Mexico highlighted by Worldfolio partner agency

Worldfolio partner agency investigated during several months on site about the Mexican economy.

They made in depth analysis on the country’s main macroeconomic data and had the chance to interview the business and political main characters and decision makers of Mexico. As a result, they published a special country report on the country [link] published within The Financial Times Deutschland on November 5, 2012.

As highlighted to the Worldfolio partner’s team by the German Ambassador to the country, “Mexico’s real strength is that it is the country with broadest number of FTAs worldwide. That makes Mexico a very attractive partner for many countries worldwide, especially for the European Union, US and others.”


Mexico, another emerging giant

After a decade being the second contender in the area, hot on the heels of Brazil, last year México finally outpaced the South American emerging giant. Mexican growth is expected to double its speed, increasing its GDP by a 4%. About another emerging giant, China, General Director of Deutsche Bank in Mexico, Jorge Arce points out that although the Asian country’s emergence was hard on México, the American country is now taking its chance and profiting from changes in the labour costs.

It’s not only that but, according Jorge Arce, the country is expecting several rewards on the long term, thanks to a cautious approach in some sectors as the loan.

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