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Business Description

We, Japan Hotel REIT Advisors Co., Ltd. (“JHRA”), are independent investment management company specialized in hotel assets. JHRA manages Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation ("JHR"), the largest hotel specialist REIT in Japan. JHR is a publicly traded J-REIT listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE code: 8985).

Investment and asset management of hotel assets requires expertise and know-how specific to hotel assets, that is hotel operation, in addition to those required for ordinary rental properties. Moreover, collaboration with various parties including hotel operators is essential for asset management of hotel assets. We see it as our mission to provide attractive investment opportunity with hotel assets and contribute to local communities and society through investment and management of hotel assets.



Mission Statement : “Provide attractive hotel investment opportunities to investors as specialist in investment and management of hotel assets. Gain trust from our stakeholders, and contribute to local communities and society through investing and managing hotel assets.”

We believe that trust from stakeholders is most important for JHRA to grow on a long-term basis. To obtain stakeholders' trust, JHRA needs to constantly provide high added value. JHRA's added value is laid in investment management know-how unique to JHRA as hotel specialist as well as in making correct decisions in day-to-day operation. We aim to provide "attractive investment opportunity" backed by such added value as stated in our mission statement.

Aiming for long-term growth that co-exists with society and environment in harmony, we recognize that enhancement of sustainability and appropriate actions for ESG matters are important management agendas. Also, we aim to be such a company where quality people are willing to work on a long-term basis with high motivation, having high ethical standard and compliance consciousness.



In order to achieve "provide attractive investment opportunities", "gain trust from our stakeholders "and "contribute to local communities and society" in our mission statement, we believe that advanced expertise and ensured independence are essential.


Advanced Expertise

・Ability to propose transaction scheme, execute transaction, and plan and execute unprecedented measures of asset management based on in-depth understanding of hotel operation and track record of such asset management

・Extensive experience of renovation and rebranding through collaboration with many hotel lessees and hotel operators

・Strong and long-term relationships with a large number of hotel lessees and hotel operators

・High analytical skills and accurate judgement capacity based on rich information and data obtained through a broad network and high credibility.


Ensured Independence

For business management of JHRA, an independent asset management company, we believe that strict independence from its main sponsor is crucial.

・No director and employee of JHRA is a seconded employee from sponsor.

・Part-time directors from our main sponsor, SC CAPITAL PARTNERS group and non-sponsor-related full-time directors each account for half of JHRA's board of directors.

・With regard to transactions with sponsor-related parties and JHR, JHRA has set strict decision-making rules. In principle, in addition to obtaining approval by Compliance Committee which includes an outside specialist, who is authorized to dismiss proposals, JHRA is required to obtain approval from JHR's board of directors' meetings (directors are all third-party members who do not have any relationship with the sponsor-related parties).

・As our main sponsor, SC CAPITAL PARTNERS group is also an independent asset management company, it fully understands and respects importance of JHRA’s independency. JHRA conducts asset management business based upon its own judgement.






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