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The HORIBA Group mission is to provide superior technologies, unique products, and top-quality services in the analytical and measurement fields. Applying core technologies accumulated over the years, HORIBA provides products and services derived from unremitting research and development. Throughout its business activities, the HORIBA Group energetically focuses on three concerns: the environment, safety, and health. The key to resolving the challenges of today is and accurate ascertainment of current conditions using high-precision analysis technology. HORIBA is a total solutions provider, capable of responding to the changing times with state-of-the-art products and services that support research and development of new innovations, while promoting healthy life styles utilizing low-energy from sustainable resources.

HORIBA's Corporate Motto “Joy and Fun”

HORIBA, since its foundation, has achieved continuous growth providing measuring technologies. We will continue to grow by keeping our Corporate Motto in mind.

Originates from the belief that if we take interest and pride in the work that occupies most of the active time in our lives, in the place where we spend the large part of each day, then as a result our satisfaction with life will increase, and we will be able to enjoy our lives even more. Taking interest and pride in our work leads us to “Joy and Fun”.


Business Description

The HORIBA Group is a global company that offers solutions and engineering services, based on our strong performance in developing and manufacturing instruments, and products in the analysis and measurement fields. We have established an optimal number of business bases in Japan, Asia, Europe, and America, our global group companies operate in a close network.



In 1945, while still a student at Kyoto University, Masao Horiba, the founder of HORIBA, set up the HORIBA Radio Laboratory in Kyoto in order to continue nuclear physics research interrupted by Japan’s defeat in the war. The HORIBA Radio Laboratory built the capacitor needed for the high-speed calculator (computer in today’s terms) for nuclear physics experiments. This capacitor became renowned for its functions and quality, and HORIBA decided to start manufacturing it commercially.

However, construction of the factory was halted by the steep rise in the cost of materials due to the conflict in Korea. The only thing to be done was to market the pH meter they had built to control the pH value of the capacitor’s electrolyte. This pH meter was extremely well-received and before he knew it HORIBA was famous as a maker of pH meters.

In 1953, eight years after the formation of the HORIBA Radio Laboratory, HORIBA, Ltd. was established and took its first steps as a manufacturer of measurement instruments.

History (decade) :

1945–1960s, Establishing a firm footing as a research and development company

1970s, Global expansion with strong international products, especially in Automotive industry with exhaust gas analyzers.

1980s, A period of building up our internal resources

1990s, A second inauguration and global operations with global M&As

2000s, The “One Company” group unites to take on the global market

2010s, Accelerate faster reaching the foundation 60th anniversary

HORIBA’s history on our web :



HORIBA is a global group of companies that provides analytical and measurement equipment in fields that are indispensable to people's lives, including the environment, health, safety, and energy. We are expanding our business operations by making use of our advanced technological capabilities and global network. HORIBA products hold No. 1 or No. 2 share positions of global markets. For example, our automotive emission measurement systems command an 80% share of the global market.

HORIBA has five business segments and three operating regions in Asia, America and Europe. We will deliver sustainable growth with well-balanced management as one integral entity, without dependence on any one segment or region.

5 Business segments :

Automotive Test Systems [Automotive]

Process & Environmental Instruments & Systems [P&E]

Medical-Diagnostics Instruments & Systems [Medical]

Semiconductor Instruments & Systems [Semiconductor]

Scientific Instruments & Systems [Scientific]



[Automotive] Development of new gasoline, diesel and hybrid powertrains, vehicle certification and quality control, in-use vehicle inspections.

[P&E] Measurement of gaseous emissions, wastewater and water supplies, environmental pollution monitoring, environmental radiation measurement equipment

[Medical] Health and diagnostic testing, disease diagnosis

[Semiconductor] Flow control of gases and liquids, monitoring of cleaning fluid concentrations in semiconductor manufacturing processes, semiconductor and LCD quality control inspections

[Scientific] R&D, product quality testing, criminal forensics



Headquarter in Kyoto, Japan. We operate our business in 27 countries globally.


Competitive Advantages


HORIBA strives to effectively allocate its R&D resources to specific analytical techonologies, apply them to product development in five different business segments, and achieve product releases effectively. HORIBA’s majo analysis and control technologies:

Infrared measurement
Gas flow control
Particle-size distribution analysis
Spectroscopic analysis
Liquid ion analysis

The company has maintained R&D investment at the level of 7-8% of sales, even during economic downturns when our competitors reduced their investments.

We have experience in responding to customer needs by developing  customized products on the basis of joint projects with customers. Over 500 types of instruments are supplied for use at the leading edge of scientific techonology.


Financial Projection

HORIBA has formulated a new Mid-Long Term Management Plan, MLMAP2020, for the five-year period from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2020.


Sales target is 250 billion yen (2.3 billion dollars), Operating profit is 30 billion yen (0.3 billion dollars), ROE is more than 10%.


Company Goals & Objectives

One Step Ahead.

MLMAP2020, mid-long term management plan, One Step Ahead is a key word to achieve the target.

Step out of the existing business fields and pursue further expansion. Take a new perspective and overcome technological/market/organization barriers. Be flexible, think outside the box, and move up to the next stage.



Balance management (overall company point of view)

We operate 5 business segments and invest in a stable manner for 5 segments. With this strategy, we continue investing for each segment even in a tough time for one of the segment industries. We keep our factory capacity and people in our hand.

Continual investment and R&D

We always spend R&D expenditure 7-8% of revenue every year thus we launch a new product on a continual basis.



About7,000 peoples globally. 38% is in Japan, 13% is in France, 11% is in UK,  10% US, 8% is in Germany, 15% is in Asia excl. Japan.  (as of Dec. 2016)

Inspired by our unique motto, “Joy and Fun”, we focus on social responsibilities by building state-of-the-art products for scientific advancement; especially for protecting health, safety, and the environment. “HORIBARIANs”, the HORIBA employees all over the world, are looking forward to working with you and providing the best analytical solution for your needs.



HORIBA’s Automotive Test Systems

1964: Launch “MEXA,” a global brand for automotive exhaust gas analyzers.

1975: Deliver and install emission gas analyzers to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This meant the US federal government acknowledged the supertiority of HORIBA’s MEXA. The test facility was established to conduct approval inspection of all makes of vehicles to be marketed in the US.

2005: Acquire Mechatronics business of Carl Schenck AG in Germany.

2015: Acquire MIRA, Ltd. (now HORIBA MIRA, Ltd.) in UK. Expand its business from analysis and measurement equipment to the automobile engineering field, aiming at business development of next-generation mobility solutions such as autonomous, self driving vehicles.

HORIBA’s Process & Environmental Instruments & Systems:

2013: Acquisition of U.S. company Cameron's process analytical product line.

Grow business in the petrochemical re fields particularly in Texas.

HORIBA’s Medical-Diagnostic Instruments & Systems:

1996: Acquire ABX S.A. (now HORIBA ABX S.A.S.) in France. Started its full-scale launch into the medical market.

HORIBA’s Scientific Instruments & Systems:

1997: Acquire Instruments S.A. (now HORIBA France SAS) in France. Acquired the world-class optical technology.

2014: Acquire the global assets of Photon Technology International (PTI) , US. Expand our presence in the biomedical markets.




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