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Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons Group: Your perfect partner in the Gulf

Established in 1940, Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons Group is one of Bahrain’s largest, most diversified and forward-thinking companies, and has the market... May 09, 2018

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Bahrain Banking

Regional leader backed by 40 years of banking tradition, with a sterling reputation for its regulatory environment

Left: Dr Waheed Al Qassim, CEO, Bahrain Association of Banks. Right: Khalid Hamad, Executive Director of Banking Supervision, Central Bank of Bahrain

As the leading financial services centre in the Gulf, Bahrain has proved to be resilient in the face of liquidity challenges posed by low oil prices and... Sep 25, 2017

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Bahrain Diversities

Diversification efforts propel non-oil sector, which now accounts for more than 80% of GDP

Left: Zayed R. Alzayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Center: Mahmood Hashim Alkooheji, CEO, Mumtakalat. Right: Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Chief Executive, Tamkeen

Bahrain’s commitment to diversifying its economy has been fundamental in making the country resilient against the challenges caused by the drop in... Aug 11, 2017

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Bahrain Heath

Modernisation of the healthcare sector to further attract private investment

Dr Mariam Adhbi Al-Jalahma, CEO, National Health Regulatory Authority

Bahrain sees healthcare as paramount in the evolution to a service-oriented economy, and has strived to become one of the best healthcare providers in... Aug 01, 2017

Health | Middle East | Bahrain

Human Rights Bahrain

Amendments to institutions, unprecedented step to protect human rights

Dr Abdulaziz Hassan Abul, Chairman, National Institution for Human Rights

Recent revisions to the law on the National Institution for Human Rights have positioned it as a role model across the GCC and the Arab world, by granting... Jul 07, 2017

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Bahrain Vision 2030

Vision 2030: At the forefront of Bahrain’s transformation

HRH Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, First Deputy Prime Minister

Kingdom aspires to shift from an economy built on oil wealth to a productive, globally competitive economy, all under the umbrella of an ambitious Vision... May 24, 2017

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Bahrain Reforms

Reforms to shift role of public sector from driver of growth to regulator

HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister

Bahrain undergoes reforms that will allow the private sector to become the main driver of economic growth and employment May 04, 2017

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UK-Bahrain Relations

200 More Years of Engagement with the United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth II at the races in Bahrain in 1979

After celebrating 200 years of official friendship last year, Bahrain and the UK are working towards deeper cooperation, from trade and investment to security... Mar 28, 2017

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Bilateral Relations

UK and Bahrain look to the future as they celebrate 200 years of history

The UK's Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visited Bahrain in November 2016 to mark two centuries of formal relations between the two kingdoms

When Theresa May became the first ever UK Prime Minister to attend the annual summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council in December 2016, it demonstrated... Dec 14, 2016

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Islamic Finance

Bahrain’s Islamic finance sector sets the tone for the rest of the world

Bahrain’s World Trade Center and Financial Harbor (Photo: ©Mubarak Fahad)

With decades of experience and regarded as the benchmark for its regulation, Bahrain stands out as a global leader in Islamic finance and has helped more... Dec 13, 2016

Finance | Middle East | Bahrain

Bahrain Banking & Fintech

Regional leader backed by 40 years of banking tradition

Bahrain’s banks regard the fintech trend as a way to modernize, internationalize and democratize financial services in the region

As the foremost financial services center in the Gulf, Bahrain has proved to be resilient in the face of liquidity challenges posed by low oil prices and... Dec 12, 2016

Finance | Middle East | Bahrain

200 years of UK relations


The UK and Bahrain this year celebrate 200 years of close friendship, strong bilateral commercial interaction, vibrant business links and ever-stronger... May 14, 2014

Government | Middle East | Bahrain

‘Bahrain has the highest ROI in the region’

Mr. Aaref Hejres
Chairman of Bahrain Property Development Association (BaPDA)

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. Aaref Hejres, Chairman of BaPDA, discusses the... May 09, 2018

120 years of friendship between Bahrain and the US

Mr. Qays H Zu´bi
President of the American Chamber of Commerce

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. Qays H Zu’bi, President of AMCHAM Bahrain,... May 09, 2018

Encouraging private sector led growth

Dr. Khalid Mohamed Al Rowaihi
CEO of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In this inteview with The Worldfolio, Dr. Khalid Mohamed Al-Ruwaihi, CEO of the Bahrain... May 09, 2018

Tamkeen: the cornerstone of Bahrain’s labour market reform initiative

Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi
Chief Executive of Tamkeen

Established in August 2006, Tamkeen is one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s national... Apr 19, 2017

Bahrain Airport Company undergoing a $1.1bn expansion project

Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah
Chief Executive Officer Bahrain Airport Company

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, CEO of Bahrain Airport... Apr 19, 2017

Enabling the wave of technological developments

Mr Ulaiyan Al Wetaid
Chief Executive Officer of Viva Bahrain

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid speaks about how VIVA Bahrain,... Mar 13, 2017

Bahrain enhancing logistics and housing ahead of VISION 2030.

