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To always be respected and trusted by the local community


Business Description

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is a regional financial institution headquartered in Gifu Prefecture, approximately the center of Japan. Our domestic network of 155 branches and offices is centered in Gifu, Aichi, Mie, and Shiga prefectures.

Since the Bank was founded in March 1896, it has been guided by its management vision of always being respected and trusted by the local community. We have advanced in step with our region, always aiming to earn and maintain the unshakable trust of our customers, shareholders, financial markets, our employees and members of regional community. This history has led to the solid reputation we now enjoy from the people in our home region, and to our being named an officially designated financial institution by Gifu Prefecture in 2015. With gratitude and pride, we celebrated the Bank’s 120th anniversary in March 2016.

The management and all employees of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will continue to stand in the customer’s shoes and offer even more convenient services and products while working to promote and serve the regional economy.



The policy that lies at the heart of the business activities of the Bank is to always view its products and services from the customer’s perspective.

For many decades, Japanese banks have been protected by a web of regulations often described as the convoy system. Under this protection, the banks have cultivated no sense of competition, let alone a willingness to approach the issue of improving customer convenience.

In these circumstances, I assumed the position of president of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in 1993, It was a period when the storm of financial deregulation began, when Japanese banks were finally able to leave the confines of the convoy system and compete with their own ideas. Immediately on taking up the appointment, I launched an initiative to reform the Bank’s corporate culture.

Specifically, I adopted the policy that the most urgent task was for all directors and employees to fully understand that a bank is not a special, privileged institution but a company in the service sector, which must compete with its rivals to provide the most attractive and convenient services.

We have since consistently placed the top priority on taking the customer’s perspective, and made a number of attempts to link the priority to our efforts to boost customer convenience.

Some of the steps taken by the Bank to improve customer convenience are as follows.



Biometric ATMs that allow customers to carry out transactions with just a scan of their palm “Pipit”

The number of people who have registered their biometric information required when using the “Pipit” ATM, which permits transactions with just a scan of their palm identification (ID), surpassed 440,000 in December 2016. The Bank began offering the “Pipit” ATM in September 2012.“Pipit” enables transactions with just a scan of the palm without a cash card, because it recognizes the users when they hold up their palm to the machine and it matches their pre-registered palm biometric data. The reason the Bank developed ATM transactions with palm ID was due to the many depositors who lost their ATM cards during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Since customers do not need to walk around with their ATM cards, “Pipit”offers everyday convenience, and thus registration is growing along with rising disaster awareness.

In October 2015, we launched a new type of loan for up to \2 million that can be taken out in the aftermath of large-scale disasters using only biometric data from the palm of the borrower’s hand. No payments are required in the first year, a feature that helps to support post-disaster recovery. From the spring of 2017, we will start a service that allows customers to open accounts, teller windows and ATM transactions using just a scan of their palm

1994  ATMs operated 365 days of the year(a first for Japanese banks)

1995  Point service commenced(first in Japan)

1998  Everyday Plaza opened(special branches open all year round) (first in Japan)

2000  Hida No.1 mobile branch(vehicle) started operation (first in Japan)

2002  Sales of Super Gold multi-purpose account commenced

2005  “ATM Slot Game” service started (first in Japan)

2006  “ATM Roulette Game” service started(first in Japan)

        Disaster recovery support vehicle: “ The Rescue” (first in Japan)

2007  Launch of sales of Life Plan “Re” loans

for those who are divorcing(first in Japan)

        “ATM Dice Throwing Game” service started(first in Japan)

2008  Launch of sales of  “Bi-sket” loans

for women to get beauty treatment or cosmetic surgery(first in Japan)

2009  Launch of sales of“Futari-de” loans

for married couples to undergo treatment for infertility(first in Japan)

2011  Launched next-generation Web-ATMs(first in Japan)

2012  Launched biometric ATMs that allow customers to carry out transactions

with just a scan of their palm(first in Japan)

2013  Opened a branch featuring ATM-equipped

 drive-through teller windows(first in Japan)

2015  Official designation as financial institution by Gifu prefecture

        Launch of disaster-recovery support loan,

also called the “palm-of-hand loan:Zero Plus+”


Domestic 155 

Foreign 4



98 kuruwamachi 3-chome, Ogaki, Gifu, Japan


Financial Projection

In 2016, we launched our “Very OKB” medium-term management plan (April 2016–March 2019). (OKB, an acronym of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, is often used as a nickname for the Bank.)

In line with this management plan, we aim to be a comprehensive service business that solves regional and client problems in a manner appropriate to OKB, making us No. 1 in client satisfaction and regional contribution.

One important theme is to establish a distinct OKB brand by remaining close to our region and offering each client a solution that suits their needs. To put this into practice, our basic strategies are to be “Very Powerful,” “Very Comfortable,” “Very Reliable,” “Very Solid & Efficient,” and “Very Flexible.” We will continue to advance with our region and strengthen OKB.



Employees 2910




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