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Safe and high-quality in the delivery of health care.



Regulate the provision of healthcare in Bahrain to ensure high efficiency, safety and effectiveness in delivering health services; both in the governmental and private sector based on the best scientific principles and health practice standards accredited in the Kingdom.

The NHRA works to protect the public and promote quality and patient safety by:

  • Regulating healthcare
    • Professionals
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Medicines and drugs
  • Setting appropriate standards, guidelines and policies in line with international best practice
  • Ensuring compliance with these standards
  • Ensuring fitness to practise and fitness for purpose.
  • Managing complaints.


Organization Description

The NHRA was created to regulate the provision of healthcare in Bahrain. The Economic Vision 2030 provided a clear direction for the continued development of the Kingdom’s economy and pointed to the need for the regulation of the whole healthcare system by an independent health regulator.

As a result, Bahrain has followed the example of many developed countries by separating out the regulation of health services from the provision of health services. Such separation enhances the integrity of the regulator and provides greater assurance against potential conflicts of interest. As a consequence of this change, the regulatory functions that were previously carried out by the Ministry of Health, the Kingdom’s major provider of health services, were transferred to the NHRA.



The law which establishes the NHRA was passed in 2009 and the NHRA is now charged with regulating health service provision across both the public and private sectors in Bahrain by regulating healthcare professionals, facilities where health care services are provided (hospitals, clinics, centres, pharmacies, etc.) and the medicines and drugs that are used in the delivery of healthcare. Bahrain is unique in the world, in that it brings together in the regulation of these three areas in a single regulatory authority.



  • Healthcare Professionals Regulation 

The NHRA is responsible for the regulation of all licensed healthcare professionals in Bahrain (covering doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and allied health professionals). Professional regulation includes standard-setting, licensing, licensing examinations and managing complaints.

  • Healthcare Facilities Regulation 

The NHRA is responsible for the regulation of all licensed healthcare facilities in Bahrain such as, hospitals, clinics, centres and pharmacies in both the public and private sectors. Facilities regulation includes standard-setting, licensing of facilities, monitoring of compliance with standards through regular inspection and managing complaints.

  • Medicines and Drugs Regulation 

The NHRA is responsible for the regulation and control of all medicines and drugs in Bahrain. Its remit includes standard-setting, licensing, quality assurance, post-marketing surveillance and compliance and pharmacovigilance.

  • Complaints

The NHRA also receives and handles complaints from any source concerning healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities or medicines and may pursue complaints which are of a regulatory nature. If complaints are received which are not of a regulatory nature, the complaint is passed back to the complainant with an explanation and general advice as to where the complaint might better be directed.



Building no. 2420 , Road no. 2831, Block no. 428 
Al-Seef District 
P.O. Box 11464 
Kingdom of Bahrain


Organization Goals & Objectives

The recent challenges in regulating the growing health sector in Bahrain, require revision and update of the previous NHRA strategy to respond to all the challenges. Among the most important strategic goals are: Regulated and accountable health facilities, Safe and trusted health services and


Preserved health rights

The new 5-year strategic plan will be developed to overcome the risks and challenges, and to ensure compliance with the regularity laws. While working on our new strategy, we strive to eliminate the risks facing us such as lack of financial and human resources, and lack of some standards regulating the health care services. NHRA is dedicated to achieve its vision Safe and high-quality in the delivery of health care”







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