Dr. Hasan Al Bastaki
Managing Director of Manara Developments

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Dr. Hasan Al Bastaki speaks about how MANARA Developments... Mar 10, 2017

Taking unprecedented steps to protect human rights

Dr. Abdulaziz Hassan Abul
Chairman of the National Institution for Human Rights

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) is focused on the promotion, development... Mar 10, 2017

Real developments based on real demands

Aaref Hejres
Chairman of BaPDA

The Bahrain Property Development Association (BaPDA) is a non-profit organization established... Feb 16, 2017

Bahrain: where modern meets ancient

H.E Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa
President of Bahrain Authority For Culture and Antiquities

“Distinct from regular tourism, Bahrain’s cultural tourism specifically celebrates... Feb 16, 2017

Islamic Finance as a key pillar on economic growth

Mr. Abdulhakeem Yaqoob Alkhayyat
Managing Director & CEO of Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Abdulhakeem Y. Alkhayyat explains how KFH-Bahrain... Feb 13, 2017

"Capital of Tourism in the GCC"

H.E. Shaikh Khalid bin Humood Al Khalifa
CEO of Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA)

Gulf’s main crossroads for over 4.000 years, Bahrain was recently appointed as the... Feb 13, 2017

Bahrain leads the Arab ICT Index

Mohammed Ali Al Qaed
Chief Executive of Information & eGovernment Authority

The Kingdom of Bahrain ranked 11th globally in the Telecommunications Infrastructure Index... Feb 13, 2017

Gulf Air undergoes major expansion plan

Maher Salman Al Musallam

Bahrain is located in the heart of the GCC, a country with a rich aviation history and a... Feb 10, 2017

Implementing reforms to promote a pro-business environment

Mr. Zayed R. Alzayani
Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

The GCC countries have been implementing several policies to support economic diversification,... Jan 18, 2017

Bahrain’s key role as GCC finance centre

Abdulaziz A. Al-Helaissi
Chief Executive Officer of Gulf International Bank

Financial corporations have been at the forefront of diversification in Bahrain and have... Jan 17, 2017

Bahraini banks leading the way in financing country´s diversification

Dr. Khalid Abdulla
Managing Director of Eskan Bank

The government devised a strategy, Vision 2030, whereby it invited the private sector to... Jan 17, 2017

Non-oil investments are flourishing across the Gulf

Mahmood Hashim Alkooheji
Chief Executive Officer of Mumtalakat

The non-oil sector accounts for more than 3/4 of Bahrain´s GDP, being the highest... Jan 16, 2017

Ahead of Vision 2030, Bahrain is standing at the forefront of the Health sector in the Gulf

Chief Executive Officer of National Health Regulatory Authority

With the establishment of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), the Bahraini... Jan 16, 2017

'It’s simply easier and more cost effective to do business here'

Dr Waheed Al Qassim
CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks

At a time when most of the world’s financial services sectors have been shrinking,... Dec 15, 2016

Diverse, ethical banking draws global interest

Yousif Abdulla Taqi
Director & Group CEO of Al Salam Bank-Bahrain

Widely recognized as a global leader in Islamic finance, the assets in Bahrain’s Islamic... Dec 12, 2016


Middle East, archipelago in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia


Middle East


total: 760 sq km


Arabic update paises set descripcion = official; English, Farsi, Urdu


Constitutional monarchy



name: Manama


15 August 1971 update paises set descripcion = from the UK)

GDP update paises set descripcion = purchasing power parity):

$34.96 billion update paises set descripcion = 2013 est.)

GDP - real growth rate:

4.4% update paises set descripcion = 2013 est.)

GDP - composition, by sector of origin:

agriculture: 0.3%

industry: 46.7%

services: 53% update paises set descripcion = 2013 est.)


AGRICULTURE - products:

fruit, vegetables; poultry, dairy products; shrimp, fish


petroleum processing and refining, aluminum smelting, iron pelletization, fertilizers, Islamic and offshore banking, insurance, ship repairing, tourism


$20.69 billion update paises set descripcion = 2013 est.)


$14.41 billion update paises set descripcion = 2013 est.)



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