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“Anchored to our values, propelled by our vision”

Vision: To be a world class shipbroker recognized for excellence in service.

Mission: To provide quality shipbroking and consultancy services in marine transportation of bulk cargoes.

Core Values: Reliability, Responsiveness, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork 


Business Description

Eastport is a leading global shipbroking & consultancy company that provides a wide range of services to a very substantial and diversified clientele. Our customers include multinational firms in oil, chemical, vegetable oil, commodities and shipping industries, together with international producers & traders, regional producers and fledging companies. Founded in 1980, the company is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in all major shipping centres around the world.



“A vibrant past—a brighter future. Eastport expertly navigated through the rough seas in the shipbroking industry”

1980 Founded as M.T Maritime Management Pte Ltd in Singapore to engage in palm and coconut oil trades

1984 Expanded scope to cater to the chemical and petrochemical trades

1987 Established M.T.M. Chartering to further broaden business to include petroleum and crude oil trades

1988 Formed M.T.M. Shipbrokers—a dry cargo business joint venture with Yamamizu of Japan

1995 Made waves in the industry as the first to make inroads in China with the establishment of M.T.M. China

1997 Reorganized the operational structure and renamed the company Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd, including other Eastport entities that were set up prior 1997

1998 Started Eastport USA to offer its extensive industry expertise to an increasingly growing MNC clientele

2000 Built Eastport Maritime BV in Spijkenisse, Holland to cater to European customers

2003 Added an office in Houston to augment the services in America

2006 Consolidated all activities in the sales and purchase, newbuilding, and demolition markets under Eastport Shipping

2016 Opened Eastport Middle East in Dubai to cater to increasing clientele base in the region

2018 Started Eastport Japan in Tokyo to further expand its chartering services and the support network in Asia



For Eastport, shipbroking is more than just connecting ship owners and charterers. It is about mining Eastport’s extensive expertise and lengthy track record to provide a contextualized analysis of industry developments and how it impacts its clients’ operations.

Our Services:

Chartering Services

COA Management

Post-Fixture Operations

Claims & Collection Management


TC Operations Management

Research & Strategy

Bulk Liquid Storage Advisory


Eastport operates in all four shipping markets, namely Newbuilding, Sale & Purchase, Demolition and Freight that offers coverage across various industries which include Crude Oil & Petroleum Product Shipping, Liquid & Gas Bulk Chemical & Parcel Shipping, Vegetable Oil & Biofuel Shipping, Dry Bulk Shipping and Projects. Our breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise allows us to provide comprehensive and reliable perspectives with common objective- to deliver the best to our customers in each marketplace.



Eastport drive to serve its esteemed clientele has allowed us to be the first and only international ship-brokerage firm from Asia to have made inroads to the West. To provide seamless support to our customers through our network of offices globally, we are headquartered in Singapore and with operations in major shipping centres like China, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.


Competitive Advantages

“No port too far, no task too hard — Eastport is dedicated to go the extra (nautical) mile to deliver personalized, timely and relevant services.”

Being a service enterprise, our work and business is naturally centered on a people-oriented approach built upon mutual respect, support and inclusiveness. Eastport commits our people, expertise, knowledge and ideas to contribute to the growth of our clients and the shipping communities.

Eastport has come of age. We’ve built our business from the ground up and we overcame many challenges to get to where we are. As much as technology has allowed us to elevate the kind of services we offer our clients, we feel that our personal touch is still what sets us apart from other shipbrokers. While it is true that shipping data is easily accessible, what is not readily available is context and nuanced analysis of the information. This is what Eastport provides—we digest and analyze data to deliver it in a way that clients can understand.



Eastport prides ourselves for cultivating a culture that values individual initiative, open minds, and communication. Eastport is today a leading shipbroking powerhouse because of the skills, expertise, ambition, industriousness and team spirit of our people. We strive to excel in every endeavor we undertake. 

We are a cosmopolitan team thriving on a diversity of knowledge and perspectives. Our 170-strong force, include individuals from Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, UK, and US, all working closely together and leveraging upon one another’s strengths - driving Eastport to greater heights.

This multitude of backgrounds, experiences and ideas form a cohesive, vibrant and international environment that empowers us with a competitive edge when reaching out to our diverse clientele.


Other Notes

“Our strength lies in our human capital. Eastport puts in the human element to add value to any transaction. Having a technologically advanced system is not enough, but if you display good qualities and professionalism, your services will perpetually be required and desired.” — Matthias Cher, chairman





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