healthcare, food and education solutions for over 7,000 Syrian refugees. It is worth mentioning that all laborers hired in the construction of the city were Syrian refugees themselves. Hence, the project created hundreds of jobs and it is built by Syrians and for Syrians.


Rofaqa Village is yet another creative initiative by QC, which was launched in December 2013 for the welfare of orphans around the world regardless of their nationality, faith, race or gender. The initiative covers education, healthcare and food for orphans, as well as support for widows, as a means of employing a holistic approach to sponsorship. Financially, the initiative has its own platforms for donations and is the first of its kind to establish sponsorship through SMS.

Qatar Charity has grown from QAR 950 million in donations in 2014, to over a billion Qatari riyals in 2015. Today, Qatar Charity has 20 offices across Europe, Asia and Africa, and maintains over 500 international partnerships working in 73 countries. Even as it grows, QC takes pride in getting the majority of its support from individual donors, and the organization views no donation as too small as they add up and greatly support local and international programs.



QC believes firmly in the importance of partnership and cooperation in achieving its development and humanitarian goals. In light of this principle, QC works constantly to expand its cooperation with various partners nationally, regionally and internationally.


Current QC partners include the following:

  • Governments of host countries for humanitarian interventions – QC works closely with the ministries and technical bodies related to the work of non-governmental organizations to coordinate the efforts of interventions in the sectors in which it operates.
  • UN organizations, including UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, WEF, UNOCHA and FAO.
  • International non-governmental organizations, including CARE, OXFAM, MA, IRW and HF.
  • Regional intergovernmental organizations, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States and the European Community.
  • Banks and development agencies, including IDB, USAID, CIDA, and DFID.
  • As well as non-governmental organizations from the Arab and Muslim worlds and local civil society organizations, QC has partnerships with approximately 150 local organizations, which help in the implementation of its projects and activities in their respective countries.
  • The private sector in the State of Qatar also helps QC serve the community within the framework of social responsibility programs.


Our strategic areas of our work:


QC intervenes in the following areas:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Social welfare
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Water and sanitation
  6. The promotion of social housing
  7. Improving income and economic empowerment
  8. Preparedness and response to disasters
  9. Culture



QC works in approximately 50 countries across the world. The nature of our intervention is dictated by our priorities and the opportunities available. In order for us to meet development and humanitarian needs we have pursued a policy of proximity to the communities in which we work, and this is facilitated by the presence of field offices in the neediest countries, spread across the three continents of Africa, Asia and America. We have offices in Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Niger, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Mali, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Tunisia, the UK, Turkey and Qatar.

Qatar Charity's headquarters based in Doha, Qatar.


Organization Goals & Objectives

To strengthen the capacity of the most vulnerable groups, enabling them to achieve human dignity and social justice, in collaboration with our partners.



Qatar Charity is overseen by a Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly. Chairperson of Board of Directors HE Shaikh Hamad Bin Nasser al-Thani.



Qatar Charity has more than 600 employees in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Transparency, a professional attitude to work, commitment to goals and a lot of creativity are all key to our success at Qatar Charity.

Qatar Charity has an outstanding team of staff who are dedicated to working towards Qatar Charity’s vision both locally and internationally.



Qatar Charity recently ranked first in the world by 'UN OCHA' for its charitable work on the Syrian, Palestinian and Somalian crises.

Qatar Charity smashed the Most Clothes Collected Record with 30 tons sorted ready to bring aid to Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Qatar Charity sponsors the biggest number of orphans around the world.

Qatar Charity ranked first among the world’s top international charities, according to (OCHA).

Qatar Charity and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) have signed a partnership agreement.

Qatar Charity CEO Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al Kuwari and Barbara Noseworthy, Assistant Executive Director of the WFP, signed the agreement at the WFP’s headquarters based in Rome.

The agreement is a framework for partnership between the two entities, through which Qatar Charity adopts to launch an advertisement campaign for the fight against hunger, poverty and destitution in the world.

This can be made by exerting efforts and mobilizing resources to assist the WFP, which implements many emergency relief programs around the world, notably in Arab and Islamic countries.


Other Notes

Qatar Charity is the first of its kind to establish sponsorship through SMS.

Qatar Charity provides the donors with reports and videos showing the impact of their donations around the world. Qatar Charity is keen to show their clients the result of their giving.

In 2015, Qatar Charity's revenue reached QAR 1.06 billion.


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