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Matsuyama Headquarter/1-9-1 Misawa, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 791-8022

Tokyo Headquarter/PMO Higashi Nihonbashi, 2-15-4 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004


Phone Number:

Matsuyama Headquarter   +81-89-927-2222

Tokyo Headquarter           +81-3-5829-8534


Fax Number:

Matsuyama Headquarter   +81-89-927-3335

Tokyo Headquarter           +81-3-5821-3377


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868(consolidated basis, as of December 31, 2021)



2.547 billion yen (as of December 31, 2021)



FY12/21 Resalt

Net sales                  37,824(¥mn)

Ordinary income       1,300(¥mn)


Introduction of your company & business:

・Design, construction, and maintenance of various types of wastewater treatment equipment

・Manufacturing, distribution, designing, and construction of products using synthetic resin and other materials            

・Distribution and installation of various construction materials and household equipment

・Production and distribution of drinking water




The slogan signifies the concept: “Protect the environment and change the future.”

To bear the duty to staunchly protect the environment with water-related business as our central focus—as in the days before, so in the days ahead.

Furthermore, to strive for success with a range of new business projects aimed at creating a society and future of more abundance and sustainability.

This spirit of determination constitutes the essence of our corporate slogan and represents a promise from Daiki Axis to the world.



The Company began as Ogame Shoji, which sold tiles and hygienic porcelain, in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, in 1958. It established predecessor Daiki Co., Ltd. in 1964. It started manufacturing aeration Johkasou in 1969.

Daiki Axis was officially founded in 2005, but has developed, designed, manufactured, installed, sold, and maintained various wastewater treatment systems over about half a century since the Daiki era when it completed the first fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) Johkasou in 1965.

In 1991,we first opened our  overseas subsidiary in China, and have expanded to Singapore, Indonesia, India and recently Sli Lanka.


International Operations:

We have a network of production bases and distributers (31 companies) in various countries in Asia and Africa.

There are 23 distributers in India and one each in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya.


Business Achievements:

In India, the Clean India project started in October 2014, and  in April 2017, throughout India as a whole, the government strengthened regulations for BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), which expresses the pollution status of water quality.

The sewerage infrastructure penetration rate is no more than around 30% and existing septic tanks cannot comply with these strengthened regulations.

So installations of Johkasou have been highly evaluated by the India government as optimum both in terms of costs and speed as a means of preventing the lack of capacity for the treatment of sewage and household wastewater from impeding the speed of urbanization.

We have grown this business in stages. In July 2016, we donated Johkasou to the Indian government. In October 2020, we acquired Green Product Certification, which is an eco-certification, for its Indiamanufactured Johkasou. This was the first eco-certification in the wastewater treatment sector. In November of the same year, our India-manufactured Johkasou obtained recommendation approval from India’s Ministry of Water Environment.

In July 2018, it established DAIKI AXIS INDIA Pvt. Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary, and the Johkasou that had been imported from its own plant in Indonesia were replaced with locally produced products. However, supply is still not keeping up with demand,  our new plant in India, which is being built in the north of the country near to the capital Delhi, is scheduled to start operations in September 2022.



First Prize (Gold Award) in the Innovation in Water Technology Sector in

the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s 8th Water Awards.


Company Goals & Objectives:

On the axis of its businesses related to “water” the Company is widening its network to the world based on its activities within Japan as a corporate group that contributes to building comfortable living environments that are kind to nature and to people.




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