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The J Trust Group has pursued proactive mergers and acquisitions and business restructurings in financial businesses and in areas where high degrees of synergy within the finance sector are anticipated, both in Japan and overseas. In our new stage of development, we are aiming for rapid growth in Asia while positioning the financial business as our core competency. We are making continuous efforts to respond quickly to an ever-changing environment and challenge ourselves diligently to create a better future for the world.


Corporate LOGO

Our logo represents our vision: “J Trust was reborn in the midst of turbulent times, yet is powerfully moving forward.” (We have done a lot of M&As since 2009, which was the year J Trust was renamed and rebranded.)

Raging waves that stand for turbulence, and strength to survive through such hardships are represented in the sphere. The sphere is a distortion shape and rounded off, which is in itself an element even though there are some edges/challenges/risks/conflicts/obstacles, showing for justice, freedom from care, and great flexibility.

The unrestricted passage creates innovation and individuality/self-righteousness, which are all represented in this logo.


J Trust Group’s Corporate Philosophy

For our customers, shareholders and ourselves, we make continuous efforts to respond quickly to a changing environment and challenge ourselves diligently to create a better future for the world.


Our focus

  • Treat all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and business partners as our customers and take a customer-oriented approach to meet their expectations.
  • Tackle various issues swiftly while pursuing ingenuity and improvements without being satisfied with the status quo.
  • Ensure accurate and timely information disclosure as well as upholding high ethical standards for business execution.
  • Create new services and values to contribute to economic expansion.


J Trust Group’s Behavioral Principles

J Trust’s behavioral principles are represented by six letters that comprise its corporate name: J for Justice, T for Teamwork, R for Revolution, U for Unique, S for Safety, and T for Thankful. In order to respond to our stakeholders’ various needs and instill a sense of safety and trust, we aim to become fair, innovative, unique, and show appreciation to others in our actions. Through these efforts, we believe we will be able to support customers’ prosperous lives and bright future and revitalize the world.


Business Description

J Trust Co., Ltd. is an independent financial group, based in Tokyo, and it has engaged in banking business in Southeast Asia, investment activities in Singapore, credit guarantee service, credit card business, real estate, and other businesses in Japan, and is expanding its business to other countries in the area.

Current core businesses are:

(1) Japanese financial business centered on credit guarantee.

(2) Savings bank business in South Korea.

(3) Commercial banking business in Indonesia.

(4) Investment arm in Singapore.



J Trust may not be well known in Japan, but is broadly recognized as “JT” (“J TRUST”) in the Southeast Asia region, particularly in South Korea and Indonesia. After a TOB (takeover bid) by Nobuyoshi Fujisawa (current CEO) in 2008, it has rapidly expanded its business scale through M&A, and as a result, total assets surged from 12.2 billion yen to 540.7 billion yen (44-fold increase) and operating revenue increased rapidly from 3.2 billion yen to 63.3 billion yen (about 20-fold increase) over seven years.

While it has accumulated assets primarily through M&A in Japan over the years after the TOB, it has looked into partnerships with banks in Japanese financial business (credit guarantee, etc.) from the early stage, and promoted M&A strategies under the mid- to long-term vision to develop its retail banking business in Asia.

From FY2016, a shift of focus from Japanese business to financial businesses in South Korea and Southeast Asia has become apparent, and in the near term, these two business segments will drive growth for the whole group.



All our services are based on the expertise of financial and real estate businesses, which we have accumulated in Japan and applied to the Southeast Asian region with Japanese quality service. The region has huge potential to grow economic organically, J Trust will accelerate its economic expansion and we will work together to create prosperity.

Japan: Credit guarantee service, receivable purchasing and collection business, credit card business, real estate business, etc.

Singapore: Investment arm.

South Korea: 2 x savings banks, hire purchase business, receivable purchasing and collection business.

Indonesia: 1 x commercial bank, and receivable collection business.



We operate in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Indonesia, and cover other countries in the Southeast Asia region.



Financial services in Asia. 2 x Korean savings banks (JT Chinae Savings Bank and JT Savings Bank) are in third place in the industry in South Korea.



Head office: Tokyo, Japan – Develop Japanese quality service.

Investment arm in Singapore – Great place to find opportunities for global investments.

2 x savings banks in South Korea – Utilizing J Trust’s expertise for business in South Korea because Japan and South Korea have some similarity in their culture.

1 x commercial bank in Indonesia – Huge potential for economic expansion. The population is the biggest in the Southeast Asian region and the fourth biggest in the world. The average age is about 28-years old. The bank account penetration rate is only 40% of the whole population.


Competitive Advantages

J Trust is an independent financial company and fairly young institution.

Not like any other traditional financial company, J Trust has a swift ability to make decisions and take a risk for new opportunities. Having said that, J Trust has had a foundation in Japanese business for about 40 years and it is a steady operation.



The J Trust Group pledges to work together with the community as it contributes to the development of a sustainable future. Toward this end, we will make every effort to maximize our corporate value and earn the trust, credibility and support of our customers and shareholders.

As part of this commitment, we have strengthened our corporate governance structure to ensure effective internal controls and audit procedures and to facilitate swift decision-making, as we strive to conduct business in compliance with ethical standards, laws and regulations. To realize these goals, we have established a Code of Ethics to further ensure timely decision-making and sound and transparent management practices.



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