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Edo is known as the reign of peace, since for 265 consective years, the Edo people knew no war. In the 16th century, as one of the first cities to house one million people, Edo was home to many diverse cultures and philosophies, serving as the foundation for the Japanese people today. Therefore, it is our wish that we reach out to as many people, including foreigners, about the importance of the Edo period to Japanese history, and to convey Japan’s overall appeal.


Business Description

Our company’s main objective lies in the management of a cultural park, whose objective is to conserve and convey the Edo culture. Other services include the conservation and continuation of forests and natural resources, as well as managing inbound businesses and creating historical visual content.



Although in the immediate post-war period, Japan succeeded in creating a successful economy and managed to create an abundance of employment opportunities, from the late 1980’s, due to a cut in production costs and factory oversea transferrals, there has been a drop in employment rates in rural areas. In such an age, our founders foresaw an end to the regime of Japanese monozukuri, as well as a massive influx of foreign visitors. Edo Wonderland was founded as part of a regional revitalization project, an endeavor to solve the issue of low employment rates in rural areas in Japan. 



Edo Wonderland is not only a museum: it is a cultural park that strives to express the daily lives, traditions, and cultures of the Japanese people in the Edo period.



Nikko is an ancient place of pilgrimage, serving as the closest World Heritage site geographically to Tokyo, and the home of the famed Tosho-gu shrine. In addition, the Nikko Tosho-gu shrine is known as the place of worship for Ieyasu Tokugawa, the man who opened the Edo Shogunate.


Competitive Advantages

Due to its unique concept as a cultural park, there are no major competitors to our business model.


Financial Projection

We strive to provide full, genuine insight into the lives of those in the Edo period by strengthening our forest restoration projects, residential services, social services and agricultural projects.


Company Goals & Objectives 

Because of our emphasis on the Buddhist “Land of Happiness” project, our objective is to become a company that values all generations, from babies to elderly people.



All our employees keep our code of conduct as the conveyors of the Edo culture in mind when they interact directly with customers.



From the Edo Wonderland declaration in 2003, we have fundamentally transformed from a facility where one an interact with cultural traditions, to a facility where one can experience these traditions.




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