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Worldfolio had the opportunity to deeply investigate the Peruvian economy, its business and its prospectus, while interviewing the main characters of the country.

After this work of data and opinion gathering, they produced a special country report on Peru. This publication is a direct message from decision makers on the country to the readership of the Miami Herald, the media within which the report was published on Monday, October 22, 2012, as a way to explain the real economic and business situation in Peru and to highlight the different opportunities it has.

San Miguel - AFA Press

Meeting with the VIP in PerĂº

As an example of leading company, the case of Industrias San Miguel and its rebranding. This soft drinks supplier established 24 years ago started in 2011 its geographical expanding plan for south and central America first and in the world afterwards. This plan, to be concluded in 2015 included this rebranding initiative in order to adapt their product to international consumers of any language.

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