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In recent years, many things have changed drastically in Pakistan. As the country becomes more open to foreign business and tourism, Pakistan is becoming more accustomed to Western ways, and likewise, tourists and businessmen who visit the country are able to appreciate its unique culture, food and hospitality.

Pakistanis are particularly fond of changing perceptions of the country abroad, especially in its three big cities, where visitors are on the rise. Within the three cities, business moves in Karachi, government in Islamabad and socialites in Lahore.  Islamabad Our Favorite Restaurants:

  • Khiva, the best dum pukht (lamb and potato stew that melts in your mouth) in town, outside seating and good service, you can bring your own wine or beer. House # 64, Main Margalla Road, Sector: F-6/3,
  • La Maison, full bar, set 3 course menu (French servings) that changes every other day. They say you need a membership but you don’t… just become friends with the owner Phillipe, he loves the feedback on his ‘new creations’. House 16, Street 47-F7/1, Islamabad
  • Tuscany, good Italian/continental food, nice outdoor seating, you bring your own wine and drink upstairs
  • Wild Rice, sushi & Asian food, much better than the PC Sakura restaurant
  • Moroccan at Serena, very good hummus & tagines
  • Thai at Marriott, good Thai food
  • Manhattan Steak House, quasi decent steaks and continental options, you can bring your own wine.
  • Saidpur Village, cute little village with about 4-5 restaurants, most are pretty good we usually went on weekends and ate in these two:
    • Andaaz, more modern Pakistani food
    • Polo Lounge, continental food
  • French Club (inside the Enclave) they have pool table & darts and a really cosy environment, and best of all, they sell alcohol until 11 PM!

Activities: Rawal Lake, rent a rowing boat and go around the lake, as well as horseback riding, golf and tennis courts  Gun Club & Shooting Range, you must be a member to go inside, befriend a member signing in and they will even let you borrow their guns for shooting.

Tourists at the Pakistan Monument Islamabad

Tourists at the Pakistan Monument, Islamabad

Hiking in Margalla Hills, Trail 5 & 6, behind Faisal Mosque are the best starting points. Massages at Maisha Spa at Serena, cost around $70 USD but very worth it. Karachi Activities: Hawkesbay (French Beach) rent a hut in front of the beach, all locals would tell you that you are crazy but do it anyways. Buy groceries at Farid’s and steaks at MeatOne for BBQs

City of Karachi Pakistan

View of the City of Karachi, Pakistan


  • Okra
  • Orresey
  • Pompeii
  • Café Flo
  • BBQ Tonight
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Museum Karachi

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Museum, Karachi

Lahore Pakistanis like to think or say the best parties happen in Lahore. Most Lahorees are classy people, but also they love to show off. Regardless, Lahore is in our eyes the most Pakistani city, which is to say what you would imagine Pakistan looks like Lahore.

Jahangir's Mausoleum Shahdara Lahore

Jahangir’s Mausoleum, Shahdara , Lahore


  • Polo Lounge
  • Andaaz
  • Cosa Nostra
  • Cukoo’s Den
  • Covo at PC

Activities: Visit Badshahi Mosque & Fort, they close at 4 PM so go in winter season otherwise you must endure the blistering heat of this city.

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