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Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership

Sierra Leone-China intensify relations

Sierra Leone's President Ernest Bai Koroma (left) and China's President Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on December 1, 2016. (Photo: GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma’s recent trip to China to discuss intensifying relations and to express his nation’s appreciation... Dec 21, 2016

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

West Africa’s peaceful gem packs potential

The foundation stone of the elegant Law Courts in Freetown’s central business district dates the building at December 15, 1910. (Photo: Babak Fakhamzadeh)

From highlighting its natural beauty and welcoming culture to its rich soils and huge untapped business potential, Sierra Leone is encouraging tourists... Dec 05, 2016

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Seychelloise Heaven

Eden Island, a paradise in the middle of Seychelles

The stunning development includes mansions, villas and apartments like none of the properties seen in the archipelago

Nov 24, 2016

Tourism & Culture | Africa | Seychelles

Connectivity in Seychelles

New codeshare flights put Seychelles within easier reach of U.S.

Codeshare agreement with Etihad connects six major American cities with the Indian Ocean nation via Abu Dhabi, enhancing the potential for trade and... Nov 03, 2016

Transport | Africa | Seychelles

Transparency in Mining

Better governance of vast mineral resources drives new prosperity

Lofoï Mine in North Katanga

The government in recent years has stepped up its efforts to bring greater transparency to the mining industry to help drive prosperity and attract... Oct 24, 2016

Mining | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Construction & Infrastructure in the DRC

PPP scheme accelerates implementation of large infrastructure projects

Fridolin Kasweshi Musoka, Minister of Infrastructure, Public Works and Reconstruction

Business opportunities in the construction industry and infrastructure are in the form of partnerships, technology transfer, support and training. Infrastructure... Oct 18, 2016

Infrastructure | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Interconnected DRC

Transport and infrastructure, drivers of growth and connectivity

One of the 38 acquired new wagons

The government is working on five transportation modes: sea, lake and river, rail, road and air. Through interconnection, DRC aims to establish a unified... Oct 10, 2016

Infrastructure | Transport | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Seychellois Tourism & Culture

Tourism arrivals reach record level, pushing sustainable, balanced development to the fore

Seychelles has been voted number one island destination in Africa and Middle East and is attracting ever-increasing numbers of visitors in search of... Oct 08, 2016

Tourism & Culture | Africa | Seychelles

DRC Connectivity

ICT to form backbone of modern, digitalised economy

Thomas Luhaka, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies

The government has launched an important project for the construction of a large fibre-optic national network. In the next five years, they plan to... Oct 04, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo


Kigali summit ‘a resounding success’

Rwandan President Paul Kagame welcomes TGAIS delegates to the Kigali Convention Centre

Drawing international attention to Africa’s development potential, The Global African Investment Summit – COMESA & Government of Rwanda... Sep 29, 2016

Others | Africa | Rwanda

Sustainable Development in Seychelles

Blue economy pioneer sets global example

Tiny Indian Ocean state is receiving international acclaim for its innovative financing methods for sustainable practices

Sep 28, 2016

Finance | Industry & Trade | Africa | Seychelles

Socioeconomic Development in DRC

Job creation and social inclusion at the top of government agenda

INPP students in a training program

With the help of international partners such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank, the government is implementing strategies to boost... Sep 27, 2016

Government | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Governor plants entrepreneurial seeds of growth

Jean Claude Kazembe Musonda
Governor of Haut Katanga Province

Haut Katanga province is intrinsically linked to DRC’s mining industry, but the lack... Jan 16, 2017

Experienced trader targets DRC’s middle class

Robby Israel
General Manager of Hasson Africa

Having been operating in DRC since 1936, Hasson Africa has become a reference point in the... Jan 16, 2017

Electricity is Everybody´s Business

Mr. Henry O. Macauley
Ministry of Energy

Jan 11, 2017

Private companies tap into potential future hub for gas transformation

Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo
CEO of Sonagas

Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo, CEO of the Sociedad Nacional del Gas de la República de... Jan 11, 2017

Where’s best to invest in Sierra Leone?

Momodu L. Kargbo
Minister of Finance & Economic Development

Eager to attract foreign investors and ensure their projects are a success, Sierra Leone... Dec 19, 2016

Insurance gets a boost in Sierra Leone

Ronald K. Hingston
Acting Managing Director of the National Insurance Company Ltd. (NIC)

New laws being introduced in Sierra Leone and awareness-raising efforts by companies are... Dec 14, 2016

Global brand backs ‘a safe & secure destination’

Johan Klang
General Manager of the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown

An active member of the African hospitality sector, the presence of the Radisson Blu brand... Dec 14, 2016

Ready for business & new challenges

Dr Samura M.W. Kamara
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

Sierra Leone has drawn on the strength and resolve of its people to overcome major setbacks... Dec 09, 2016

Sierra Leone: the hidden paradise

Sidi Yahya Tunis
Minister of Tourism & Cultural Affairs

Major iron ore producer Sierra Leone’s economic progress has taken a double hit in... Dec 04, 2016

Rwanda: ‘a modern-day miracle’

David Bensusan
CEO of Minerals Supply Africa (MSA)

Speaking frankly and positively about the reality of doing business in Rwanda, David Bensusan,... Dec 01, 2016

Digital & rural reach expands banking access

Konde Bugingo
Deputy CEO of Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR)

Providing far-reaching access to tailor-made banking products both digitally and in even... Nov 30, 2016

Progress reshaping Equatorial Guinea

Martin Crisantos Ebe Mba
Chairman of BANGE

Senator and Chairman of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea Martin Crisantos Ebe Mba... Nov 15, 2016

Roko builds up Rwanda’s skills & skylines

Derek Claassen
Director of Roko Construction Ltd

Regionally renowned for quality and timely construction and its local training and staff... Nov 08, 2016

I&M eases cross-border banking in East Africa

Robin C. Bairstow
Managing Director of I&M Bank (Rwanda) Ltd

I&M Bank’s footprint in the East African region currently covers Kenya, Tanzania,... Nov 07, 2016

Financial inclusion initiatives changing lives

Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha & Germaine Mukamusana
CEO & Acting CEO of Urwego Opportunity Bank Rwanda

CEO Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha and Acting CEO Germaine Mukamusana of Urwego Opportunity Bank... Oct 28, 2016

Rwandan utility sets water bar high

James C. Sano

Rwanda’s award-winning Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASAC) has made some... Oct 28, 2016

Private sector ‘now an integral part of the regional governmental body’

Dennis Karera
Chairman of the East Africa Business Council, Managing Director of Kigali Heights and CEO of Park View Courts

Immersed in the East African private sector, Dennis Karera explains the close interrelation... Oct 28, 2016

The catalyst to enhance regional exports

Alex Kanyankole
CEO of the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD)

The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) aims to make a tangible contribution to Rwanda’s... Oct 28, 2016

Outstanding manufacturing practices make tea producer pick of the crop

Alain Kabeja
General Manager of Rwanda Mountain Tea

Rain Forest Alliance certified and ISO certified Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT) is a prime example... Oct 28, 2016

Interoperable platform developer attracts the eye of the informed observer

Jean-Claude Gaga
CEO of RSwitch

Synergistic collaborations between Rwanda’s public and private sectors in its ICT... Oct 28, 2016

Connect to Africa’s digital future

Sam K. Nkusi
Group Executive East Africa for Liquid Telecom Group & Chairman of Liquid Telecom Rwanda

You have to embrace change with innovation – that is why Liquid Telecom is Africa’s... Oct 27, 2016



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